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Fifty Killed in Gaza. Zero Israelis Injured.


Fifty Killed in Gaza. Zero Israelis Injured.

Maureen Clare Murphy

Israeli occupation forces killed three Palestinians in Gaza including a child, in two separate incidents Sunday evening.

Regarding the first incident, the army claimed that two “suspects attempted to infiltrate Israel from the southern Gaza Strip and damage the security fence.” The army fired towards them in response, killing one, and injuring the other, who was detained “and transferred to security forces for further questioning.”


The State of Israel has lost any sympathy that I once held for it. They are out-of-control murderers, pure and simple. They have so bent and distorted the term “terrorist”, as to make
it mean whoever they choose to kill. Ironically, they have become a Terrorist State.

I am not anti-Semitic, nor have I ever been. That is not the issue. There is right and there is
wrong. Israel’s policies are just wrong, by any standard.

Hey Trump, Bolton, Pompeo and all others who are obsessed with nuclear-armed “rogue states”: What about Israel?


I agree with you’re post. Now lets change it just a little. If you substitute the US for Israel in you’re first paragraph, it could be how the world feels about us, and rightly so. And the world knows we’re the country propping up Israel.


The normal rules of military engagement do not seem to apply in this situation. Perhaps because of the the history of this conflict all it comes down to in the end is a determination to survive. These people have been fighting each other for about 100 years. In the 1920s and 1930s Jews and Arabs carried massacres in villages. When the UN formed Israel and Transjordan the surrounding Arab countries attacked Israel. There were several other wars afterwards. Large numbers of Palestinians wound up without being in any country when Egypt gave up Gaza and Transjordan gave up the West Bank. The Palestinians carried out number terrorist attacks against the Israelis and Israel has carried out a brutal occupation of the West Bank for decades and together with Egypt has blockaded Gaza. Israel had settlements in Gaza but finally removed them but has increased settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. There have been numerous violent acts carried out in the West Bank involving the settlers and Palestinians. While for many years there was genuine hope the a peace agreement would be negotiated this hope seems to be rapidly fading. The Israelis have moved politically to the right and with the rise of Hamas many Palestinians have taken a more uncompromising view of the situation. Obama brought some neutrality to the conflict but Trump seems to be completely on the side of Israel. There no longer seems to be any strategy for obtaining a two-state solution but I don’t see any good alternative.


Zionism IS racism and as long as the Zionist entity known as “Israel” is supported by the US/EU/UN, these horrors will continue – and even grow. The only solution is a democratic, independent Nation of Palestine that guarantees human rights to all of its citizens and grants Palestinians in the “diaspora” the right to return to their homelands they wish.

The US/Euro colonial entity that now exists must be abolished as a starting place.



Israel is an apartheid state.
They routinely practice murder.
Netanyahu is in the midst of another disinformation campaign.
The US–known bully and creator of instability–is Israel’s puppet.

If Israel is hoping to gain world sympathy, it’s failing miserably.


I want rule of law. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Of course that means no more war. No more civil war. No more invasion. Fair judicial system. Gee, the governments would have money for everything.