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Fifty-Thousand Come Together in Germany to Defend Ancient Forest and Fight Coal


Fifty-Thousand Come Together in Germany to Defend Ancient Forest and Fight Coal

Jon Queally, staff writer

More than 50,000 people from across Europe gathered near the Hambacher Forest in western Germany on Saturday to defend the area from the expansion of coal-fired energy and demand much more ambitious climate action.

According to Greenpeace, one of the organizers behind the demonstration, the enormous crowd made up of local farmers, environmental activists, church groups, local residents and supporters from other countries, including Italy, France and the Netherlands. It was the largest-ever anti-coal demonstration in the Rhineland.


We Will End Coal
Or Coal Will End Us


I won’t say “we” are leaving the world in worse shape than we got it. I have fought against the destruction and want no part of that stigma.


This is a little aside from the topic –

But understanding the continuing War on Nature by Elites-Patriarchy, I’m wondering
how many couples forming now are planning to skip having children and may be
deciding to live their lives for themselves rather than for a future generation –

while ALL of our lives are even right now in jeopardy from the catastrophe of Global Warming?


Unfortunately, the statistics are not showing so much as a dent in the global population growth.
Apparently, some personal responsibility and societal awareness is too much to ask from people who believe themselves suited raise children.
One way or another, the global population will be severely reduced in the coming decades, assuming we have that much time left.


Perhaps we can convince the 50,000 to travel to the Pacific Northwest this month to campaign against Washington State initiative 1631 that adds a carbon tax but exempts the Centralia coal fired powerplant from paying the tax ?


Tarsus –

Agree with ALL of your points –

Unfortunately, the statistics are not showing so much as a dent in the global population growth.

I will try an alibi however as information about Global Warming has been
very limited as far as the general public being made aware.

Certainly people who are being the most impacted know, but US has been in a uniquely protected
space in a way. The attack on the people here by the US government didn’t begin until JFK/1963;
then gained real steam in a different way after fall of Berlin Wall when Elites no longer needed a
Middle Class as model for Capitalism which they had purposefully kept going until then.

“Societal awareness” – (I’m shaking my head and sighing just about my own life)

Looks like the overturning of regulations on pollution will take a lot of lives – including children’s.

What do you come back to in the next life? And then you start all over again trying to figure things out.


Actually, no. Population growth rate peaked in 1980…


But CO2 emissions are growing the fastest in countries with low or zero population growth.


Unfortunately, closing this huge lignite mine would have be a whole lot easier had Germany not shut its perfectly good and safe nuclear plants down.


While Germany gets a lot of press from its rooftop solar program and deciding to end nuclear, its continue coal use is the dirty underbelly of Energie Deutschland. That plus the import of wood pellets from places like the US - forests are being clear cut and shipped to Germany and other EU nations and the UK and the biomass fuels their powerplants which counts as a renewable source of energy.


The destruction of ecosystems happens at such a frantic pace, sometimes it hard to imagine a world where this was not happening. One thing I like to do when looking at the earliest films or photographs is pay attention to what portrayed in the background of the picture or the film. These films and photographs date back little more then a century yet much of these ecosystems were still relatively intact a that time.

The other issue is that our own technologies have evolved , such as using Chemicals and Plastics to the point where the Earth can not deal with them. There no “natural healing processes” for much of the stuff our factories are pumping out. It toxic and will rmeain toxic for thousands of years.

John Prine sings about Muhlenberg County and the town of Paradise vanishing from the map only a generation ago. Where I grew up and across North Alberta much of the forest was still undisturbed up until about 40 years ago. It the sheer SCALE of what is happening that gives Mother Earth little time to recover and this every growing sacle of destruction is fed by the ravenous Corporations seeking ever more in the way of profits to fuel “growth” and entire economies are built around the desire for that growth.

Virtually every Political Candidate in every Political party in every Country speaks about the need to “grow the economy and create jobs so as to bring prosperity to the workers”. The masses eat this up rarely considering what it REALLY means , and that more of our ecosystems destroyed.

That these forests must remain intact is self evident. That 50000 need to rally in protest to protect the same shows just how far off the rails the Economic systems are. We should never have gotten to this point were this a sane and rational world and were we not sold this bogus narrative that “Capitalism and Growth” lead to freedom and democracy.

Now as far as the Worlds population goes: Were humans to simply to vanish from the globe tomorrow the legacy left would be the DESTRUCTION left behind by our societies. Studies on wetlands show that once destroyed it takes the Earth literally thousands of years to recover them. Yes the Earth can heal in time but the scale of the destruction the Industries visit upon the Earth make it exponentially more difficult to do so the longer it “business as Usual”. This is why I have little use for the Liberal Party here in Canada , or the Democrats in the USA. We need to elect Governments that have as a mandate the immediate evolution of our economies away from the growth model. We can not just keep kicking the can down the road and elect Governments only because they are not as bad as the one it replaces.


Germany wouldn’t even need coal now if they hadn’t shuttered their nuclear plants first.


All the Armies in the world cannot stop an idea who’s time has come .
Victor Hugo

The idea that We Are All One …That everything is connected and sacred and that Life is Prime Value.


Now wait a minute, our fearless leader the Bleach Blonde Bigot told us that Coal is a Clean source of energy??


And the coal miner continues to be the poster child for the Trump/GOP energy “program”.


The nuclear phase out in Germany is still taking place. The energy lost by phasing out nuclear power is being replaced by a combination of “renewable” sources (e.g., solar, wind, and biomass). I put “renewable” in quotes because the biomass largely involves the burning of wood pellets imported from forests from around the world. Not only is this short-sighted (cutting down trees which draw down greenhouse gases - and even though they say they are using wood scrap products to make the pellets, trees are being cut down), but the burning of biomass itself spews greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is Germany’s dirty secret along with their continue strip mining of coal.


Burning wood pellets from trees farmed for that purpose only releases the carbon absorbed by the trees that was already present in the atmosphere so is virtually carbon neutral unlike coal which is releasing the carbon absorbed by ancient forests that were around a billion or so years ago. Coal is the wood of these ancient forests compacted over millenia. It’s coal and other fossil fuels that are the problem, releasing this ancient carbon, not contemporary biomass.