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Fifty Years On: MLK’s Giant Triplets Still Plague Us, Including Militarism

Fifty Years On: MLK’s Giant Triplets Still Plague Us, Including Militarism

Kevin Martin, Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry

On Tuesday, April 4, 1968, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. It doesn't seem that long. Dr. King, along with many others, had always tried to combine local and national issues in a global context. Now, added to Dr. King's giant triplets are nuclear disarmament and sustainable energy. The following is a letter entitled, "Fifty Years On: MLK’s Giant Triplets Still Plague Us, Including Militarism," written by Mr. Kevin Martin, which I cosigned. It addressed the imperative for a holistic approach to our activism or prophetic ministry.

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“We doubt anyone has any Satisfactory Answers to why Our Country is so Uniquely Militaristic, yet seemingly Oblivious to the Consequences.”

Our Captured Government is not “Oblivious to the Consequences,” but rather, BANKING on them.

Banality of Evil.

That said, Dr. King spoke the Truth, to America and the World, an act in that has Historically been shown to be Beneficial to those who can Hear it, and Deadly to those who Provide it.

“Abraham, Martin and John” was no joke.


This is what I posted on the NYT Opinion Pages about MLK’s “Coming Out Against Vietnam” war:

"At Riverside Church “Breaking the Silence”, exactly 50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke against what he called “the triple evils that are interrelated” of; racism, economic inequality, and imperialism — and he spoke about what “strange liberators” America must seem to those poor foreign people suffering under what was described as America’s foreign policy interventionism.

But now, half a century later, if Dr. King were still alive, “how strange” it might seem to him, that so very few have “spoken out” or “broken the silence” that it is not America per se, but rather the first ‘effectively disguised’, ‘truly global’, and ‘capitalist-fueled’ Empire, which has ‘captured’, controls, and now “Occupies” our former country and wreaks such imperialist havoc both “abroad and at home”, as Hannah Arendt had warned her own German people about the danger entailed in ‘acting like an Empire’."

Surprisingly, the “Times” did not censor me and allowed my comment exposing this Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, America.


50 years have gone by and still the majority of Americans are so brainwashed that they think another government, patsy, James Earl Ray assassinated MLK.

That is what should really plague us!


No joke, indeed! Same for Bobby. And I’ll always wonder about John, Jr. and Wellstone. Too many coincidences!

I really have considered, for years now, the " Beyond Vietnam: A time to break the silence." speech to be one of the best in our history. It was relevant then. It is even more relevant today.