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Fight Back for Energy Independence Over Corporate Profits


Fight Back for Energy Independence Over Corporate Profits

Lois Marie Gibbs

‘Homeland Security – No more wars over oil!’ That’s what families in communities across Pennsylvania were promised a decade ago.

‘We’ll extract natural gas from the ground, using an unconventional process called hydrofracturing, to acquire enough natural gas that the U.S. will no longer be dependent on foreign oil!’

At least that’s what we were told. No longer would we need to send our young men and women overseas to fight oil wars.


Agree with most of this article. I don't think we have to fight big energy so much as support a new energy paradigm based on renewables and electric transport. If you currently don't get your electricity from a company with a renewable portfolio time to make the switch. If funds allow purchase an electric vehicle. They are getting more affordable, longer ranged and plug in stations are expanding.


This woman speaks from her heart and her experience. She knows that we the people cannot trust those in power to protect us against the negative effects of greed. She is suggesting a call to action that will be heard more and more often in future years and with greater intensity as the impending catastrophe of climate chaos overtakes is all.

I am too old and downright decrepit to take up such a call to action myself though when I was young, I was who I was and would've most certainly have agreed with her and more.

So I will not tell others to do anything that I am not prepared to do (or able to do anymore) but I would encourage all those bold and valiant young souls (like once I was) to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience for the sake of this planet which we all know is in grave peril.

God bless this courageous and determined woman and all of you as well.

I hope she continues to speak from an angry but caring heart and with a determination born of her suffering because her voice will increasingly be heard in the coming years as well it should be. This woman faces facts straight on. She's heard it all before and she knows that there are never alternative facts ... just facts.


Thank You and Solidarity!


Agreed the energy corporations along with the government are the enemies. They are both a very real threat to Earth and all her creatures. Even starting any kind of concerted organized resistance would be a good start. Also requiring very little is personal conservation: Like planning trips out ahead of time for your car, turning lights and appliances off, getting involved with local movements to lessen the waste of energy by municipalities, i.e. Look at pictures from the space station, the planet is lit up like a Christmas Tree at night; all of these little steps will affect others and perhaps start a larger movement; after all your children and their offspring deserve nothing less.


I think the only realistic way to stop this is through a rapid transition to renewable energy. Without a market for fossil fuels production will cease. Obviously making such a transition is difficult, particularly with the fossil fuel companies trying to impede it and even worse now is the US has elected a president who has an energy policy based on more fossil fuels. There is no evidence to suggest that all pipelines building can be stopped by activists and that all export terminals can be prevented from being built although there have been some notable victories. There will not be quick solution. It may be possible to get 100% renewable energy for electricity by 2050 but making a transition to renewable energy for transportation and heating seems like it will take much longer and the only solution for planes and ships may be purchasing carbon credits.


"People before Profits"

"Dump the Drumph"

and the Tiller's son who would be Rex