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Fight for $15 Movement Confronts The Presidential Candidates


Fight for $15 Movement Confronts The Presidential Candidates

Isaiah Poole

Thursday night is a big night for both political parties in New York City, with the Democratic presidential candidates staging a presidential debate in Brooklyn and the Republican candidates appearing at a black-tie fundraiser at the New York Hilton.

But before they get to their big nights, the candidates will have to get through the big day planned by the Fight for $15 movement, which is staging major demonstrations and strikes in New York, Washington and hundreds of other cities around the country.


"Ted Cruz has also been a hard-line opponent of an increase in the minimum wage, voting against a proposed increase in the Senate in 2014 and on the campaign trail justifying his opposition by saying that a minimum wage increase would hurt “the most vulnerable.” He holds that view even though dozens of impartial studies of minimum wage increases over the years show no evidence that the increases have had a discernible effect on the availability of low-wage jobs."

Just as a number of politicians bow before AIPAC to get the big funding dollars, Cruz bows before the Koch Brothers and maintaining (if not reducing) the Minimum Wage is on their "Must Do" list. In other words, Cruz bows before those 2 dark lords of financial power. It's not for him to question why...

Similarly, Mrs. Clinton's banker friends have no intention of paying bank tellers $15. an hour.


The Democratic Party and Clinton are more interested in sustaining the flow of corporate money in to the Party's war chest than they are in winning in November.