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Fight for $15: On Worldwide Day of Action, Workers Demand Livable Wages


Fight for $15: On Worldwide Day of Action, Workers Demand Livable Wages

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Fight for $15—the movement calling for livable wages and union rights for low-income workers—launched a worldwide day of action on Wednesday morning with walkouts and rallies across the globe, spanning more than 200 cities in the U.S. and 35 countries.


Why can’t the CEO’s of McDonalds do like the CEO of a Seattle company just did? He has guaranteed 70,000.00 per year to all his employees. And the way he did it was by cutting his million salary to $70,000.00 per year. The fat cats at McDonalds need to do the same.


These low wage employees are paid so little that they are forced to rely on public assistance to survive. Yet, the fat cats who refuse to pay higher wages, lest they themselves be paid less, also try to get out of paying taxes that fund that assistance under the false assumption that “they shouldn’t have to pay for services that they don’t use.” It just goes to show how cold, cruel, heartless and selfish the fat cats are. The fat cats just want to get out of paying any expense or tax they can in order to maximize the profits they keep for themselvs. Any other explanation they offer is a bold-faced LIE!!! They too would be more than willing to take more “bail-out” money from the government - as long as they don’t have to pay the taxes to funds that bail-out money…


Most of my coworkers receive public assistance. We work in the county health dept. I am very well aware of what you mean. Are you aware of what I am alluding to? I’m not so sure. But hey lets go with what you say- selfishness and greed plays no part. So, why should any of these low-wage employees strike if the employers who decide how much they get paid don’t have any control over how much they can pay as you seem to be saying? Its all external as you seem to point out -economics, structures. The employers don’t have any hand in any of that? Is that what you are saying? So, these strikers should learn to just bend over and take it? Is that what you suggest?


Yeah, vote for the more effective evil…the wicked witch!


People take to the street to get a living wage while congress plans on give multi-millonaire inheritance a tax break.


A minimum wage of $15 is a step in the right direction in view of OUTRAGEOUS income inequality. Another step would be a tax on wealth hidden in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Ireland.


“Public Assistance” is food stamps, which are for the elderly poor, the disabled and the low wage workers.The last welfare check was issued back in the 1990s. (TANF is a marginally subsidized, short-term work program, exclusively for those with children.) Middle classers oppose food stamps. Either way, we really do need to figure out what to do with many of our unemployable, and those for whom there no jobs are available. The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s, creating a poverty crisis. If you want to know what “cold, cruel, heartless and selfish” actually means, learn about what happens to our very poor, those who aren’t of current use to employers.


The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 people who desperately need one. The US shipped out a massive number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s. What do you think happens to those who are left behind? As long as we have a surplus of people who are desperate for any job, any wage, there’s no need to increase wages. In addition, we’ve significantly increased the number of people who can be paid less than the min. wage/no workers’ benefits via workfare, temp help, “disability workshops,” etc., etc., quietly replacing those who were paid higher wages.


Workers walking out, Ha. Two hundred cities.
The news today can still have a systic ping. Walking out is what they had to do 100 years ago. It’s only Old Form Thought that keeps it that way. On the BLM there’s different practices on different issues yet OFT has its ways there too. The ways of process their system dictates, and their practice manner that allows them to dictate process. At least, until now perhaps, all on their terms.
What’s occurring is a peaceful event. Necessarily so because of our collective humanity. Which is saying a lot that’s right.


In the area I live in I see ads for jobs in the $10.00 to $11.00 dollar range all the time…
In all sense how can they expect people to keep a roof over heads on that?
I have heard talk of companies using labor on demand.

Thomas Paine wrote that Christianity was the greatest plague every released upon mankind.
I think it has been replaced by neo-liberal capitalism.
In the end they won’t being building statures to Milton Friedman, but wondering how anyone ever bought into his ideas.

“Why can’t the CEO’s of McDonalds do like the CEO of a Seattle company just did? He has guaranteed 70,000.00 per year to all his employees. And the way he did it was by cutting his million salary to $70,000.00 per year. The fat cats at McDonalds need to do the same.”- Shantiananda

Perhaps some sanity is starting to creep in?


At last, someone who realizes that the economic laws of supply and demand which apply in other fields (e.g. the price of a car or a house or corn etc…) are also what lies behind the level of wages. If you’re highly skilled - especially if there’s only a few people in that field - you can command a high salary, plus perks. But this doesn’t happen if you’re low-skilled or unskilled, and if there are lots of you chasing after the available jobs. Then, the employers clearly have the upper hand and can set the conditions. NB This is why the ‘minimum wage’ is set so low. And also it is clear that everywhere a ‘minimum wage’ is brought in by governments, unscrupulous employers will find ways to get round it - e.g. by the use of gangmasters and agencies. The best way to level up the playing field is for workers to organise in unions, just as the employers do.
But there is also the problem that with the opening up of the world as a single workplace, workers in the US and Europe are finding themselves in competition for jobs with the historically low pay of their fellow-workers in China etc.
The real problem in short is worldwide capitalism which - no matter which government is power, no matter what reforms have been enacted down the generations, simply cannot be made to work in the interests of the workers. Our only function as wage slaves is to produce a surplus from which all dividends and profits , plus the capital for future expansion are derived.
Since Marx’s time, employers have always found it useful to have a surplus population - a “reserve army of the unemployed”. That way workers are forced to take lower wages than they need, in terms of the cost of living.
It’s time the majority wised up to their situation and organised themselves as a class democratically to get rid of this system of class exploitation, poverty and wars!


Capitalism is war.


True - the -‘class war’ is one that goes on all the time and so is seen by most as entirely natural, like the competition between different stores.
Most workers too seem to accept the endless series of wars constantly being fought.
Just as they seem to accept the poverty and/or low wages and insecurity which are their lot under capitalism.
Do we have a choice? I think we do. In most countries the government parties elected to run capitalism in the interests of the capitalist class rely on our votes and support to give them legitimacy.
The capitalists are a minority in a 1-person, 1-vote system: as the poet said: “We are many, they are few!”
So the answer is for workers, having realised that this crazy, competitive system simply cannot be made to work in our interests, since it’s built on our exploitation, to organise ourselves as a political party, not to reform capitalism, but to end it democratically and replace it worldwide by a society based on Socialism - the common ownership and democratic control of all the means of production and distribution, by and in the interests of the whole community. This is the only way we can put an end to wars and exploitation.
Blue Skies, brother/sister!


Excellent point! The industrial, greed, avarice, and exploitation of capitalism, militarism, wage slavery ect. has to be eliminated, but how? From my perspective, not going to happen in our lifetime, because the average American has been so brainwashed and conned to think that he would do the same if he could! If you could look into most average Americans minds you would see that they are potential sybarites that think: " if only I had a few more $$$$$$$ I would be happy"!


Good points. But there is a huge problem about language. For most workers, ‘exploitation’ doesn’t apply except In sweatshop conditions and measly low wages. In fact, all workers are exploited , collectively, by the capitalist class as a whole.
And when one tries to speak of socialism or communism, we have all been conned into thinking this has been tried and failed, e.g. in Russia, China etc.
For those who believe this - after all the mass media keep reminding us of this! - there never was a country which did not trade internationally, using money, and whose workers did not have to hire themselves out for wages. In short, even in ‘Soviet’ Russia, there was still a system of class-exploitation. with a totalitarian government… State capitalism is not the solution…
Capitalism has so many problems which seem incurable. Even a simple matter like providing housing for all is impossible under this system!
So the reform parties are not the answer. I am a Socialist , since I know that under capitalism, workers can only expect more wars, poverty and exploitation, and that it is up to us to organise for a better future, democratically.
Blue skies, all!