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Fight for $15 Protests McDonald's Over Workplace Violence

Fight for $15 Protests McDonald's Over Workplace Violence

Rebekah Barber

This week, thousands of McDonald's workers went on strike in 13 U.S. cities to demand higher wages, a union, and an end to rampant sexual harassment and other forms of violence in the workplace. The cities included Durham, North Carolina, and Florida's Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

I started boycotting McDonalds 25 years ago first because of the nutritional desert it created. Then because of the CAFO driving model; and now because its model requires corporate profit at the expense of those who generate precisely that profit. It is urban desert feudalism plain and simple

We need co-op business incubators in all cities. Put these sick 18th century feudal deviants in the ground once and for all.

As have many before, and will many after me, I did 5 years at a McDonald’s, first with an owner/operator who had 5 stores; he then “traded” with McDonald’s for up to 12 stores in Scottsdale AZ. there was a bit of harassment for the young women there, mostly from managers. The stores were trout farms for the managers, and there was low-key competition for their attention. This was the early 80s, after all. When the deal was done, and the franchise moved to Arizona, McOpCo took over, the stores turned into sewers. Cleanliness was not as good, and morale suffered as well. The quality of the management also suffered. One manager bragged that she had “a 1.75 GPA”. When review time came around, they would fight over nickels, not even dimes. The lines stayed long, though, because the core employees stayed for a while. I was a little older than most employees, and worked the day shift, including opening. Ultimately, I lasted about a year after the transition, and have not been into a McDonald’s since 1985.