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'Fight for $15' Tallies Giant Win in New York As Movement Marches On


'Fight for $15' Tallies Giant Win in New York As Movement Marches On

Jon Queally, staff writer

Fast Food workers and economic justice advocates across the country, but especially in New York, had much to celebrate on Wednesday as a state panel announced its recommendation that all employees at chain restaurants should be paid at least $15 per hour by the year 2018.

The announcement by the New York's Fast Food Wage Board followed an energized campaign by workers and progressive allies who said the $6.25 increase to the minimum wage was necessary to lift employees who work at McDonald's, KFC, and other regional and national chains out of poverty.


“This is a historical moment. We did it,” Jorel Ware, a McDonald’s worker, told the Guardian at a rally celebrating the wage board’s recommendations.

This is a state panel recommendation. This is not an implementation. Nothing has been done. Min. wage needs to be raised now, not recommended by 2018, or enacted by 2020, or 2021. Min. wage workers are celebrating getting taken advantage of for another couple of years or a recommendation. This is a concession not an accomplishment. Keep protesting for now not later.


Is this the proverbial bone thrown by capitalists to the proletariat?


Agreed, Strifer. This is a perfect example of how the Left gets played, constantly. Just how much will that $15/hour buy — when it’s finally implemented (maybe?) in three years?


I don’t know why they don’t adjust the minimum wage for regional cost of living. My area, the rural south, has a much lower cost of living than NYC. Heck, my modest farmhouse would probably be 700k in California.