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Fight Harder and Smarter Against Trumpism

Fight Harder and Smarter Against Trumpism

Sonali Kolhatkar

While we ensure that lesser evils replace the worst evils, we also have to insist that no matter who is in power, our demands for social, racial, gender, environmental and economic justice be met.

President Trump celebrates with congressional Republicans outside the White House on Wednesday after Congress passed sweeping tax overhaul legislation. (Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP)

"The most effective way to express our demands is through political organizing that is entirely independent of any political party. "

Yes, and while I fully support protest marches by affected parties, such as the Women’s March, when it comes time to cobble together coalitions to forge ahead they should be built on inclusivity, which is exactly how Bernie operated. The individually wronged are most entitled to bite back, but it is only through collective efforts that the divide-and-conquer tactics of TPTB can be vanquished.


The most power the people have is through voting. Getting the vote out is where energy needs to be directed to turn things around. A tremendous effort to get out the vote was made n Alabama and it paid off. Marches etc, are important but have limited value. It should be obvious the most clout people on the left can have is by organizing to get Democrats elected. Coupled with street activism and lobbying things should improve. But if the left is more interested in in-fighting then in taking on the Republicans don’t expect much to change, Things will only get worse.

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What should be obvious is that the entire political conversation has shifted right and that by playing along, the Democrats have doomed themselves to irrelevance.

When a narrow win by a conservadem over a pedophile becomes a big deal, it illustrates how desperate the D-Party has become.

They made their Republican Lite bed, I say let them die in it.


Jones May be the most liberal Senator ever elected from Alabama:

This is what we want, right? In red areas, where progressives are outnumbered, to make inroads and move the goalposts in our direction? It seems like it’s progressives who keep wanting to relive the 1990s.

“The most effective way to express our demands is through political organizing that is entirely independent of any political party.”

Odd that she makes this statement after the bulk of her article discusses voting and supporting Democrats. And the one example she gives of organizing independent of parties is the Women’s March. Mobilizing for a march isn’t organizing.

So if “organizing independent of political parties” is so effective, I wonder what she thinks that actually means.

If you’re going to print photos of president asshole,
could you please photoshop his face to look like the pig he is?
His supposedly human face has become nauseatingly repulsive.

Trump is a distraction. The more you fall into the Trump Trap, just like Fox News, the less you can focus on the fact that BOTH PARTIES ARE DISHONEST AND BOTH PARTIES DID THIS. They are playing Good cop bad cop and its all a sham.

Its a scheme to steal the planet based on irreversible trade deals that set the people of the world against one another in a fight for a rapidly shrinking pool of jobs. When good jobs are involved, You’re going to be competing with people who make almost nothing. Who come from wealth and can work for little.

Thats the price of falling for the trump trap and not uniting people.

GATS and Tisa And WTO GPA and TTIP and the concept of ISDS and irreversible oligarchy and “progressive liberalisation” are the enemy. Its a second enclosure.

Wise up and say no to divide and conquer. out of many, one.
Corporations are not people, WE ARE, act like it.


The problem is, the WTO locks in all of the deregulatory changes in GATS committed services. Like health insurance. And the commitments we made may be interpreted by the WTO as requiring we either destroy our communities good jobs with divisive bonded labor, or open our insurance and banking and IT and dozens of other fields to massive foreign competition. This is the deal they struck and the way the Global South tells it, we now owe them payback. The thing that was not explained, is the whole thing. Americans were never told about this trade deal 23 years ago that gutted democracy and set up global privatization. Which to some countries was a very big thing as it was very controversial. As the US wanted them to privatize all important things like public higher education, Some of these countries, like the biggest one, didn’t even have public primary education until a few years ago. So the US position is indefensible. To get through this, not just the US, the world has to unite and defend PUBLIC GOODS, whats being done is an appealing to the worst things in people, like greed and elitism. Democrats need to realize that we have more in common with other Americans of all kinds than we are different. the same goes with people in other parts of the world. Also, jobs are going away for good. So education is all essential and even with that only the best (or those with money to pay off somebody) will get the jobs. Its going to be scary as people lose their homes, but they are pushing that process into overdrive by giving away what could become a lot of jobs. They are trying to create phony entitlements to loot our country and impoverish millions of good people. In a race to the bottom. Americans hate elitism, so its really against what this country stands for to sell us down the river like they have. Its an alliance of the filthy rich. Russia is a distraction. Trump is a distraction. We have to trust in things like the value of education and the need for improvements in the quality of environmental standards and wages everywhere. Live simply so that others can simply live. The whole system is crooked. How did we end up in this mess. media now is captuyred. Even though they know about these things, media doesnt tell people. they have been fooled and captured. Americans have to speak up and reject fake media that wont tell them inconvenient facts that matter because of some corporate funding or fear of big corporations that they stupidly use for email. Dont trust social networks, they are blocking facts on a massive scale. They have sold out to the most unequal everywhere. Only a complete exposure of GATS and other FTAs darkest facts will save us.

Bilaterals .org has TiSA. Policyalternatives dot ca has clear writing on trade deals. Remember they are trading away jobs to the lowest bidders. They gutted the New Deal systematically and politicians have lied to us telling us - ha we just needed to vote for more Democrats. Thats not true. the WTO takes everything we need to do off the table and tries to lock improvement away, byy using it to buy developing countries assistance, but that money does not go to the poor, of course it goes to the rich. The very rich. So its a total SHAM.

BUT, we do need to eb MINDFUL. Lets end our government trying to tell other countries they cant feed their hungry or send people to school without charging them if they hadnt already. Thats what “US style” negative list free trade agreements try to do and its totally evil.

Trump is a symptom of inverted totalitarianism. He and Hillary were two sides of the same coin. Lets put it this way you cant make a deal with the devil and gain from it. The same thing unfortunately applies to Bernie. Bernie is leaving such important facts out he’s not being helpful. We know we need single payer, if he was a man he would have told us about GATS and GPA and TISA and TTIP which hijack it.

They attempt to enlist developing countries in the worlds largest theft, ever. Were he the wise man we wished for he would have told us about GATS Article 1:3 which privatizes a huge chunk of the economy and puts it up for bidding that no US firm could win. It should be a big global issue. This planet needs carve outs to protect democracy and protect public goods like public education and water and health care or we wont last this century. People will be encouraged to comit suicide because of artificially inflated bills for drugs that really cost pennies to make for a years supply. Thats how they think. they are laughing at all of us.

Because no wage parity! But he didn’t. We’re being lied to really shamelessly by all the politicians with the exception of Elizabeth Warren who actually had an argument with Obama about the WTO. Warren was right. they can and will tell us what to do and its going to be horrible. Its going to hit us like a ton of bricks. because they lied SO shamelessly. All of them. This is an example of a totally illegitimate situation. We need to join with other human beings against this corporate takeover of the future. We need to dump GATS and Tisa and the rest. GATS is the one ring of evil. SO people the next time people try to play us, just switch them off. Lets join together to protest this government of crooks, they are all crooks. We need a democracy we have not had in more than 23 years. And its gotten worse and worse since GATS. How bad? Read Nick Skala’s paper on health care reform on Cite Seer (at psu.edu) which has metadata that says HS39-2H.vp a paper which applies to health care and was a unique document, perhaps the only US paper about GATS, that is even remotely honest, the issues it raises apply to a lot of services, Then tell me- is this important it is- . Its file name contains Its actually much more dire because now its eight years later. Also, Nick seems to never have grokked that its also about trading away jobs, to lower wages, a lot. Thats what capitalism tries to do, skim off the profit by labor arbitrage. But people here cant afford this. Their shock therapy is poison to the whole planet.

Read this internal WTO doc which tells us how WTO makes it impossible to govern. https://ratical.org/co-globalize/gatsdocs.pdf

Maybe some dressing with that word salad would help.

The women who initiated ( if you don’t like the word organized ) the Women’s March got some 3 million people in the streets. Many of whom became grassroots activists and some even local candidates. With no political party in control. Not bad for a few unorganized women.

Obviously no Black women here. What exactly did your vibrant progressive party do in Alabama?

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You don’t think the Women’s March was inclusive? I take it then no March included you?

“The women who initiated ( if you don’t like the word organized ) the Women’s March got some 3 million people in the streets.”

I was at one of those events - it was an impressive mobilization. No one who participated will soon forget it.

But a one day event with no permanent structure put in place, with no coordinated strategy that follows, that doesn’t even significantly build the groups that put it together… isn’t organizing. And it certainly isn’t the most effective way to express demands; rather, it was a loose gathering of people who rejected Trump.

I was not near a place nor time where and when such a demonstration took place. If you were and you participated, I applaud your efforts.