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Fight Over Domestic Spying Heats Up in Congress with 'USA Freedom Act'


Fight Over Domestic Spying Heats Up in Congress with 'USA Freedom Act'

Jon Queally, staff writer

A bipartisan bill designed to rein in the bulk collection of the private communications of American citizens by the NSA and other government agencies was introduced by members of the both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on Tuesday ahead of an upcoming expiration date for key provisions that have given legal authority to some of the most controversial domestic surveillance practices revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden over the last two years.


There should be no surveillance without a bench warrant. Warrants only for perceived violence. Names hidden only for 48 hours. No financial fishing expeditions. Full public disclosure of all warrants annually. Stop fascism now.


Pipe dream for the day, but one that should justly become reality.

An independent investigation into the events of 9/11, and a subsequent outright revocation of the Patriot Act.


Ah yes, the “Citizens United”(and who are the ‘iti’ zens united under that?) version of “USA Freedom” (prison pipeline privatized state) where there are no ‘citizens’ or INFORMED CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED - because ALEC, according to corporations, pawn for owning the commons rather than a democratic governance and stewardship of well being, of living good healthy lives. You have de facto enemies of the state because each of us is declared by SCOTUS as NOT BEING sufficiently of these corporations to count as equals. Theory trumps all. My aren’t we advanced!

Can you say “I want to pretend I am God, and if not, be a slave to this behemoth?”

Neo-feudal, as some have fashioned it, has an added dimension - the corporatized “end times” with mega churches/co-opted exchanges et al is a slow motion corporate version of the Jim Jones model. Notable, as an absolute necessity, is the fact that this model is BASED ON NOT recognizing its real costs, its real effects, its real processes. These have to be kept “secret”. It sure looks like a mafia hit-man version of the nation state bed-time story, to dream of…

Wheeha! The premise of this neotenized (never grow up) version of “existence” is that life is short and brutish, and the inoculated institutional police/militarized/ extraction/big box structures are ready more than willing to shove, crush and curse, over and over again with it.

So if one wants to “live”, one must celebrate the vacating (take a vacation from) its institutionalized stress of ýou-who-are-not-a-corporation in the exotic tourism that is used to constantly colonize others who-are-not-a-corporation in order to keep the militarized/colonization/extraction/exclusion/genocide machine oiled.

It is a virtual religion of usurpation down to the smallest atom - which of course has already been mechanized as the demi-god that serves the “end days”. Violent eschatology as the predatory capital premise of “existence”.

Well, given that a fundamentally and demonstrably failed practice of a theory of economics is now what makes law and does so in the mirror image of that same economic theory - it really isn’t all that surprising, is it?


Only when PNAC admits it planned 911 will things change.


Geez, Senator Leahy, you guys had to scrape the bottom of the ethics barrell to come up with this bizarre non-reform: “If enacted, our bill will usher in the most significant reform to government surveillance authorities since the USA Patriot Act,”

Why not admit you don’t give a fig leaf for the US Constitution?

Because you obviously don’t.

You prefer being two-bit thugs doing whatever your other two-bit Wall Street thugs demand.

No doubt you will next call passing Fast Track Clerical Authority of TPP reform as well.