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Fight the Disease, Not the Symptoms

Fight the Disease, Not the Symptoms

Chris Hedges

If we can mount sustained acts of defiance in the face of severe state repression, we have a chance.

They seek a return to the polished mendacity of politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They hope to promote the interests of global capitalism by maintaining the fiction of a functioning democracy and an open society.

From the article:

“If we can organize nationwide campaigns of noncooperation we have a chance.”

Any campaign of noncooperation that allows room for voting either D or R has doomed itself to failure.


I have always thought of Mr. Hedges to be a bit over the top but this time I’m thinking he’s spot-on.

Sometime I’d like to see him address the roll of art in society. It is the one thing we have that cruises through time with us. It’s roll in our well being is huge and here in this piece he gives it a half sentence.


Cue the incremental pragmatist cowards here who will argue that the Ds will form a bulwark against the oligarch takeover. The two party farce is a big money gravy train–and we can’t stop it unless we destroy it.


60,000 of those “proto-fascists” just marched in Poland. “Destroy it” makes you not all that much different than those marchers. As Yeats said, “the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

Voting has nothing to do with actions taken in the street such as strikes and non-cooperation.

However, elections can help tip the terrain of the battlefield a bit toward, or against, our favor. Never confuse voting with some kind of evangelistic moral declaration or personal catharsis - it is just a tactical action to be exercised dispassionately with the understanding that it constitutes only a small part of our time within the larger strategy.

I think that it should be obvious that our work in the streets would be easier today had the Democratic presidential candidate, and a Democrat congress, been elected. We would be facing demoralized fascists, demoralized cops, and would not be facing massive reversals in the small amount of progress that we had made.


That is nonsense. We are destroying fascism, not persons. although history teaches that sometimes armed struggle can become necessary.


Nobody is saying that the Democrats are a bulwark against our enemies, but if we have the choice of fighting an enemy who lies up a 50 percent sloping hill, or only a 20 percent hill, then we should pick the 20 percent hill**. And I hope that the past 10 months has convinced everyone here that “they are both the same” is delusional nonsense.

(**note to Monke’s Tale and others: this is a metaphor - so don’t accuse me of advocating “violence”.)

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Ah yes, the false equivalence tactic.

Worth a try when all you have is a deflect and distract strategy.

Maybe you should spend less time blowing smoke and more time prodding your party toward an actual position other than “We’re Not as Bad as Trump:”


You can just shorten that to:

I vote LOTE.

As someone getting older by the minute, I feel like the urgency of the moment calls for something a little more proactive than the slower route to catastrophe. But your heart’s in the right place, Yunzer, even if Chris Hedge’s message is lost on you.


Let’s not lose track of Hedges’ main point - so many of us are embroiled in fighting this outcome or that outcome. Worthy goals, but they won’t defeat the Disease of the corporate take-over of the country and the world. We need coordinated resistance to TPTB in the form of millions of us on the streets, and refusal to support the Oligarchs through our purchases.


“But there are other resistance movements”

  • Chris Hedges


Indeed there are !

And the most interesting man in the world today is leading the way in Europe. It is time to go international, and get out of hide bound American and Canadian and Mexican thinking.

Let’s have our own versions of DiEM 25, courtesy Yanis Varoufakis:


I refer you to the brutal efficiency of Democrat B.H. Obama’s crushing of the Occupy movement and the Water Protectors.

As to strategic voting (AKA LOTE), it has brought us to this exact point. Voting Green, independent or write-in is noncooperation, Voting LOTE is cooperation. Got it?


…and so it begins.

A bi-partisan bill and signed by Obama as part of the NDAA in 2016:


Then came “Prop-or-Not” which listed alternative “left” news sites.

Yes, total non-cooperation. Last night I read this, which gives me encouragement.


It’s amazing to hear and read what Corbyn supports compared to a Tom Perez interview that I saw when asked what the Democrats support going forward. “Universal healthcare and unity.”

I haven’t given up, the elites can’t hide.


Five x Five GuildF12S !!


Voting for D or R in presidential elections is essentially meaningless as far as governance is concerned, as both are, foremost, War Parties.

But the act of voting resembles prayer, in that it is a silent form of self-brainwashing. The candidate we vote for is the one we will justify, rationalize. Most of the anti-war voters who supported Obama in 2008 gradually learned to accept & even celebrate Obama’s expansion of the GWOT & the Drone Wars, & Obama’s sickening gangland-style execution of Muslim Boogie-Man Osama Bin Laden. If the anti-war voters had held to their values, Obama would have been ‘primaried’ in 2012.

This is why Lesser-Evil Voting is so insidious. It is mind-control on a massive scale. It justifies & rationalizes Crimes Against Humanity, such as the Bombing of Libya & the promoting of Civil War in Syria, on the fatuous ‘logic’ that the Other Side Would Be Worse.

Well, of course, all the Trump voters justified their support of the misogynist con artist because they sincerely believe Hillary Would Be Worse.

The Dems & Repubs feed on hate & fear. Voting for either party is a vote for hate & fear.


Our work in the streets would have been harder if Hillary had won.

She would have ushered in the continuation of the “liberals sit by complacently” era that marked the Obama years.

Even now, you can sense the entitlement and “stay the course” mentality of the establishment Dems.

The disease Hedges refers to is oligarchy. The Ds help spread it.


Haven’t we been through this ‘’’‘lesser evil’ nonsense already ? Votes for the usual D is evil. Two party monopoly must be destroyed. Put a stake in the heart of this system.


Keep the republicans in power…got it?

I watch RT sometimes. It seems to me it is getting worse. Thom Hartman gone and Boom Bust seems to have more worthless economic people bloviating.