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Fight the Disease, Not the Symptoms

The republicans are filling the courts at lightening speed. We will have decades of trouble from this. Aren’t we lucky?!


No, they stay away from holistic systemic analysis like this. They flock to distractions, to endlessly extend narrow debates over voting strategy, to argue forever about personalities, to focus on the outrage of the moment.

They disappear from stark looks at systemic underpinning.


Our world needs an alternative economic model, something that advances the now centuries old Marxist and Capitalist models. Without a new and specific model, the most true and brilliant criticism of what we have now only serves to foment frustration. Hedges may be right on the disease and the symptoms but he has not found or provided the cure.

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“The disease is more seductive than the cure.” We are humans, after all.

For some of you Purists: Try to imagine how many young people are realizing that if you are an evil asshole like Trump, you too may become President of the US! Nice folks are losers.

I disagree.


The US needs to vote D to move the country to the left and closer to the platforms of Bernie S and Elizabeth W.

Voting R is a vote for the diminution of everything and everyone who is not part of, or supportive of, the ruling oligarch.

The current R tax bill screams this truth out loud and in technicolor. For those who care to look and think.

The D’s and the R’s are not equivalent.

And please stop obsessing about the supposed horrors of Hillary.

Here is the hard cold fact.

Had it been President Clinton, Obamacare would not be in jeopardy and millions of middle and lower class Americans would have a greater guarantee of health care. Had it been President Clinton, the US would not have frivolously flirted with nuclear war in the most populated region on Earth. Had it been President Clinton, the US would not be contemplating a tax plan the explodes the debt to give trillions – literally – to billionaires, at a time when wealth inequality is at a historic high.

Every person who asserts the non-sense that Hilary would have been as bad as Trump needs to move to South Korea.

Then, while you wait for the fireworks to start, tell me again of the non-difference between a D and a R.

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More US citizens don’t vote than do. Maybe some of you who are trying to frighten or shame some of us into voting for your sold-out warmongering party would have more luck convincing them.

Or maybe you could come up with better candidates.


Proof is in the pudding bro. All my liberal friends have been voting LOTE since the 1990’s, & the path has led us straight to Trump.


Here’s a good talk about media between Don DeBarr (American) and Peter Lavelle (American). Lavelle is the host of Crosstalk on RT (evil rooskie TV).


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As long as we “hold our noses and vote” we won’t be able to vote without holding our noses. Other people keep voting D and R because we don’t create real alternatives.

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The issue which I dedicate my time mostly to is the natural environment and the detrimental impact of transportation and travel, not incidentally central components of corporate control, social inequity and structural economics. Consider a bell curve to understand economic efficiency (least impact): Place the global economy and local economies at the far ends of the curve. Local economies are too small to take advantage of mass production. The global economy loses the gains of mass production in longest-distance transport of finished product. The most efficient high point of the bell curve are Regional economies (numerous local economies within metropolitan areas) especially supported by State and National economies whose efficiencies are greater than when dedicated to supporting the global economy.

Most metropolitan areas worldwide suffer rush hour traffic daily. Thus, they are Regional economies that neglect Local economies and are economically dedicated more to the Global economy than State or National economies. International tourism too is a component of the global economy that benefits when Regional livelihood is so utterly overrun with traffic on asphalt, occasional vacations promote air travel.

My field of study is advocacy for and design of mass transit and pedestrian-friendly transit-oriented development whereby more needs can be met without having to drive. Heard any good self-driving car jokes lately? It’s a rhetorical question for those who haven’t questioned its dubious assumption and obscure portent.

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I have always wondered why more people don;t get Mr. Hedges. Could you tell me why you thought he was over the top?

My goodness, when will you understand that this is a Mental Disease! Fighting-it is part of this derailed mentality, still running in circles like a mad dog chasing its own tail. It’s time to find some more ‘intelligent’ solutions; - and I mean social-emotionally sensitive solutions with less anthropocentric bull shit ! - Then you feel better my friend, I promise. https://wp.me/P2Oube-c5

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“Destroy It”; that’s the rub, how do we destroy ‘it’? The state is really too powerful to take it head on so we need to find a way to fight it from within and folks have to know what they’re fighting for or it’s all for naught. Remember Occupy Wall Street? It barely got off the ground before it was quashed by the NYPD acting as the goon squads for the power brokers and bankers. The FBI also embedded many subversive elements but I digress. Find a way that doesn’t threaten one’s livelihood which is the real problem and why ‘it’s’ so hard to fight.

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Actually, the disease is money in campaign politics, in all its forms, e.g., the Citizen’s United decision. Only and until we can elect representatives based on merit and stated principles rather than on how much money they have raised will we be able to address ALL the other issues we each care about.


Don’t forget the military and their constant need for vast sums of resources. Until the military is disbanded environmental actions will have a small positive effect. Industrial capitalism and the military machine that supports the system is the real enemy. This has to end if Earth’s current crop of wondrous children are to survive and that includes the invasive species, humans.


Sorry, forgot the link:


The corruption just doesn’t stop…


Upcoming votes:

Defense Authorization - HR2810
The measure would authorize $692.1 billion in fiscal 2018 for discretionary defense spending within the Armed Services Committee’s jurisdiction, $74.2 billion more than the fiscal 2017 enacted authorization and $26.4 billion more than the president’s overall request. It would also authorize $7.5 billion in mandatory spending for a grand total of $699.6 billion. The discretionary total includes $65.7 billion for uncapped OCO funding and $626.4 billion for base activities that would be subject to the $549 billion cap on discretionary spending for fiscal 2018 defense spending set by the 2011 Budget Control Act. It would authorize major increases for missile defense as well as billions more than requested by the president for ships, aircraft and other weapons systems.

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Excellent on target piece. As I wrote in a recent article we need to be actively building cooperative democracy even under the stifling shadow of the juggernaut of capitalism. We also need to withdraw our support for this system that is enslaving us and destroying life on earth. Though the struggle is global, the US, as the enforcer of oligarchy, is the key place to overturn the apple cart by freeing ourselves and building cooperative democratic dual power.


…for me he has been a bit wordy, convoluted…I like brevity and things a bit more concise/direct. it’s just me…