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Fight the Disease, Not the Symptoms


Excellent on target piece. As I wrote in a recent article we need to be actively building cooperative democracy even under the stifling shadow of the juggernaut of capitalism. We also need to withdraw our support for this system that is enslaving us and destroying life on earth. Though the struggle is global, the US, as the enforcer of oligarchy, is the key place to overturn the apple cart by freeing ourselves and building cooperative democratic dual power.


…for me he has been a bit wordy, convoluted…I like brevity and things a bit more concise/direct. it’s just me…


Excellent call to action! Thanks manysummits!


I agree with most of what you say here. Instead of easier I would say slower. And you still have to deal with the same people only different obstacles.


Know your enemy, but every bit as essentially

Know your “friends”


That is a good point- art, music, dancing, celebrations- all that comes through our cultures and they enable us to be more human.


You’re right- we do have a higher percentage of people than other developed nations.


Okay, starting when? Let’s set a date as I have said before- starting this Wed- how about that? Actions work. Also, I hope no one on here is having it that bad but is mainly concerned about where the country is headed.


Wondrous children- is that sarcastic?


Until we see massive population control also we will not see a whole lot of change.


What is LOTE?


We need to continue to address all of the issues as well as up front having clean elections and eliminating lobbyists!


In my view, it would have been a mixed set of realities at best. Some, as you suggest: perhaps the fascists would have been less emboldened, less blatant attacks on the environment, education, justice, etc. On the other hand, I seriously doubt that I’d be seeing all that much “work in the streets”, in terms of addressing the fundamental problems that Hedges discusses.

Why do I think that? Because I noted the complacency during the Obama years, outside of the relatively small numbers in Occupy, or against KXL or in solidarity with Standing Rock- and a few other such efforts. And I noted it during the Clinton years before that.

“Liberals” (i.e. the ones Phil Ochs sang about) were more than happy not to rock the boat…all while the stage was being set for Trump.


Another fine piece and accurate observation and exhortation from one of America’s national treasures.


I completely see the value of what you are saying.
I see Chris as one of the lone journalists who are deeply read in
philosophy, religion, economic doctrine and dogma, and still speak in a way
that some gravitate to.
Everything he says is so deeply informed and simultaneously connected to
everything it should be connected to, that he leaves no room for the
possibility of conjecture among his facts.


I emailed DiEM25, urging Yanis to go worldwide with his European idea.

But really, we have to help - it’s too much to expect one aging man to shoulder the world for us.

In over five thousand years of civilization, we the people have never prevailed. We have not yet found the key, despite many attempts, the Declaration being one.

Evo Morales is also ageing, and is up against stupendous odds in Bolivia.

Perhaps an People’s equivalent to the United Nations General Assembly, a second house, if you will.

I really don’t know where to turn, and so I shall do what feels right, rational thinking doesn’t seem to be more than a sometimes useful tool.

Robert Pirsig spoke of “Quality” in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence” - and that is as close as I can come to a final solution.

It has been said that genius is attention to detail, and a famous poet once wrote:

“In the elder days of art,
builders wrought with greatest care,
each minute and unseen part,
for the gods see everywhere.” (Longfellow)


Hedges has the “disease”: full blown. Same with all people who consider and act as myth is a lie. Myth is the feminine/wisdom aspect of the human mind, be they male/female/trans.

Thus he’s constantly raping the feminie, including within himself, as most of us are doing. He should give a good listen to The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers…then go spend some time with Jean Houston.

As the son of a theologen and one himself…with his remarkable human witness…he could/should be one of the west’s preeminent mythologists…but no, for some reason he sides with the give me the cold hard historical facts of hyper-masculinity groups he rails against.


I see we finally know for sure that WikiLeaks was a Russia/Trump backer. The fact that Assange angled for an Australian Ambassadorship is hilarious. Some of the long-time posters here at CD have been so VERY certain that Assange is Jesus and the Ultimate Source of Truth need to re-access their ability to think critically.


…one of the greatest thinkers of all time, Eric Hoffer, wrote about the beauty of a well crafted sentence and the art of brevity, since I write, I try to keep that in mind when reading others…with Chris, you are correct, there is no room for internal dialog with him as you read, you don’t have time to ask but what about…


Yes, limiting lobbyist is one of many things we need to do. But I wonder if you miss my point, which is that we’re unlikely to make substantial progress on ANY issues until the process is less owned by corporations. So things like repealing Citizens United, caps on campaign contributions from non-voters, etc. are necessary. Without a more equitable process, we’re mostly just blowing against the wind.