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Fight the Disease, Not the Symptoms


Absolutely wrenching the whole process from corporations. I more than agree, but we also need to work on population stabilization of humans- stop the Walmarting of the US, and concentrate on our communities and what is happening in our daily lives.


It is true that a lot or resistance in the streets collapsed when Obama was elected (disclosure: I never voted for Obama) - but whose fault was that? It was not the Democrats, it was the our own (the left’s) fault- or specifically the people we chose to lead the movements.

And the utterly wishy-washy Occupy was an utter failure - never producing a program, manifesto, or strategic action - and never even taking a radical stand on anything.

And spare me this “lesser evil” shit. We all make lesser evil choices by the dozens every day!


In presidential elections, a Green vote in a closely contested state is a vote for the Republican candidate. Please don’t argue with mathematics.


It’s been said that if there were no oil in Iraq, we wouldn’t have invaded. Our military certainly establishes bases around the world to secure oil supplies and to protect shipping channels. Thus, my bell curve example of economics puts transportation & travel-related industries (including finance, insurance, manipulative media advertising) more directly to blame than our military. If human civilization could not drive, truck, ship nor fly as much as we do today, we wouldn’t need an overbearing military. Furthermore, the US military does not consume the largest amount of petroleum. Commercial airlines, trans-oceanic shipping, insane car-dependency and energy production probably consumes the most, probably 90% of all fossil fuel combustion.


Despite his penchant for sermonizing, I enjoy Hedges when he’s brief.


He has:


“The driving motive and determining purpose of capitalist production is the self-valorization of capital to the greatest possible extent,ie, the greatest possible production of surplus value,hence the greatest possible exploitation of labour-power by the capitalist. As the number of the co- operating workers increases, so does their resistence to the domination of capital, and the necessarily, the pressure put on by capital to overcome this resistence.”- Karl Marx ( Capital Volume One,pg. 449)


What is LOTE?

Btw, there is no path. There was a choice and a vote a year ago. America made a terrible mistake.

Evidently, everything I learned about admitting mistakes as a child, in school and in church, were utterly unnecessary.

No one admits any mistakes any more. Starting with the POTUS.


Lesser Of Two Evils, which is the result of near-zero competition in the marketplace of ideas.


Actually, a good part of the blame can be laid at the Democrats’ feet.

Obama in particular deserves castigation for his mishandling of the Republican opposition. His pre-compromise negotiating style. His all but disbanding of OFA at peak enthusiasm. His dismissal of single-payer advocates. His dismissal of the anti-war movement. His refusal to effectively deal with conservadems like Leiberman. His backroom dealings after promising transparency. His installment of another Goldman-Sachs cabinet. His pick of Debbie W-S for DNC Chair. His Catfood Commission.

And yes, the left deserves a huge helping of blame too, and frankly, someone like you especially. Why? Because you know how corporatized the D-Party has become and you vote LOTE anyway. Face it: You, and so many like you on the left, are the forgotten, taken-for-granted voters that enable the Ds to do the big donor’s bidding.

Now why would I spare you the distinction of calling out precisely how you admit to voting?


I only get to vote for one candidate per contested office. If I vote for a Green Senate candidate, I can’t also vote for the R running for the same seat. Hey, the math really isn’t as hard as you make it sound…


You do realize that Obama oversaw a $1T nuclear weapons upgrade and dropped 26,000 bombs on seven countries, just in 2016, right?

And that ObamaCare is a Republican-formulated gift to insurers, right?

And the debt you don’t want to explode, explodes under both Ds and Rs, depending on economic bubbles?

And that wealth inequality soared under Obama?

I ask because voters realized it and stayed home.

Speaking of cold, hard facts: If you want voters to flock back to your party, start proposing policy that excites us. Alternatively, stick with that “We’re Not as Bad as Trump–LOTE” thing, and just admit that suburban moderates are your new constituency and you don’t need us hippies anymore.


Excellent links, as usual. Keep up the good work!


Somebody once described Obama’s leadership style as “pre-emptive capitulation.”


I applaud Hedges for urging us to get to the cause of the disease rather than attack symptoms. One sentence I did not understand was the one about protofascists attacking spiritual bankruptcy of the modern technocratic world. Isn’t spiritual bankruptcy the disease? And so why does Hedges attribute spirituality to people whose god is moneyed power?


Earlier today I saw painted very neatly on a sidewalk corner “GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE PHONE AND HOLD IT UP”. I personally will only carry around my old stupid phone that is just a phone and not a pocket computer. I limit my computer use to my rent controlled apartment I’ve now lived in for 53 years; haven’t changed it much so there’s not much new there but out in the NYC streets there’s always something new which is why I love living in the city and don’t want my head in a phone(computer) when I go out. People actually ride bicycles in NYC traffic while using their phones!

Some people only have their pocket and home computers but they are not to be lauded for giving up TV as it’s on their pocket computer phone. My daughter loves watching TV on her I-pod while doing housework, or in her spare time at work or during the day. I can’t criticize her as she’s a working wife and mother.

But as far as mounting any kind of challenge to the now untenable capitalist system that has been failing worldwide for decades and must continue destroying the human race in order to survive… any kind of effective challenge will mean enough people getting their heads out of the phone and holding them and a clenched fist up.

Socialism is not only the only cure it is now a choice between socialism and death.

One can keep one’s head down in the phone and play it safe but the world is coming down around us. The best that can be hoped for, with increasing violence and suffering, is a total collapse of civilization into a new dark ages where capitalism will revert to gang and warlord rule. This can be hoped for while one enjoys the phone before that goes dark, for greater parts of the day, in the collapse that makes the use of weapons of mass destruction almost certain as different elites make desperate moves to keep power.

“Social inequality at this level, history has shown, always results in these types of pathologies and political distortions. It also, potentially, presages revolution.”

Revolution now or death later, take your pick. ‘‘Those who fight, may lose. Those who don’t fight have already lost!’’ – Che Guevara

But by all means “GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE PHONE”!


Those who touted his prowess at 11th-dimensional chess might have taken a look at how badly he got whooped playing checkers.


Well, your friends must not have represented the majority because Gore was a much lesser evil than Bush (although I would not call Bush evil). Gore was the best D nominee for POTUS since Kennedy. That was a major miss for the US and the world.


I was unaware…he is of course correct

gilbertweaversatchell.org for art, music & poetry…enjoy


In a second paragraph that assails “proto-fascist forces” for the evils they do, the author writes one sentence that doesn’t fit. He writes that these forces “attack the spiritual bankruptcy of the modern, technocratic world.” That’s a good thing, is it not? It would be more in keeping with the gist of the paragraph if he had written that these forces “support” or “sustain” that spiritual bankruptcy.