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'Fight to Save the Internet' Takes to Streets as FCC Votes on Net Neutrality


'Fight to Save the Internet' Takes to Streets as FCC Votes on Net Neutrality

Nika Knight, staff writer

As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) prepares to vote Thursday to begin the process of repealing net neutrality regulations, the grassroots resistance is rising up.

A "Rally to Save the Internet," organized by digital rights group Free Press and including many other advocacy, online, and tech groups, has hundreds of people demonstrating outside FCC headquarters in Washington, D.C., for an open internet.

Watch the rally here.


Many Democrats are also bought and paid for by corporate America just like their Republican rivals. This is why so many Democrats fight the public will to preserve net neutrality, introduce universal healthcare., reduce the military budget or any other progressive piece of legislation. The main goal of the public now should be to expose any politician that is a Wall Street puppet and do whatever they can to remove them from the political spectrum. Only when the average American realizes that corporate America is a bigger threat to the public than ISIS, North Korea, Russia, terrorists and even global warming (you cannot reverse global warming as long as corporate America is in charge), then real democracy won't materialize.


"Only 13 Democratic senators sign open letter in support of free and open internet."

Wow. Just in case anyone was still wondering why Clinton lost.


Right you are Space Cadet. Expose those who value money more than Equality.

But, we must face the simple truth. The Duopoly will get it's way as long as we support them with our votes.

We must form a major third party now which will attract progressive minded voters, politicians, and people from business and industry that understand our government must promote ethics, equality, honesty, and integrity.

The Duopoly will fight hard to maintain it's hold on the masses. We must fight harder to educate the masses on how the Duopoly deceives through lies and disinformation.

If we have any hope for our children and grandchildren to live freely and equitably in the future, we must make our voices heard.

Dump The Duopoly


There is no liberty if a few corporations can control what information we get. Ending net neutrality is vital to corporate control of the masses. It is vital to maximizing "Manufactured Consent" and effective propaganda. Ending net neutrality is a major aim of our (would be) overlords. The Republic is already struggling to survive as a true democracy, where the government represents the masses rather than the powerful


Most of the MSM are sycophants and paid presstitutes for the economic, elite. I agree with Trump when he calls it "fake news"; except that it is more like propaganda for the oligarchs; for the war mongers; for the 1%; for the economic, elite.

The good thing about the net, is it has been an antidote to the presstitutes and warespondents that rarely criticize and almost always condone wars for American hubris and hegemony. That is why we MUST SAVE THE NET!


There are no "Democratic" Senators, there are no "Republican" Senators. Both of those so-called party's are just branches of the Oilagarchy which owns and controls them. They do what they are told, and they benefit greatly for their service to them.
* I've noticed for a long time that individual members of both bodies will vote for the people, as long as the vote is so unbalanced that they needn't worry. Then they send out lots of messages to their constituents saying, "See? I tried."
* If the vote is to be a cliffhanger, their vote always seems to back the Oilagarchy.
* YES! We need a third party, of the people, by the people and for the people. And, we need to get these bottom feeders out of government, and soon!


Yes, the Constitution says: WE (THE 99%) OF THE PEOPLE! Not we the 1% of the people.


I think it's a simpler proposition for rank and file registered Democrats to move the party to the left at the ballot box.


Did not see Bernie's name on the list.