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#FightFastTrack: Coalition Takes Aim at Lawmakers over Corporate-Friendly Trade Agreement


#FightFastTrack: Coalition Takes Aim at Lawmakers over Corporate-Friendly Trade Agreement

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Environmental, labor, and community groups are organizing rallies, public forums, and creative direct actions this week urging their congressional representatives to say "no" to a renewed bid to rush through the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal by passing "fast track" legislation.


Just remember that Slick Oily promises this is a great deal for amerikan citizens! That in it’s self should tell you that it’s anything but a great deal! Besides, if you are depending on the leaders of the Labor or Environmental movement to do anything, except roll over and play dead you are going to be sadly disappointed! The only thing that you can depend on to dissuade your congresscritter and senators from voting for this will be you and a large number of your friends and neighbors showing up at their offices with ropes, pitch forks and torches!


Thanks for the link to ‘‘thoughtmaybe’’ — excellent site.
For those who haven’t watched it,
see ‘‘The Century of the Self’’

by Adam Curtis, which explains how the how the
ruling capitalists control us and get whatever they want
by using the techniques described
in ‘‘Brave New World’’ by Aldous Huxley.


I think the ruling class of the American empire
learned their lesson well from the war against Vietnam:
• No military draft
• Deficit (and secret) spending to fund wars (i.e. no taxes)
• avoid killing student protestors (Kent/Jackson State)
by using tear gas, stun grenades, noise cannons,
high pressure water hoses, arrest, jail time and fines
• Keep American casualties low (using high tech weapons)
• refer to all those killed by drones as ‘‘terrorists’’
• Use the media to convince Americans they are the
exceptional, entitled, chosen people of some deity,
who deserve everything the empire can give them
— no matter the human or environmental cost.

Our heritage of exceptionalism, entertainment,
celebrity, consumerism and entitlement
means whoever dies with the most toys WINS.

Those who strive to counter the prevailing zeitgeist
are relatively few, and remain marginalized,
capable of slowing down this or that trend, delaying this or
that project, but not of reversing or correcting capitalism’s
reckless and devastating trajectory.

We continue to fight against the war mongers, profiteers and
their supporters, not because we will win,
but because it is the right thing to do.