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Fighting A Dangerous Establishment: Chicago Protestors Stand Up to Mainstream American Politics of Fear


Fighting A Dangerous Establishment: Chicago Protestors Stand Up to Mainstream American Politics of Fear

Peter Bloom

The hotly contested 2016 Presidential election erupted in violence on Friday, as protestors and supporters clashed at a Trump rally in Chicago. The event was soon cancelled due to security concerns and fears of more violence in the future.

"The rise of Trump is just the latest in a long tradition of the US establishment drawing on the fears of citizens over their safety to impede the progress of genuine change."


Only one in the mix is running for the grandkids… Ya know.


" It is widely reported that some of the protesters were chanting Sanders name at the event."

Please Bernie followers refrain from that because that is only hurting Bernie and helping Trump.


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The author is not very perceptive though he is erudite. The protests were organized against Trump’s racism and fascism by students. Of course there were some Bernie supporters at the rally since they are there at most Trump rallies aren’t they?

However the protest organizer’s site is not pro Bernie but about protesting Trump’s racism and fascism. Any intelligent observer recognizes that people especially young people can get caught up in the excitement of an event but it is at best a cheap shot to make Bernie or his supporters an integral part of this story. To discuss the presence of some Bernie supporters being there is not only a bit sleezy, to be honest, but is in service to Trump (who is actually trying to shift Blame on to Bernie in, of course, true fascist style!

This author is reluctant (as is the media) to say it like it is. The dance begins - call it the Fascist Stomp - where violence is preached and receives a response which elicits a further and more intense response in return and away we go!

The Bernie supporters were there like they have been at other rallies but this time another protest had been organized by students who are angry and confrontational and it would have been nice and more worthy of respect had at least this author distinguished between the two simply out of common sense and logic. The media stoops low and rigs the game and this author when writing for progressives should have avoided doing the same thing in lumping the confrontational students together with the Bernie supporters. Even by mentioning them as if participants is unfair since they are at other rallies and are not confrontational. Need I add waving signs is not the same thing as what else was in play here? Gee wow! Waving signs!

There were two protests and that needs to be stressed. Or should have been.


(…) " It must also set its sights on an American history of violent peace and the mainstream politicians who so readily profit from it."

I feel strongly about conflating the experience of daily life under the word “peace” with "violent"as an adjective describing peace. It is a subtle conceptual oxymoron. It can be said that we have numerous forms of institutionalized violence that masquerade as peace. There are, I would submit, times when an economy of words is counter productive.

The experience of peace needs to include the inner spiritual experience of the practice of peace which is different from what is frequently floated in a political context as an absence of something (violence).


Excellent point. However this author went beyond simply conflating the two opposing dynamics. The subtleties of language often manipulate us almost subliminally although they may not have been noticed at the time.

This author says >>> “It was widely reported that protestors were chanting Sander’s name at the event. Their presence was not merely meeting violence with violence.”

Now that was both unethical of him and a cheap shot/ low blow to Bernie supporters who are at Trump rallies anyway and do not engage in confrontation. This protest was organized not by Bernie supporters but by students angry at Trump’s fascism and racism. The author unfairly lumps the two groups together even though it was reprorted that the Bernie supporters only waved signs and chanted his name.

This author resorted to tapping into the dumbing down dynamic cultivated by a manipulative media. They also are rigging the game using this incident as is Hillary. Mr. Bloom may have revealed his advocacy for one candidate or he may simply have resorted to a dumbing down easy shot. Too bad though for us.


The more you dig into perceptions, the printed word and media formats, the more there is to dig into. I feel strongly that western society suffers from a hubris (Greek hybris: wanton violence, insolence, outrage), another word that seems most frequently to be used instead of ‘stupidity’ or ‘mistake’.

The ‘dumbing down’ could perhaps be said to be a consequent symptom of mechanical unhinging of meaning accelerated by the dynamics of electronic media. I say that because throughout the history that is not taught, virtually all societies prior to writing with phonetic alphabets have cautioned that attention be paid to direct personal experience and contemplation of appropriate expression and observation of what is being expressed between interlocutors. What does it mean to be alive?
This extends to interlocution with nature. Someone who has lived in a region attentively can for instance ‘read’ the wind. Or, take the Polynesian mariners and the art of dead reckoning at sea by paying attention to how the water resonates on the hulls of traditional vessels.


Thanks, enjoyed watching and listening to Wade. An amazing speaker, interesting things on which to ponder.

On the Trump issue, it would seem that the US is in turmoil, and those who profit from divide and rule will be delighted. People must keep a sense of proportion, and not allow states and communities to start warring with each.

Trump is only dangerous if people allow him to be. How sad that many seem willing for his hatespeak to take hold, against all reason.

Let’s hope that these people find their ‘better angels’ before it’s too late.


I was wondering if that was true or not. If any Sanders supporters were there to stir up trouble that would be disastrous…and stupid. I think it’s appropriate for people to peacefully protest Trump’s message, but even if it’s peaceful it’s like throwing oil on a fire. Stirring passions up only makes Trump supporters more reactionary. I don’t know what the answer is. Just leave them alone with their hatred, I guess?


I agree. I was afraid things might be construed to implicate Bernie supporters. I just don’t think they should be there in the name of his campaign.


Hi Wereflea,

I hope this finds you well.

Thank you for your comment to my article. I apologize for any confusion. I was not trying to imply that these were Bernie supporters. In fact quite the opposite - that this would be a media construction based on a desire to paint his movement as “extremist” against a “safe and sensible” mainstream. It was also to point out that this showed that certain progressive individuals refused to give into a politics of fear that is often the hallmark of both “respectable” and “extremist” American politics. If this point was not clear than again please accept my apologies. I was not trying to imply that this was organized, started, populated or the fault of Sanders supporters.


Hi Saint Jimmy,

I hope this finds you well.

It is clear at this point this was not organized or in any way connected to the Sanders campaign.


Hi theoldgoat,

I hope this finds you well.

Thank you for your comment and strong feelings to my article. They are much appreciated. I agree with your point. The goal of using the two terms together was not to conflate them but to show how what is often deemed as peace is for many an experience of social or personal violence. I apologize if this did not come through strongly within the context of the article.


Thank you for responding. It is not that I disagreed with the gist and pith of your piece, it was the specific wording where you referred to Bernie’s supporters being at the protest and - “Their presence was not merely meeting violence with violence” and the ‘collateral’ damage resulting from it. They were inaccurate words (although Trump might want to quote them) and unfortunate. The protests were organized by angry students seeking confrontation and by Black Lives Matter members. A peaceful, if silently rude, black protester was roughed up and others forcibly ejected from a Trump rally please remember. The students were angry at the call to fascism, the call to racism and the call to violence by Trump. Students not Bernie supporters.

I find it inexcusable that you targeted Bernie supporters who were comparatively few in number (aside from those who can be assumed to be among the students) and who only waved signs and chanted - by associating them with the violence.

That is a subtle misuse of language that very effectively manipulates the reader into accepting the implied descriptive.


I cannot help but wonder if the turmoil in Chicago is an analog to what progressive citizens in Germany in the 1930s SHOULD have done. Can it be that these days are prelude to actions that assure that “it cannot happen here”?


A totally disingenuous statement given the fact that your posts expose you as a card-carrying Trump supporter all the way!


Trump is the instigator of the violence at his own rallies. He has gradually increased his anti-protester rhetoric and bullying, and recently claimed he would pay for the legal fees if any of his supporters are arrested for assault, (which they have been.)
I have read that MoveOn helped organize the Chicago protest-and if that is true, there is nothing wrong with that. Don’t progressives have the right to free speech? They were not there to instigate violence. What exactly are people going to do when Trump deliberately chooses rally sites that he already knows will be problematic. That way he can play the victim, “poor little picked on me.”


For those possessed with the Entrepreneurial Spirit, or simply looking for an investment opportunity, brown shirt futures look promising.


Hopefully people in Chicago will be voting for Bernie, recognizing the Rahm-Obama-Hillary establishment status quo connection that has beenscrewing them for years.