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Fighting Back Against Dirty Energy, False Solutions and Climate Change


Fighting Back Against Dirty Energy, False Solutions and Climate Change

Sara Shaw

As the Paris Agreement comes into force and negotiations open at the Marrakesh climate talks, we must not ignore the people who are at the frontline of the climate crisis.

Dirty Energy system devastates lives

Our energy system—the way we produce, distribute and consume energy—is broken, wreaking havoc on our planet and its people.


I work with 350 Colorado and we looked into a partnership with a carbon offset program. While that particular program seemed fine we ultimately decided against it because on the whole the big players use it for green washing and because it has those negative effects mentioned in the article.
That said, environmental organizations or celebrities who take a stand for the environment are constantly confronted on their largely unavoidable air travel etc, else they be castigated as hypocrites. Perhaps the solution is to design carbon offsets that are guaranteed to avoid the unintended consequences.


When someone farts or belches in a roomful of other people, they say "excuse me." They don't brag about how good their dinner was. When an entire nation releases huge clouds of CO2 into the atmosphere, they don't apologize or even own up to it. Instead, they boast on their economic progress. Where'd everyone's manners go? Why are the economic leaders of this country such inconsiderate, irresponsible assholes? Island nations such as Tuvalu have every right to sue for damages. Those who benefit most from the current economic model are the ones most responsible for those damages. I didn't ask for an economy reliant upon petroleum. The economic leaders of this country thrust it upon me. I sure wish they had invested their money in some other way to develop some other economic model. Yeah, that's where I'm laying the blame. I didn't force them to develop a petroleum based economy but they sure forced me to live in one.