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Fighting Back, Student Rise Nationwide to Demand Debt-Free Higher Ed



The phony budget crises and GOP imposed cuts to social programs all across America hundreds of thousands of teachers were laid off. People like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Barak Obama's former chief of staff has added insult to the GOP injuries destroying Chicago public schools in favor of charter Inc. with Obama's tacit encouragement.


Since the purpose of higher ed, like compulsory education, is to train people to fit into the system, i.e. to perpetuate the status quo which is destroying the natural world and spreading misery, I suggest we'd be better off getting rid of these institutions, going outside and planting trees and gardens, de-paving the streets, and re-learning once again how to live in balance with the natural world. www.schoolispoison.org


Zionist agenda precludes an educated public that understands the purpose of false flags to generate control of the population. NYT pushes the wars for profit and resources located in the Middle East with the lies of 'enemies'. Watch the video of the PNAC agenda and see the money, billions upon billions, wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sickening , especially with the devastated cities of America and their crippling poverty.


RIGHTS, not privilige! Guaranteed education, universal health-care, freedom from poverty, homlessness, and hunger, elder, pre-natal & infant care, freedom from thugs in uniform and a sustainable healthy environment with clean healthy food, air, water, lakes, rivers and oceans!

These are the things that make a nation truly strong, not just a bloated military establishment and parasite 1% ruling class that preys on the 99% for their obscene wealth and ease! Also freedom from corrupt politicians, our professional liars, in thrall to the 1% who represent their needs, their priviliges, not OUR rights! That is what democracy looks like!


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Does not seem smart to me to piss off an intelligent segment of the middle and upper middle class.


Jill Stein newsletter, Nov. 10, 2015

Our students represent the future of our country. Yet for 40 million current and former students, their potential is shackled by crushing student debts. It’s time to free a generation from indentured servitude to Wall Street by abolishing student debt - and making public colleges and universities tuition-free.

Will you stand with me for abolishing student debt and making higher education free?

This week I’ll be voicing these demands at the nationwide Million Student March, because I believe loading students with tens or even hundreds of thousands in debts is not only wrong, it’s bad economic policy.

Student debt prevents young people from using their ingenuity and creativity to re-imagine our economy and society, as each generation should.

We bailed out bankers who crashed the economy with $16 trillion using quantitative easing. Using quantitative easing to repay $1.3 trillion in student debt would unleash enormous productivity and creative power, providing a major boost to the real economy.

And that’s not all. Like a high school degree was in the last century, a college education has become essential for economic security. So we should provide free higher education, like many other countries have done, as a secure start in life to today’s younger generation.

We know that higher education pays for itself: when the GI Bill offered returning soldiers free college education, every taxpayer dollar invested in free higher education was returned 7 times over in increased tax revenue and other public benefits.

The only obstacle to freeing 40 million Americans - and countless more to come - from indentured servitude is Wall Street’s control of the Democratic and Republican parties.

It’s time to abolish student debt and make higher education free - sign and share if you agree! http://www.jill2016.com/studentdebt

Please help me spread the word, because if we let 40 million Americans know that they can vote themselves out of debt in November 2016… that’s enough to win a presidential election.

It’s in our hands!


The purpose of higher ed according to whom? According to Dawn, the purpose is to let young adults explore the entirety of human knowledge and figure out what they're interested in, and to expand their horizons before they are bogged down by families, debt, etc.


I mentioned to somebody that it was obvious being a brain surgeon was could no longer be considered a sign that the person is intelligent. I wonder if we have any rocket scientists running for President.


The tax on financial transactions would be on high speed trading, and would NOT be a tax on everyone. I'm just so sick of people defending the obscene culture of excessive wealth in this country.


The purpose of any education has been manipulated and warped by capitalist interests. No, it is not to serve the corporate world, the purpose of any learning is for human beings to understand and navigate their universe. The less knowledge you have, the easier you are to manipulate, the more dumbfounded you are when confronted with the unfolding of events you or others have precipitated.


It's 17 trillion actually. But that's still alot. Are you aware, though, that 3/4 of it is owed to the American public? We are borrowing money from ourselves. So we owe ourselves. Gov't by and for the people, right?


Reading the Tweets, one can see a lot of really ugly, spiteful, self righteous people out there who just do.not.get.it at all. Stuck in rigid little paradigms.


I'd say the best thing we could do is educate our populace thru 4 years of college FREE, and combine that free education with a guaranteed income so that if we wanted to 'go outside and plant trees and gardens" rather than join that worthless rat race for the best 20/30 years of our lives we could choose to opt out of the extra income while STILL living a decent, respectable life!


If we had a guaranteed income, the number of college candidates would drop drastically. Most people would go for the government stipend. We could afford to put the rest thru "free" college then.


Good, glad these kids are on the move... now, when are the rest of us going to MOVE..?.... Went to a Green Party function tonight.. oh, yeah, not state or national, our little branch in Broome and Tioga county we are putting together... anyway... we had speaker there, a doctor and another person from... shoot, but they are members of PNHP.... Physicians for a National Health Plan... It was good. It was very good.
However, most of the people there, were "the choir"... I'm not sure how many of the approximately 40 or so people, were just regular people who got the flyer and showed up. Okay, maybe 50 people, but that's about it...
I will be copying the hand outs and spreading them around....


Charter Schools... mmmmphh humbug... there should be a commercial.... you know like the one with the person driving down the road with other people stuck to their windshield... as "rate suckers'.... you could say that charter schools are like those "rate suckers"... they suck all the money up from public schools... If someone wants a private education... they can pay for it... Other wise, support your school and RISE UP AND STOP TAKING IT UP THE BUT...


Initial statistics indicate the opposite.

A recent survey in Catalonia (13 to 17 July) shows that 72.3% of the population (basically excepting the right-wing and wealthiest sectors) would support a basic income of €650 per month, and, contrary to a tiresomely hackneyed claim, 86.2% say they would continue working if the measure were introduced. More notably, 84.4% of the unemployed say they’d still want to work.

Source: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_case_for_universal_basic_income_20150826#14473868527231&action=collapse_widget&id=0&data=

lamonte7, you really shouldn't assume the majority actions of others would be that of your own.


The survey might be right. That's what they say now, but after figuring out they can do nothing and still not starve and have a roof over their head they'll change their mind. It's just human nature. Why do you think the great soviet egalitarian experiment failed miserably and communism will never work?