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'Fighting Dirty,' Clinton's 'Inflammatory Distortion' of Sanders' Single-Payer Plan


Playing Dirty, Clinton Deliberately Distorts on Sanders' Single-Payer Plan

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Perhaps spurred by palpable momentum around Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton took aim this week at a centerpiece of her chief rival's platform—and political career—a Medicare-for-All program that he says would save the average U.S. family thousands of dollars a year in healthcare costs.

At campaign stops in Iowa and New Hampshire on Monday and Tuesday, both Hillary and Chelsea Clinton directly criticized Sanders on healthcare policy.


This simply shows what type of people the Clinton's are. Do you really want or does this Country really need another liar in the White House?


Desperation in the campaign. The media tries its best to make it appear Sanders not viable and there no appetite for his policies but the word on the street and changes in voters perceptions towards the concept of "Socialism" and the proper role of Government in a functioning society (and it is NOT to legislate itself out of existence) becomes hard for even that media to control.

It appears the more those in power try and minimize the role of Government in peoples lives as an institution that works to promote the well being of all, the more the people come to realize the NEED for that Government to check the power of that one percent.

No this is not something "the free market" can do. It requires a truly representative Government and not one of the 1 percent promoting the ridiculous notion that if they just get out of the way of the 1 percent , the 1 percent will make it better for all.


like mother like daughter. anyone still think HRC is actually the lesser evil? I can't deny I'm enjoying the Sandernistas making Clinton sweat like the swine she is.

i'd vote for that monster Romney before I'd vote for Clinton. Ugh. What awful choices.


So long as Bernie just keeps plugging along, only proposing reasonable and intelligent policy, his popularity will continue to grow. Nice to see even the New York Times is beginning to cover him!

Go Bernie!!!


Here is a site to go to for major papers in Iowa so you can write them and set the record straight: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_newspapers_in_Iowa


And for whom does Chelsea Clinton work...none other than the Clinton Foundation...all that Ivy League education and married to a financial analyst (??)..virtually raised in the White House and never having wanted for a damn thing in her life...never struggled to make rent or even thought of paying for health insurance or health care...yeah, she is someone qualified to speak on behalf of the vast majority of Americans living paycheck to paycheck who can barely afford the catastrophic health insurance with thousand$$$ in deductibles. Go back to your ivory tower, Rapunzel. CC is not a plus for the HC campaign no matter how hard she tries (??). As for her mother, she melts when she gets wet.


I suspect that, if Senator Sanders stays competitive for even a little while longer, you ain't seen nothin' yet. The Clinton campaign will call Bernie a Red Guard Maoist, say he had sex with an underage aardvark, etc. and then Wall Street will pour hundreds of millions into HillPac (the non-profit public advocacy outfit). As they say, stock up on popcorn and watch this show.


Chelsea Clinton is married to hedgefund founder and manager, Marc Mezvinsky. It's no wonder Hill is so resistant to controls of financial parasites and gets so much campaign contribution bribe money from that sector. There is no doubt she would do nothing to diminish the potential profits of her daughters family.

There is no choice regarding integrity and moral compass, Bernie Sanders stands head and shoulders above Hill - Dr Jill Stein has a remarkable platform available on line. As others have noted Bernie would create a huge leap forward if he would/could select and announce either Liz Warren or Jill Stein as a running mate......

I will not bother to comment on the RepubliCon field of psychopath extremists, fools, and idiots.



"Desperation in the campaign."

Absolutely, and this is a GOOD SIGN for the Sanders campaign.

The only reason Clinton is OPENLY LYING about the Sanders proposal, is that her campaign is desperately aware that Sanders is moving ahead.

Everyone (who has basic awareness of who the Clintons are and who they work for) knows that Clinton will say anything and do anything to become President. In the context of possible ways this campaign could unfold, the fact that the candidate and her daughter are stumping and LYING about Sanders is great news.


i have never given any money to ANY presidential candidate's campaign. i'm really wavering here...


"As for her mother, she melts when she gets wet."

"YOU CURSED BRAT! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE! I'm MELTING! Melting! Oh — what a world, what a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness?!"


Bernie!!!! the TRUTH shall set US free! Keep speaking truth and the Tide is turning Clintons out!


Ahhh ... might it be that if you listen VERY closely one might hear a 'pitch' (double entendre intended) of 'dog whistle' politics by Chelsea on behalf of the Clinton campaign in a wiggly -fingered magical hope for the TTIP et al to be made a done deal? - with corporations, like the insurance industry, granted legal standing to sue any state that asserts policy to benefit the people if it is perceived to be a threat to anticipated profits? Despite Hillary Clinton saying that she is 'against' it, that would not be profitable for the Clinton foundation financiers. The situation in Haiti, post-Clinton 'team' involvement, comes to mind.


Nor have I, but this time I've already made two donations to Bernie. I normally avoid hyperbole, but I think this one of the most important elections since McGovern.


The name of the foundation is the BILL, HILLARY AND CHELSEA CLINTON FOUNDATION. The Clinton family is no different than any of history's notorious crime families, as the Corleones always said "ITS BUSINESS" !


Thank you for the link. I checked it out and when I read that Mez's big financial backer was Blankfein of Goldman Sachs...nothing more need be said. Henry Paulson, former CEO at GS (after Corzine was squeezed out) was appointed Secy of Treasury by GWB (2006-2009). Corzine is a long time pal of the Clintons. Paulson, Corzine, and Clintons are all Bilderberg Group members. What an incestuous bunch of brigands...ALL. Their underhanded, behind-closed-doors, criminal (masked by a battery of attorneys expert at contorting/manipulating any and every law on the books post Glass-Steagal) activities brought our nation to its knees and is still struggling to recover. And they ALL benefited big-time financially from that financial debacle (2007-08). Ugh!


That way not one of them has to pay any taxes.... Just ask Warren Buffet and the Koch Bros about foundations and tax breaks. Too much is never enough for these greedy ghouls regardless of their political party affiliations.


"If that’s the kind of 'revolution' he's talking about, I'm worried, folks."
Of course you are worried Hillary, because you are representing the 1% and Bernie Sanders is whipping your ass!


Yes, I have to say I'm almost afraid to see what kind of hell fury and dirty tricks Hillary and the DNC are going to hurl at Sanders once he starts beating her in the primaries.