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Fighting Fake News About Canadian Health Care


As my previous comment noted, providing even the most impeccably researched, footnoted and peer-reviewed data - be it healthcare policy or climate change or addressing crime - does not change politician's minds because they are driven by ideology - specifically an ideology created by the powerful to serve the powerful.


:smile: You have to be on guard against the socialist hordes to the North! And all our socialist ways!


Well.... Michael Moore. He also came to an unspecified Canadian city in one of his films and walked in someone's unlocked front door. That got big laughs in the Vancouver (BC) theatre I watched it in. Mike tends to paint Canada with a rose-coloured lens... which is amusing for Canadians, but unfortunately possibly undermines his arguments.


Thanks. I watched the Fix It video and it was time very well spent. I will recommend it to everyone I know who cares about health care reforms. I don't know anyone who is happy with the status quo so it seems like this could be a pivotal moment. James Howard Kunstler and Charles Hugh Smith have also written about the health insurance cartel that is eating away at our economy.

Amazon lists a book, Chronic Condition (2012) by Jeffrey Simpson, where one reviewer says "Simpson does a great job of reviewing the history of medicare in Canada. While Canadians are united in their hatred of anything that smacks of "US-style healthcare", he points out that, except than for doctors and hospitals, other services are based on the US model (a combination of user pay, insurance coverage and state subsidies)." HR 676 as you say could be an improvement.


I remember that scene from Bowling for Columbine. Maybe it's the grass is greener on the other side of the fence syndrome. I know in my neighborhood on our social media site there are plenty of folks who say they never answer the door if it's someone they don't know. Sad.


If any reporters or journalists from the corporate media do that and come up with material, which is not sanctioned by the corporations, they work for, they will lose lose their job and never find another with comparable compensation, lose their heath insurance and probably default on their mortgage and lose their home.

That is also, why the corporate establishment does nor want 'single payer'. It will be the beginning of losing their grip on their modern slaves.


As an anarcho-socialist, I happen to agree with Fred's belief.

I oppose state intervention into personal, social and economic affairs; I reject the state in its entirety as it inevitably results in the loss of individual freedom.

I believe that we have the ability to live collectively, productively, cooperatively and peaceably based on our common interests that are inherent to mankind. We don't need to be ruled or dominated. Collectively, we have enough intelligence and common sense (based on our experiences) to determine what is right and what is wrong in our relationships with others.

As a stateless society, the working class will collectively own the means of production (wealth) and the distribution of goods and services for the benefit of everyone according to each individual's own self-defined needs.

I see the state as the means (tool) by which the elite ruling class rules.

While you consider Fred's belief as a far right-wing extremism, you might as well include me in your ridicule and condemnation -- even though I am so far left of U.S. Libertarianism that they need a telescope to even see me.

By the way, my anarchist anti-state beliefs are shared by the World Socialist Movement. You see, we prefer not to be dominated, oppressed or stolen from. It's just that simple.


The Middle Class In Canada Is Now Richer Than In America: NYT


We can get physio here in Alberta, and the MRI wait is not too bad (at least as I have experienced it) but no dental or pharmacy coverage. Of course, part of the problem is that we have a small population spread over a huge land area -- we routinely fly pregnant women from Ft. Vermilion all the way down to Edmonton (660 km, give or take) if they have pregnancy problems as it is apparently not feasible to treat them where they are.


I know, I know. And no one is watching, I bet. I ask them why it's not tuned to CBC's News Channel.

Or Spongebob Squarepants.


You and Fred are miles apart. In your world, the workers control the means of production. In Fred's world only he controls the means of production, everyone else is a slave to him. That is the Koch bros view also, the rich have it all while the workers get screwed. I don't think you share anything but a desire to get rid of government.


Geoffrey Simpson of the Globe & Mail wrote a very thorough analysis of our health care system.