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Fighting for 50 States, Sanders House Parties Expect Tens of Thousands


Fighting for 50 States, Sanders House Parties Expect Tens of Thousands

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With recent polls showing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders closing the gap with rival Hillary Clinton and out-polling all of the GOP's leading candidates, progressives nationwide will host coordinated house parties on Wednesday to further fuel the fire of enthusiasm for the s


While you have got to love Bernie’s rhetoric because I believe he is sincere, the people that own Amerika will continue to own Amerika unless their is some kind of voters revolution. Bernie can lead it, but he cannot implement it.


Bernie will throw his support to Hillary when the time comes, folks. Let the man be a leader of a massive popular uprising, and he surely has my support, but national electoral politics won’t ever allow real change to happen. Why? MONEY, mainstream corporate media, rigged election machines, the “electoral college”, far right Congress.


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Bernie may have to kowtow to the party to be allowed to play, but the rest of us don’t. I will NEVER vote for Hillary, and I’m sure I’m not the only Sanders supporter who feels that way. If he gets millions of votes that will NEVER go to Hillary, maybe the PTB will start to get the message that they cannot count on the sheeple anymore.


Bernie is sure waging a very interesting campaign. Glad he is speaking out on matters of race. And now for the question of Israel-Palestine: While he supports a two state solution it does not seem reasonable given the facts on the ground. Would be great he comes out for a one state solution–Israel-Palestine. Sure there will be opposition on both sides but what are the alternatives?


You may well be right so folks who really want him for president should remember the write-in on their ballots.


I hope I am wrong but I think Bernie might have suffered a fatal blow, no fault of his own, as a result of the NetRoots fiasco. I think Bernie was hoping to get working class support across racial and ethnic lines, instead he is saddled with a sisyphean task of defending himself against something he isn’t. Already, a pomposity piece on Salon has the new narrative being one in which Hillary deftly handled the matter, and Bernie didn’t. He needs an overflow crowd at, let’s say, some place on the South Side of Chicago, that might help.


I like what he’s saying. I’m not liking what he doesn’t talk about… continued support for the MIC (F-35, assembled in Vermont), continued support for Israel’s occupation of Palestine, etc. Is this going to be just another round of “hopey changey”?


I have heard enough negativity and hopelessness in these comments. We do still vote and if we vote massively then they can’t steal an election so easily. Voting is part of political work, the rest is pushing, showing up, advocating, writing checks and public relations for our ideas. Remember, Hilary was not the candidate last time. We can push this campaign as far as it will go and see where we end up. Senator Sanders is the best thing since Roosevelt and I am riding that train as far as it can go. Grumbling that this is impossible is for the lazy or the paid troll.


One of the many quotes of Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”
So never mind what is and imagine the way you want it to be so your vibration is a match to your desire. When your vibration is a match to your desire, all things in your experience will gravitate to meet that match. Never think about what you don’t want because that will give energy to what you don’t want.

All thought is energy and that said, the energy increases greatly when mass numbers are thinking the same thing.


My concerns exactly. I am in until he makes me change my mind. Race, Military, endless war, surveillance, these are the topics he needs to talk about more and more. Can’t pay for infrastructure when all the money is being blown up overseas.


Don’t you think Hillary may have been behind that? Supposedly Soros gave over 30 million to a bunch of BLM type groups, including BLM and I think it was orchestrated exactly for that purpose. Note her absence.


As Bernie says, his run for President is only one part of the larger movement. If he wins, everyone does not pack up and go home and expect him to do it all. There is much more to be done than just to vote. And if he does not win, the movement continues in all the other avenues open for action.


They will block him at every turn and sabotage his initiatives to fail spectacularly.

It takes a well oiled team to bring about change, especially fundamental changes (see how much grief they gave Obama for the ACA and think that x1000!),

Now how ready is the US progressive movement to face them down at the ballot box and beyond.



It’s clear Israel and the Pentagon own Sanders. And you can’t be a real socialist if you are helping those entities steal trilliion$ from the pocketbooks of working people and the poor. And seeing as whenever push comes to shove, Sanders throws in with the Democrats, it’s clear to me that, like Obama, Sanders is just another Trojan Horse.

In fact, ANYONE the Dems nominate is going to be a Trojan Horse.

Looking to the Democrats for real reform is like thinking you can drive a lawnmower across the ocean.


I’m with you. I will vote for Sanders in the primary, but I will never vote for Hillary. Fortunately, the Presidential election is not governed by California’s top two rule, so I will be able to vote third party in the general.


In addition to his endless support for the MIC, Sanders voted to cut food stamps by more than $8 billion last year, a move too reactionary for any moderate Republican of the 70s or 80s.

I believe that answers your question as to BS’ true loyalties.


Sad to say that Bernie supports Israel’s crimes, just like Hillary and the rest, and also all the Pentagon wars.


Not clear to me at this point. You are thinking of that Diane Rehm slur on NPR where she tries to probe him on his supposed Israeli dual citizenship. He dispensed with that canard. There is a myth that all Jews support every outrageous thing that Israel does. For openers, Bernie boycotted Netanyahu’s Congressional appearance, not likely to ingratiate himself with AIPAC. Do some research.

On the military, Bernie has voted against military intervention consistently, at least since Kosovo. He did support the ridiculous F-35, mainly because of its Vermont connections. Bernie is not pure gold.

Again, these questions you raise are not clear. I would suggest you ask the Sanders campaign to give clear answers. Despite your “trojan horse” suspicions (justified by recent elections admittedly), he is not to be written off in our search for a way out of politics as usual. Even should he be elected, we will have to exert pressure to get the promises fulfilled.

Do you have a better plan?