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'Fighting for a Livable Future': Amazon Workers at Minnesota Warehouse Organize Strike for Next Week's #PrimeDay

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/09/fighting-livable-future-amazon-workers-minnesota-warehouse-organize-strike-next

Good for them!

Announcing this action this far ahead of the walkout date wasn’t a good idea, gives the company enough time to bring in scab workers.
Honestly why is anybody using Amazon, what do they have to do to get people to stop using them? Start shooting their employees? If you use Amazon you’re hurting workers, period. Make this the least profitable “Prime Day” Bozo has ever had.

Although I have no current problems with my FC and the standard of work @ Amazon, I support those in Minnesota fighting for change. In my opinion the workers in Minnesota are exercising their right to organize in the name of change. There are several ways to voice your concerns as an Amazon employee and though a strike is a little extreme to me, I know that sometimes it takes extreme actions to get things done. I wish they would have kept their movement under wraps longer than they did as it is all over the internet and news. Every perspective is different and we don’t learn about each others scope until we come together and express our struggles with one another. As long as it is done in an organize, positive and peaceful manner I silently support my fellow Amazonians, however I will not be striking unless I saw no other choice to get the change I feel is needed.

Is it possible this action was put out to the public ahead of time to give Amazon time to do some real-time considering, rather than to respond with knee jerk lack of concern or grace.

And it could be that Amazon feels it’s workforce is high turnover, and thus has no problem keeping the wages low.