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Fighting for CA Workers, Sanders Slams NYT for Ignoring 'Real Issues'



Good to see Cesar Chavez's son-in-law introducing Sanders in Bakersfield.

Cesar is turning over in his grave after the United Farm Workers (UFW) union (founded by Chavez) bosses endorsed Clinton during the primary season.


For however long, on whichever issues, even if it's not all of my issues, I'm glad Bernie is in this race and I couldn't under any circumstance vote for any of the other candidates in the Democratic or Republican parties. It's Bernie or Stein.


A vote for the Clinton-Trump Ticket:
A vote for Trump or Hillary is a vote for:
1- More War and Military Spending.
2- Negation of the Iran- Nuclear Deal.
3- An Acceleration of Climate Chaos Disruptive change.
4- More Nuclear- most likely.
5- A path towards Economic Collapse and a Very Un-Livable World due to Environmental Collapse.
6. More Chaos from the Big Banks.
7- No chance of Single Payer Health Care.... more of the Health Insurance Schemes.
8- A very frightening world for your children and grand children.
9- The gutting of more safety nets, if they still exist.

In this 3-way race, the only choice is Bernie.
A vote for the Clinton-Trump Ticket is an acceleration of our current pathway.


Thank you Common Dreams for covering the truth as opposed to the shameful spin of the NY Times.

Can't imagine the level of dystopia (that is becoming reality) we would be experiencing without progressive news sites such as this. Can't imagine how depressing life would be had Bernie Sanders not stepped up to fight what he has been fighting for his whole life.

Many other "progressive" sites are offensive as well----- with adolescent articles that appeal to the lowest common denominator (I'm looking at you a-net) not to mention endless ads and ignorant comments.

Thank you.


Yes, Bernie has every right to criticize the NYT, their shaky reporting and inability to discuss/address middle class issues. Krugman has been particularly tone deaf this electoral season, mutating into the very caricature he complains about. Look at today's column where he bitterly complains about the "electoral math" and then subsequently ignores the "electoral math", broad based polling numbers and the larger thematic elements at play in the election. Its disturbing to see someone so seemingly smart put forth flimsy arguments that a grade school kid could tear apart. I guess the memo went out from Hillary, if you want that Treasury Secretary job, you will have to shrill some more. Integrity be damned.


Bernie's Interviewers should be properly identified as Inquisitors.

Chuck Todd's interview (and just about everyone else's) is just a series of "Do you still beat your Wife?" set-up Traps.


I'm also a Bernie Sanders voted -- or Jill Stein -- but both parties are going down.

Hillary, with the help of Madelaine Albright, Gloria Steinem (I worked with the "liberal" CIA) and
now Barbara Boxer has shot herself in the foot -- and will cause more women not only to look
more closely at Hillary Hawk but to look more closely at who has brought the feminist movement
to a standstill in the US.


Bernie Sanders focuses on real people - "ordinary"/extraordinary working people of all stripes. California is home to many such, who work with their hands and minds. Bernie Sanders IS the Real Deal and workers rights and sustainable future is one very important issue!

Another of the "real issues" is defeating Trump. Some of malleable character and political subservience say "we must vote Hillary to defeat Trump". That is a BS position, that will lose - that would ask people to vote against their conscience and moral judgment to "defeat trump" by voting Clinton's brand of evil and corruption - many including myself will never do so regardless!

People that want to defeat trump, fascism, his psychosis, braggadocio, etc will not win asking/demanding people vote for another evil, but work and cajole and demand the super-delegates and conscious Dem Party members, that Bernard Sanders be the candidate to face the Trump threat! Want to defeat Trump? Support Sanders, don't ask people to vote lesser evil!

The bottom line is, working for Hillary to "defeat Trump" is a dead-end fool's errand, that all Clinton Kool-Aid Drinkers, acolytes including the NYT and NY Dem official Clinton lackeys, should/must see - the choice is clear - nominate Sanders and win........or lose with Clinton...one way or the other.....


Let us hope that California doesn't disappoint us.

As for New Jersey -- we need an endorsement from "the Boss." Bruce, where are you?


NY Times is an establishment newspaper --
it is not about to raise issues which may benefit the public.

In fact, it aided and abetted ExxonMobil in their campaign to lie to the public
about Global Warming for more than 20 years -- perhaps longer -- by allowing
them to use the Op-Ed pages of the NY Times to deceive the public about the
dangers of Global Warming.
These "ad-editorials" appeared on the Op-Ed pages of the NY Times and could
not be replied to by any means -- "Letters to the Editor," etal because they were

They NY Times should have to answer and be accountable for this deception.
Among many, many others.


Thank you and I certainly hope that many feminists will open their minds to the true history of
Hillary Clinton and female equality. No Hawk is a feminist.


And for a nice antidote to that, check out the Turk's latest interview w/Bernie if you have not yet done so. It's nice to see Bernie not on the defensive but still responding to real questions.


gee, i hoped to see that sanders/trump debate take place, because that could have knocked both trump and clinton out of the race. :slight_smile: apparently trump's advisors saw that, too. :disappointed: however, bernie's argument, "I want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, she wants $12 an hour" is pure politics and bit ironic, i'd say. the base salary for a u.s. senator is a modest $174,000 a year with spiffs like travel expenses, full health care, automatic cost of living increases and a few more such goodies. of course, hillary "earns" more than that from one little speech! we know, don't we, that any raise hammered out by congress will be incremental at best? this entire economic paradigm is so broken and corrupted $X dollars an hour is a placebo, not a solution. i snagged this quote from a chris hedges article,

It is a long and honored tactic of the capitalist class—concessions in times of unrest and then reversals—


News brief from the Bible Belt:

Yesterday I had lunch at an outdoor restaurant. Three older women were seated within listening range and their conversation almost made me regurgitate my lunch.

One was obviously in the military as she was talking about some rules and protocols, and then she went on to say that Ted Cruz was brilliant!

I think one of the women wanted to speak favorably about Bernie Sanders, but she was shut down when the military idiot used the word Socialist as if it were a taboo curse word.

I was not in the mood to take on the trio as there is no easy cure for ignorance when combined with self-righteous arrogance.

On the way out I ran into the wife of the restaurant owner and told her I almost lost my lunch over those women and their conversation.

Ted Cruz brilliant! Stealing from the poor to enrich the already wealthy... and that is what these idiots see as proof of a "good Christian man."

I KNOW there's a far higher consciousness in California. The only impediment to Sanders there is who controls the vote counts and whether all of the independents will have a shot at determining who's viable enough to run.


Today's minimum wage is worth less than the 1957 minimum wage in real/constant dollars.
(Was just looking at this recently, and I think it was based in 1996 dollar as best I can recall.)

And clearly what we need is a $20 minimum wage based on other changes made to our
economy -- often without awareness or approval of the public ... changes like lifting of rent
controls which have pretty much now doubled rental costs.

But to make what's going on even clearer -- since the Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank)
was established in 1913 the dollar has been reduced to 19 cents.

Since the Vietnam War the government has been lying to the public about the rate of inflation.


In a three way race, polls show Bernie would win. There are now more independent voters than both Democrats and Republicans combined. Half the Democrats, a few Republicans and most of the independents would vote for him.

Therefore, a vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump.
A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary.
But a vote for independents like Bernie is a vote for independence.


Bernie is always on the right side of the issues. He doesn't have to "evolve" or equivocate he's just there. What a fine man. He doesn't let these people get away with much before he brings them back to the issues.
That fact alone is why he would beat Trump. While Trump is all over the place Bernie would be on the issues. When Trump tries to slam him, Bernie will bring him back to the issues. This race should be between Bernie and Trump the anti-establishment candidates. Besides, Trump can't win over Bernie's supporters but Bernie could win over the Republicans that don't like Trump but hate the Clinton's. DNC is always talking about the math, maybe they are the one's that should do some math.


According to the Capital Press article, union president Arturo Rodriguez endorsed Clinton, "after the group interviewed her".

No mention of who was in the group or what questions were asked.


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