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'Fighting For Every Last Delegate,' Sanders Requests Kentucky Primary Recanvass



This is excellent. Sanders has more cojones than Al Gore. Sanders will not give up and he should be fighting for every last vote to grow our power on The Left. We sent him some more money this morning. California polls say Clinton will win, but the same thing happened in Oregon and though he was behind in the poll, he won big time. Take heart and work hard, California progressives!


Bernie is finally getting tough. Right on, and speaking of election fraud :rage: take a look at this:

Getting ready to kick ass in California. FEEL THE BERN!


Bravo to the Sanders campaign for challenging electoral fraud! I believe there have been other examples of such that cost Bernie much and shifted the energy and results of the dem primary.
As at least one other CD poster noted yesterday the Colorado Dems finally admitted their "error" - the pattern of Dem establishment openly working for Clinton and sabotaging Sanders is clear in Colorado, Nevada, NY, and likely elsewhere where the difference between 'winning" and "losing" is slim.
The reality is the entrenched Dem corporate-whore Clinton/Obama/DLC wing of the Dem Party has, and is, serving big-money and power/influence at great expense to the American people - the 99% - to serve big-money.
It has been demonstrated they will do or say anything to continue to deliver for the 1% and screw the vast majority of people. THAT is the essence of what Bernie is fighting against and what WE must also fight against!
Bernie or Bust!

"Bernie Sanders won one more delegate in Colorado than first projected after the Colorado Democratic Party admitted this week that it misreported the March 1 caucus results from 10 precinct locations.

The party discovered the discrepancy a week after the caucus but did not correct the public record.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign discussed the error with state party officials last week, but the Sanders campaign apparently didn’t realize the issue until being informed Monday evening by The Denver Post."

The fact "Colorado Dems" (read: establishment DNC Clinton operatives/partisans) conspired with Clinton and left Sanders out of it tells the tale!