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Fighting for Food and the Global Struggle of Farmers


Fighting for Food and the Global Struggle of Farmers

Ben O’Hanlon

This 17 April is the 20th annual International Day of Peasants’ and Farmers’ Struggle. It is also a solemn reminder of the risks that millions of farmers face in their seemingly innocuous ambition to simply grow and sell food. Twenty years ago, on 17 April 1996, 19 farmers, members of the country’s Landless Workers’ Movement, were killed in the Brazilian state of Pará as they tried to occupy an unproductive ranch near Eldorado dos Carajás. Military police opened fire on the protestors, resulting in one of the worst massacres of modern Brazilian history.


If you read about war, if you read about food, if you read about global warming and climate change...if you read the news...it all comes down to the fact we are running out of water...without water there is no life...no trees, no food, no animals, no humans and the resulting 6th extinction...


"You are living in a global emergency. Do not think this will not affect you and your life profoundly and completely. It can ruin your economies. It can lead to mass starvation and death. It can lead to warfare, perpetual warfare, on a scale that has never been seen here before. It can create calamities so violent and continuous, as if nature were thrashing out against humanity, imperiled now by what it [humanity] has created—the world it has created, the change it has created, the destruction it has created—wrought upon other life and now upon itself." from the newmessage.com from the Revelation: The Global Emergency from the Sacred Text: The New World. -MVS.


The emergency was over 40 years ago. The changes we see now are due to the energy burned 40 years ago. We have 8 to 18 years left before we too become extinct. Try "nature bats last" with Dr.Guy MacPherson for current science and scientific information. I grew up from myths and religions decades ago. "This new world order, is not new, nor is it order", to paraphrase FDR, 1945. "Question everything and become your own light", The Lord Buddha.


Onedman:.... YES- Nature does bat last, yet Humanity can still play defense.... In Fact this is what we must do, we must play Defense and prepare to adapt to the horrific things related to climate that are to come. The Major Fossil Fuel Corps recognized the emergency 40 yrs ago..... We must ACT now....for our children's and grand-children's world will depend upon our actions now...... This is not about myths nor religion, this New Message is a message that Humanity must come together to respond to the great damage yet to come.... a New way forward.... a message that we must adapt to & prepare for a very different world, that we must stop wars and utilize our resources to prepare for the coming difficulties... a message that all of humanity has a common deep spirituality, called Knowledge, a knowing intelligence that must be awakened ....a message that the world's ecological support system must be restored if we are to have a habitable world for humanity.... There is still yet time to act and respond, although not much time...It is not a time to be ambivalent or in despair, yet a time to act....for this is not about a new world order, nor myths, this is about a call to action, to wake up and serve all of humanity in this great predicament. The Buddha that you mentioned was a Great Messenger of God bringing a message of inner awakening..... God has sent another Great Messenger in our time of great need for humanity needs a new way forward, or humanity's current path will destroy not only our ecological support system, but also the freedom and sovereignty of humanity.....newmessage.org.... As hurricane warnings bring an important message, we are now receiving another such message from a higher order.