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Fighting for Next Generation, Kids File Climate Suit Against US Government


Fighting for Next Generation, Kids File Climate Suit Against US Government

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Claiming that the continued development and burning of fossil fuels violates their constitutional rights, 21 young plaintiffs—ranging in age from 8 to 19—filed a landmark climate change lawsuit against the federal government on Wednesday.


Wonderful - may the litigation propagate, reproduce and be FRUITFUL !

In the mean time, the hyper explosive engine of fractional reserve “counterfeiters” of money considered as debt will, I hope, ALSO begin to be addressed as “a violation of the Fifth and Ninth Amendments, as well as the public trust doctrine”.


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How many years does it take before a child realizes the gravity of the global emergency adults have created? I imagine the bad news wouldn’t really hit home until the early teens - right at the age when you’re starting to imagine yourself as an adult, and what your mission in life should be. For previous generations, this stage of maturation has involved modeling yourself after adults whose way of life seems meaningful to you.

Young adults today are unmoored, faced with the challenge of building new values from scratch, as older adults are manifestly lost. It’s difficult to imagine the effect of this burden on young people today.


This strategy could be applied by people in many cases. But the corporate oligarchy is preempting this:


Pwr 2 the CLIMATE CHANGE peons!


This is why I have always felt that 14 year olds should be allowed to vote- At 14, the usual suspects, Politicians and so called “Leaders” will have A 4 year lead on destroying everything that is important to their lives-
I strongly felt this way when I was 13/14 years of age, facing the future draft age, to go and fight in Viet Nam, as I was deprived of any decision of voting for or against those idiots that bought into the lie of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution- Although My State Senator, Ernest Gruening, AK. and one Wayne Morse were the only two that voted against this fabricated lie of A reason to escalate and totally commit to that savage, bloody War…


Lord, talk about telling us what we want to hear. Yes, I agree with the premises of the lawsuit, but cheez, guys, can’t we recognize this for what it is?

Hail Mary,
Smoking grass,
If you’re not too stoned,
Save our ass.


I’m all about taking care of the environment and community awareness, but this is an article about aholes exploiting their kids to get their agenda accross.


“Hugh amount of data”? Are you really claiming that many children are not better off after a divorce as well? Sounds like you might be a fundamentalist who thinks divorce is a sin and should not be allowed…

…back on topic, this is great news.


Yea, right, Dr. Hansen is A real “ahole” with his concern for the welfare of this planet-
It’s way past time people got their priorities straight and attitudes like yours have no place for the long overdue change that is needed- Just sayin…


When my life had accumulated the specified amount of years to qualify for the draft they decided on A lottery-
The Anchorage Daily Times only printed the first 5 numbers on page one- As luck would have it, my birthdate of October 18th was the 5th number out of the box- Talk about A “bring down”…


You have nailed A lions share of the dirty little truth that never gets spoken of or even realized by the average American Citizen-
The other day, or last week was it, we learned of the EPA bumbling which resulted in the release of 3 million plus gallons of toxic gold mine sludge from years past, polluting our Rivers and Lakes-
You speak of “the Commons” and I am here to say that not one American has ever received one speck from all of the gold mined in this country- Government Agencies such as Minerals/Mining and BLM to name but 2 give our commons away to greedy hustlers and large Canadian firms for A penny on the dollar and the American Citizen gets absolutely Nothing from that commons that collectively belongs to them…But Our Tax dollar is always there to clean up the mess…


At last, an uprising of our nation’s fresh-faced youth with the unmitigated gall to expect that, having been born, they might naturally grow up, perhaps dare to breathe and endure, even grow old like all the generations before them. Having presumed themselves entitled to life, after all.

Overnight the winds blow from a different direction so that the “right to life” banner is relaunched and those religious zealots are put on the spot: Had they for all those decades by “life” just meant riches?


Recently President Obama signed an agreement with China concerning carbon reduction. The agreement stipulates that China can keep on their present course of building 1-2 COAL fired electric plants until the year 2030. In 2030 the Chineese will be required to CONSIDER capping carbon production.
How can this law suit help? The earth has only one atmosphere and allowing the building of another 1,500 coal fired power plants is the real problem. If
The U.S. Stopped all fossil fuel use that would be offset by twice the carbon emissions from China and we haven’t even mentioned the same problem is brewing in India and many other countries.
This law suit needs to be in international courts. It’s just like smacking a single mosquito in the rain forest and expecting malaria to disappear.


mmm, indeed


It is a shame we have to keep taking these legal actions. The solutions are out there, we just have to get the people to do the solutions. Ending the oxidation of carbon (fossil carbon and burning living biomass) is a good first step. Vegan is another one. Vegan is a proven technology. All the dietary research has been done. There are nomore questions. Vegan is great. Also, no research is needed to end animals under Human management. No research is required to end the burning of carbon and the destruction of the forests and grassland. No research is needed to end something. We just end it. I think many young people know this and are upset with adults.


I’ve written 23 amendments to democratize our national government, but not one on the public doctrine. Does anyone know of text for a constitutional amendment establishing the public trust doctrine for our national government?


stubones49, your idea is crucial for establishing more rights for young people, and improve the voter turnout and more. Good work on this has been done by a group called the National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) with this website: http://youthrights.org

Another good group to empower young people in America is http://youthonboard.org