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Fighting For the People Six Feet Under


Fighting For the People Six Feet Under

FYI, this is still happening: Chicago police have released video of their latest atrocity, wherein a swarm of panicked cops chased and wildly fired at a stolen vehicle before shooting in the back and killing its fleeing driver Paul O'Neal, who was 18, black and unarmed. Afterwards, the officers appeared to high-five each other. Officials say they likely committed a series of procedural "errors." O'Neal's family and many others say they carried out an execution.


Is it actually ok, and proper police procedure to shoot at a fleeing felon? If so, there's your problem, right there.


More repugnant and psychopathic behavior by American cops. They seem to have no humanity and appear to take joy in their "take down" of the so called bad guy. They, of course, see themselves as the "good guys." They are disgusting and they repulse with their profanity after they have done the profane act of taking a human life. They do things no real human being would think of. Like telling Eric Garner, "I don't give a f*ck if you can't breathe. " And we pay these creeps - a lot of them make really good money at taxpayer expense. By the way, it seems like the MSM has "deep sixed" this story I guess so as not to educate or inflame an already troubled public.

How much more of this do we have to witness before the political class do something to rein in their agents - the police?


He isn.t a felon because he wasn/t tried or convicted


Thats what it looks like when I type without my glasses


thanks! correction: "shoot at a alleged felon"


BTW I was a cop back in the 70's and we were told never pull out our weapon unless we saw one (a gun. Even if the person had a knife we could not use our guns. Back then we also carried billy clubs and were taught the chock hold. Back then I was the first female to patrol (because I told them I didn't know how to type! and there were no pants for female officers so we had to wear our skirt and jacket!


Something I have noticed in the film clips of several of these shootings by police.
* Person may be running away, though I've seen several where the person was just standing, or trying to surrender, but the thing that seems to be in common is, the guy is shot, lying on the ground bleeding out and the first cop sometimes kicks the subject in the head, but immediately puts the cuffs on him. He is given a cursory check and then ignored for the most part. Usually an ambulance is not called for quite a while and no attempt at treatment or resuscitation is ever made.
* I was a firefighter for twenty-five years and we worked our asses off to try to save anybody that was injured or wounded, wherever we were dispatched. These guys just seem to praise each others good shooting, then cut another notch in the grip.
* When you keep seeing these things over and over again at incidents all over the country, it can't just be an accident or carelessness.
* Years ago, a lot of cops carried a pistol just for the purpose of making sure that the body was armed and the cops were just defending themselves. I saw that happen on one of these clips. The cop that shot him cuffed him as he was bleeding out. Second cop on the scene walked up to look at the body. He bent over and dropped something on the ground next to the body. Then another walked up, bent over and said, "I've got his gun." Self defense, case closed.
* Frankly, I think the system is broken, both in anytown USA, or in the world at large where towns, villages, families, weddings and funerals are destroyed with missiles and automatic weapons fire, not to mention destroying hospitals and aid stations.
* I don't see any serious attempt to repair it, here or abroad, and the animals we are supposed to chose between to guide us for the next four years think it is all wonderful and heroic.
* Frankly, I'd like to give Jill Stein a chance.
* Jill Stein, 2016


Firemen & women run INTO danger, cops protect themselves from danger.


or from perceived danger


Lucky you were in in the '70's! Life was a lot simpler then. "Protect and serve" meant something then. The cops on the beat knew half the people in town and you could always stop and bat the breeze with one. Little kids knew if you were lost, or got in some kind of trouble, you looked for the policeman. He would help you, or take you home. (Sometimes you even got an ice cream cone!) :wink:
* Not anymore, I afraid.


Survivor: in this country you are PRESUMED INNOCENT until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Since you don't really know what this kid did or didn't do, blandly dismissing his life and constitutional rights because of a news story shows you to be part of the problem. And stealing cars is not punishable by death, did you but know.


Cops had a better image back then. I think they shot many fewer people. They didn't have the hyped up militarized police culture we have today with swat teams and all of their nonsense. The constitution was supposed to mean something. There were less prisons and prisoners. I think there were fewer cops and that was better. There were also not police bill of rights like in California where the public has no right to information about bad cops. Also, police back then were not paid as much and probably related more to those who didn;t have. Still I see videos from the Chicago democratic convention of 1968 and riots in Detroit and other places and I think what a bunch of thugs in blue. There have always been more than enough psychos in police work but it seems like things are much, much worse today.


Everything you say is painfully true. Unfortunately it is going to take a lot more than Jill Stein to solve these problems.


One would think I'd be used to legalized murdering of black people at the hands of police given my age and the regularity of the occurrences, but I get overwhelmed with tears each time it happens.

"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people." —Martin Luther King, Jr.


True, but it would be a start, and a good one, too. We certainly are not going to repair the wreckage of what was once a Constitutional Republic by choosing one of the two pieces of human garbage that the Powers that Be are foisting on us, to be their sock puppet for the next four to eight years.
* For one thing, a strong showing by Jill would force the Oligarchy to pay attention, to realize that We the People are waking up, and beginning to flex our muscles. Perhaps they will realize that "We are mad as Hell and we aren't going to take it anymore!"
* Perhaps We the People will realize that "We are mad as Hell" and we don't have to take it anymore!
* With that as a start, let's quit taking it and start taking charge, electing actual representatives of the people, not the Oligarchy; seeing that legislation is passed to limit or remove all of these bought and paid for perks that have been given the 0.001% at our expense; seeing legislation that ends our endless growth of the Wehrmacht and its ever widening wars; start working toward international peace, by talking and helping, not with bayonets and drones.
* We can do it, if we buckle down and try!
* Let's make a start by starting a landslide for Jill Stein, 2016