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Fighting Mosquitoes with GMO Mosquitoes


Fighting Mosquitoes with GMO Mosquitoes

Jo Miles

Genetic engineering isn’t just changing what’s in your food. A company called Oxitec has created a genetically engineered (GMO) mosquito, and they want to release millions of them into a community in the Florida Keys. The problem they’re trying to solve with these GMO bugs is real, but in this case, the cure might be as bad as the disease.


Blessings to Food and Water Watch for their consistent work against GMOs, which function essentially as the "privatization of nature," the "privatization of life itself."

We need a deep paradigm shift, which disempowers the raging industrial assault against nature, and institutes, not simply the precautionary principle - which is certainly a key reversal of the "right" to do whatever you want to the world until proven deadly - but goes beyond that to create a holistic ecological culture, which prioritizes ecological integrity, health, and function above ANYONE'S "right" to exploit, extract, and profit, or "own" dis-integrated parts of the natural world.


The ZIKA virus, as has been well-documented has NO history of creating the kind of birth defects that are now occurring in Brazil.

The Zika mosquito is what the problem is being blamed on. However, the larvae OF genetically modified mosquitoes were added to the water supplies in the areas were the brains of babies failed to properly form. And it was likely that exposure to either the water or the mosquito larvae (these being genetically "modified," which is a pretty benign word for genetic roulette) that caused this horror!

But hiding behind the presumption of innocence, bad science, and the media's complicity with whatever Big Corporations intend to do... the more likely cause of this travesty is being hidden, and as a result the same type of gen-tech may soon be unleashed to destroy the health of newborns in Florida.

When the public is lied to, when research is suppressed, and when so called "Modern developments" are touted for their safety when there's no track record from which to assert such a thing, it's easy for local buffoons and bureaucrats to latch onto the newest trend and give it a try.

Maybe this planet IS hell. From the goings on that are now normalized, that's a logical conclusion.

THIS is a must-see:


It's the principle of colonization only now, instead of colonizing regions and their human inhabitants, the new domain is that of the microbial world along with DNA, the building blocks of Life, itself.

According to Edgar Cayce, America's "Sleeping Prophet," the inhabitants of Atlantis (a very technologically advanced race) also mined the mysteries of human genetics. Then, as now, elites sought a means to suppress the collective consciousness while securing its bodily labors.

Cayce explained that using Genetic Engineering, the Atlanteans' goal was to create a subset of the human race DESIGNED for labor. They'd do the work but lack the intelligence to complain about it, or organize to end the exploitation.

In some of his final readings (of many thousands), Cayce warned that many Atlanteans would be reincarnating in America and bringing their genetic tech. knowledge along (this is soul level memory material) with them. He said this in the l950s.

Don't forget, Hitler and "the boys" were working assiduously on genetics, too. They used the women in camps to render some insanely painful experiments.

Many don't believe there ever was an Atlantis, although Plato referred to it, and the Bible's story of "The Great Flood" alludes to it, too. And many Americans don't believe in reincarnation although it's a staple of Buddhism and Hinduism.

The commoditization of nature IS a great evil. Immature men unleashed the hardly peaceful atom and mankind is struggling with the aftermath of that foolish decision. Ripping open the sacred books of nature's stored knowledge--DNA is as bad... or worse.


They say no significant impact which is to say there will be some impact but that they consider it minor. Based on company data of course. The author rightfully points out >>> The release cannot be undone.

She also points out the risk from unforeseen impacts like a new species worse than the ones there. GMO organisms are created by companies to narrow down the organism's response to nature in some way. No one designs a better evolved organism than nature. These mosquitos can't breed and will leave a hole where nature abhors a vacuum, it also abhors an empty ecological niche. Something belongs in that niche and nature will attempt to fill it if it is left vacant.

The worst thing about living in the anthropocene is ... Us! Seriously. We will end up creating a situation where too many and too much as well as too often that GMO organisms have corrupted nature that we will be forced to create more GMO beasties and chimeras just to combat the ones we've already released. Use GMO plants to survive climate change.

Eventually in the world that we have mucked up, we will have to do the same thing to human beings just to survive the GMO nature we have to live in. GMO people to order! Okay not yet by any means but the 21st century will see some strange biological stuff in the days ahead because we risked so much now with these releases of primitive GMO experimental organisms. We will start with eating GMO foods including animals, then combatting insects with GMO experimental releases, combating pathogens until eventually we start creating GMOs to combat previously released GMOs ...

...at that point we will talk about a better life if you were GMO,

Pandora's Box redux... Seems like there are a number of Pandora's Boxes that should never be opened huh? Biological warfare, uncontrollable releases of GMOs into nature, nuclear weapon use... The future is science fiction because the past will have been a horror story.

Good luck kiddies.


"The worst thing about living in the anthropocene is ... Us! Seriously. We will end up creating a situation where too many and too much as well as too often that GMO organisms have corrupted nature that we will be forced to create more GMO beasties and chimeras just to combat the ones we've already released. Use GMO plants to survive climate change."

"Wereflea" once again does WE. It's not for-profit gen-tech companies with owners whose egos are as big as kings who are responsible for the upcoming travesties and tragedies. No. Much better to blame it on... (you guessed it) "US." Since after all, WE ALL do ALL of these things. As if.

I hope if you're ever assigned jury duty the lawyers on both sides prove astute enough to remove you... from any consideration. After all, in your 'judgment," everyone IS guilty. Always. No exceptions. One size fits all. Biblical stuff... "all guilty sinners." Repent! Repent! Repent!


I am sorry if you are incapable of making the intellectual distinction between the rhetorical we and the literal we. This obsessive compulsion to harangue the rest of humanity because you want to wage a one person campaign to do away with the rhetorical we is simply and honestly just dumb. Plain dumb! But maybe there is something wrong with you upstairs in which case I feel sorry for you. So go off on your crusade to have only the literal we be used but it is slightly insane or a sign of a mental disability to not recognize that the rhetorical we is not the same as the literal we except in your mind.

And try to be more original though I think it is already too late for that isn't it? You are tending to be more and more imitative these days.


It's not that at all. What you term the "rhetorical" we is verbiage that asserts consensus where there is none. It's like the use of the MALE pronoun--he--that had been used exclusively to "also" indicate females for a long time.

Language frames are "rhetorical" for a reason.


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Thank you for providing this excellent link. It's quite high-tech, but it also explains what I SENSE to be true. Seldom do manmade incursions into Nature operate without dangerous side effects. Most scientists are LINEAR thinkers. They presume that the same "controls" that exist under laboratory circumstances will persist in the natural world. It's shades of Monsanto claiming that their bio-tech hazards (known as crops) will NOT be transposed through wind and water to organic farms. Of course, these items do travel and DO genetically mingle with the genuine foodstuffs.

There have been cases of mongooses released on Pacific islands to get rid of a certain pest population only to ruin the former balance built into the existing ecosystem.

I am convinced that AIDS was partially bio-engineered, and it's plausible that the recent Ebola outbreak was a test. And by that I mean, testing a potential biological weapon of warfare.

There is an absolute dearth of integrity in those calling the shots. They have handicapped regulatory agencies; profit IS their king and calling; they use both actual and character assassination to get rid of critics (particularly environmental activists and anyone so bold as to chronicle their deeds); and these people view nature as a THING to use, abuse, exploit, and discard.

I mentioned in another thread that Edgar Cayce spoke of the return of Atlanteans to America; and he cautioned that they would bring their knowledge of genetic engineering along. The fact that he articulated this warning in the early l950s is prescient. Since Bill Gates (a major proponent of vaccines and gen-tech... and in my view, ONE of those Atlanteans) was not yet born.

The counterpunch article is probably more convincing and compelling than anything found on "Info Wars." Both raise the issue that genetic engineering is behind this latest crime against humanity. After all, the gen tech engineers go home to their families; but it's the women who will be left to care for brain-damaged children for the duration of their lifetimes. Hundreds of them.

I think about that and add to it the TRIALS of all the children who are part of the refugee brigades (out of Syria and Yemen). To that I add the plight of the kids in Flint left to drink lead-laced water. Add in all the Central American kids who braved multiple dangers in boarding trains to America, the "promised land." Add in the children who are abducted.... estimates are that THOUSANDS of U.S children disappear every year.

My point is that just as Saturn-Cronus, the father figure of Olympus devoured his own children, and in some species (like the lion), the father is apt to do likewise... under uber-patriarchy, millions of children ARE at risk.


There may be another factor to the appearance/spread of Zika/microcephaly beside focus on mosquito transmission and the usual chemical spraying.

In some places poison chemical "cures" are not used or reduced -a program they have had success with small mosquito-eating fish placed in home water cisterns, etc. - the reduction of standing water however small is obviously critical.



No we ALL don't DO all these things, but we have a collective responsibility to see they aren't done ... Your posts are consistent in absolving "We", as a society of any responsibility for anything - agree with Thatcher, "There is no such thing as 'society' "?


The "update" refers to a "study" that found no evidence of the "piggybac" transposon in the viral samples studied - doesn't mean it is nowhere in the population at large - and the "jumping" nature of the transposon means that such a jump to the zika virus cannot be ruled out ....


Is Jo Miles a biologist? What papers has she reviewed? What peer-reviewed papers has she written. What are her qualifications to make her claims? Anybody can make an outrageous claim about something and being unable to disprove it is absolutely not evidence for the claim. Bertrand Russel claimed that there was a teapot in orbit between Earth and Venus and challenged someone to prove there isn't. Same with the claim that a tiny structural, non compositonal change in the the cells of something can make the thing harmful to eat. like the mysterious teapot, there is absolutely no imaginable way this could be the case. It is like saying eating the chicken, then the rice, then the peas on a plate is ok, but if you eat the rice first, the meal will be poisonous.

The GMO Mosquitoes are a replacement for chemical pesticides which we know are harmful. What do you want?


What bother me about stuff like these bogeymen among the US-left is that I used to think that the left - with heritage of intellectual giants of rationality from Marx to Russel to Chomsky - were less prone to such irrational ideas. Yet they have become at least as bad as the right wing - maybe worse, in latching onto the latest unfounded beliefs and conspiracy theories about stuff - typically revolving around simplistic views of the world where a technology get irrationally conflated with a bad capitalist corporation that might happen to use the technology - the technology itself then becoming the thing that is "bad".

Thet all need to spend some time on Rational Wiki: