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Fighting Off Foreign Payments Lawsuit, Trump Asserts 'Absolute Immunity'


Fighting Off Foreign Payments Lawsuit, Trump Asserts 'Absolute Immunity'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Claiming the president has "absolute immunity" from legal action both in his official capacity and as a private individual, lawyers representing Donald Trump on Tuesday called on a federal court to toss out a lawsuit accusing him of violating the Constitution's Emoluments Clause by accepting payments from foreign gover


Well, we’ve at least been gifted with the removal of his children and their businesses from the front rows. Please, please, simply resign.


To bad the court can’t hand out karmic dispensation, because you can see this gas bag coming from a mile away. What a disgusting person.


May I remind you, goaty, that Pisshead Pence would then be next. Problem being that he is a smarter asshole than the current asshole. IMO it will be best to wait it out 'til 2020.


Every tin-pot dictator has started with claiming executive privilege and ultimate power for themselves but denied to all others - trump is just more obnoxious and demanding in his malignant narcissist mental-case character. The lawsuit “has the potential to divert the president’s attention from his official duties” that’s got to be a joke right? You mean divert his attention from tweeting and watching every right-wing show on TV to get his “briefing” from?? The idiot/moron has a 500 word vocabulary for fucks sake and we are supposed to buy the BS his “attention may be diverted” as reason to quash the suit?! I call BS!

The trump regime of fools, liars, racists, thieves, destroyers, vulture capitalist parasites and evil charlatans must be held accountable for the damage they are doing to our republic or there is no justice whatsoever! If they are not, the laws have (obviously) been written to shield such crooks and liars by others of the same ilk, and the courts corrupted beyond all bounds to serve such wealth-dominated corruption…very much including the several right-wing shitheads at scotus who are complicit to the con and abuse of power with utter contempt for the Constitution and Bill of Rights…and don’t try to sell me that “originalist” shite!


“I was watching yet another Trump “campaign” a few days ago. I’ve always believed that Trump’s campaign rallies are very reminiscent of 1930s Germany. It inspired me to research what really constitutes Fascism, which led me to a definition of Fascism compiled by Dr. Lawrence Britt many years ago. He analysed analyzed Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Suharto and a number of South American regimes. From that analysis, he established the 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism, and guess what? They map directly to Trump’s policies, practices and political positions more than I ever imagined. The evidence is crystal clear and abundant.”


Here we go again. They think they’re kings and above all law. Bush tried to assert this too.

" Donald Trump called on a federal court to toss out a lawsuit accusing him of violating the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause by accepting payments from foreign governments "


“has the potential to divert the president’s attention from his official duties.”

The US won’t suffer a bit if drumpf doesn’t get to play an extra round of golf and has to pass up two days of watching Fox & Friends. If he can spend so much time doing those two things, any other “official duties” that he may perform are minimal.


True enough, but does Pence think he isn’t in the cross hairs of the Special Counsel?


That is our continuous job as citizens

If the new boy is an idiot (which we know is true), then we send him his walking papers as well.


The cluster ____ that is Trump and Associates includes Pence as well.

Pretty sure the Mueller file on him will require a personal step down rather than charges being brought.
Just to save face for the Hoosiers in the group.

Remember Agnew


Yeah except it’s up to the politicized Supreme Court, not us.


The depth of what, Trump lawyer William Consovoy and, the rest of the gangbangers on the legal team DON’T KNOW would fill a library.

Now add what they are lying about, and you start to get the idea.


He and his kids need to be investigated for taking funds and whatever personal business transactions they are conducting in the white house.


"Trump lawyer William Consovoy argued the Maryland-D.C. suit “has the potential to divert the president’s attention from his official duties.”
Meaning it could interfere with his twitter time.


Then along comes Ryan, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.


Are you that certain that the Earth will still exist by 2020? Donnie John is just itching to get us into another war and he doesn’t seem to care who with.


Before thinking about removing Trump for his mistakes, I’m much more concerned about all the crimes committed by the Democrats in the past 8 years before Trump, who have gotten away with so much. Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and so many FBI agents protecting Clinton for her private server! One of the crimes she committed included treason. So someone has to be in charge of the DOJ to make them do their jobs properly!


I disagree, he seems to be trying to prevent more wars, unlike what Clinton would have done! SHE is the war monger along with all the deep state! It is how they make so much money!


Agree–this was the real howler. How Trump’s attorney William Consovoy could say that with a straight face–wait, it’s his job to do that; never mind. Yeah, too bad this is cutting into his “Executive Time.”

But I wish there had been more around Consovoy’s next sentence: “The Supreme Court has concluded that the costs to the nation of allowing such suits to distract the president from his official duties outweigh any countervailing interests.”

What conclusion? When was this reached? If it was a recent decision, no surprise there–the right wing has been packing the courts for decades now. But apply the old flip test–would they have ruled that way for a Democrat?