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Fighting Resolution to Restrict Baby Formula Sales and Promote Breastfeeding, Trump Officials Threatened Funding Cuts


Fighting Resolution to Restrict Baby Formula Sales and Promote Breastfeeding, Trump Officials Threatened Funding Cuts

Julia Conley, staff writer

International delegates to the United Nation's World Health Assembly looked on at the group's recent meeting, as U.S. representatives appeared to put the interests of the $70 billion baby food industry ahead of those of parents and children—and pressured other countries to do the same.


Sounds like discrimination against women to me.


Capitalists believe women who breast feed are animals avoiding society’s gains from infant formula profits. They also work to convince people that bamboo is a weed that good and civilized people use straight factory milled lumber.

Trump is someone who never outgrew playing monopoly. His mind cannot think past a flat, square monopoly board.


Strong arm bullies with wars on science, women, children, the environment and so much more. It is sickening our planet and all life, the only thing allowed to live is the business machine. And so, people vote for the very machine that is killing them. Making the world great again with pokes in the eye with a sharp stick.


These are the very same Trumpers who want to force women, against their will, to gestate the fetuses of rape and incest, so those fetuses can tear their way out from between their legs.
Then, they want the baby formula and baby food industry to make billions of dollars off of women who would otherwise have chosen not to be mothers.
In this sickening action, you see the real reason that the world-controller elites oppose contraceptives and abortions: every child born, even in the worst circumstances, is a potential customer and wage slave.
Trump, Theocrat Pence, and all their allies must be purged from government.


Tells us all we need to know about ‘theocrat pence’ and the name he has given his WIFE!


He calls her “mother,” if I’m not mistaken. Is that what u are referring to?


Nestle’ alone is responsible for far too many infant deaths. https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/nestle-baby-milk-scandal-food-industry-standards


US capitalists, with puritanical leaning, also find a woman exposing her breast to feed her infant as shocking and immoral.


Trump feeds his followers a steady diet of baby formula. If it’s good enough for them, why not the entire developing world?


Elections have consequences, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of Trumpian regressive, knuckle headed dystopianism. Oh but Hillary would have been worse, she would have proposed shaking and baking the infants, don’t you know. Vote the GOP out in November and 2020. Not that the Ds are so great but the GOP is a far right wing libertarian fanatical cult. By all means, vote progressive where ever you can and in the primaries but in the general election, vote D. This is the system we are stuck with until we can overturn Citizens United and circumvent the Electoral College.



"A spokesperson for the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) told the Times that U.S. delegates objected to the resolution because it placed “unnecessary hurdles” in front of women who choose not to breastfeed, and “stigmatizes” formula-feeding—a claim physicians rejected on social media."

WHY shouldn’t formula-feeding be “stigmatized” as an inferior and dangerous way to try to
nourish newborns? In breast-feeding NATURAL immunities can be passed on from the Mother
to the child. This is the way to gain “Herd Immunity” as well for communities and nations.

What is Trump going to do next, have the FDA disclaim the superiority of natural vegetables over
canned foods because it may “stigmatize” canned foods?

MEANWHILE … if you know this please pass it on . . .

Americans HAD “Herd Immunity” when we were all exposed to childhood diseases and recovered from them. That guaranteed we would all have life-long natural immunity to the diseases, as well – not requiring fake “boosters” to fake vaccine immunity.



I am more convinced than ever that Orange Butt is determined to stomp on women, minorities, immigrants, Muslims, and those of us who NEVER wanted him to be president. As we said in the reign of GW Bush, HE’s NOT MY PRESIDENT and never will be. I really wish he’d drop dead.


If Trump wins re-election in 2020 I think we are lost to our downward spiral for many decades.
Register people to vote!


Nestle is also privatizing the world’s water supplies, with government collusion.


Egad! Bare breasted baby nursing right there in public? Shocking. That’s exactly what laboratory designer formula is meant for. What if a stranger baby saw it and put two and two together. Breast feeding in public could disturb other innocent babies who have no idea they are animals.


Par for the course for Trump (and Haley at UN) - economic interests far more important than people’s health and lives.


Your tirade is no different than Trump talking about his electoral win.

The election was a year and a half ago. Let’s try to bring people together to regain control of the congress, both chambers


I have avoided buying all Nestle products for the past 40+ years. Would that everyone else did the same.


I don’t even know where to begin. It should be obvious to the rest of the world that rump’s regime is not interested in family values. If you refuse to support breastfeeding, you are refusing to support families. The rumpeteer delegates have no idea how unreasonable it is for the majority of women in this world to formula feed their babies. If you don’t have access to a stable, plentiful and sanitary water source, you can’t formula feed. There’s a reason why the WHO recommends the world’s women breastfeed for at least 2 years. If you want to know that reason and can’t figure it out already, its because many babies will die otherwise. It should be assumed that women will breastfeed their babies and that formula is to be used only in the rare exceptions; that was the whole point of this assembly.