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Fighting to Bring the Drone Program Into the Light


Fighting to Bring the Drone Program Into the Light

Anna Diakun

Since its inception, the United States’ targeted killing program has been shrouded in secrecy. For years, the ACLU has sought basic facts about the way the program operates, as well as its legal and policy justifications, through multiple Freedom of Information Act lawsuits. Today, we’re back in front of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York for the third time in three years, again asking for records that will yield a more complete public picture of the government’s law and policy governing the program.


You mean "the most transparent administration in history" isn't ?


The continuing murders, terrorist acts against humanity, by imperialist amerika seem to go on with no end in sight. Yet, the empire is failing, so there is hope. Maybe it will implode from economic collapse or a combination of factors.
So, justice may yet be served on the mass murders; the long line from bush/cheney thru obomber, and their lackeys.


The "drone programme" of "targeted killing" is spelt as A_S_S_A_S_S_I_N_A_T_I_O_N.

The original assassins came from Persia in around the 1300s or so and carried out targeted killing in Europe and elsewhere.


Muchas gracias, Si, the challenge is to keep on, no matter what! And for the darkness brought on by the imperialist empire is a humongous challenge...big obstacle, Big Efforts, BIG CHANGE! Adelante...!