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Files in Lawsuit Against CIA Stolen in 'Disturbing' University Break-In



You don't suppose the CIA did it do you? Well let's just ask Kennedy , oh wait we can't cause the CIA killed him!


I'm certain that John Brennan is shocked to the core - shocked I tell you!!


Damn i'm out of the loop, i wish i had been aware CIA Director Brennan was speaking at UW Seattle last Friday (the same weekend the break-in took place). His talk should have been heavily protested.

"UW media relations and communications vice president Norm Arkans advised against "connecting those dots." But other clues point to the burglary not being a random crime, UWCHR's release states. The Times continues: "Only Godoy’s office was targeted in the break-in and there was no sign of a forced entry, according to the news release. It appeared that the office was carefully searched rather than ransacked and the door was relocked upon exit, “characteristics that do not fit the pattern of an opportunistic campus theft,” the release says." "

Norm Arkans has been at UW for decades, through at least 4 different UW Presidents, and is a skilled slippery schmoozer who is absolutely not to be trusted. i would be entirely unsurprised if Arkans' office were "in the loop" about this likely CIA violation of the UW's own Center for Human Rights.

And huge props to Dr. Angelina Godoy and the UWCHR for their brave work to expose CIA involvement in war crimes in El Salvador.


The fact that it wasn't made to look like an 'opportunistic campus theft' means it was meant as a warning/threat to those involved in "personal testimonies and pending investigations."

Considering that the theft occurred during the CIA Director's visit, you've got to wonder if part of the warning was directed at him.


John Brennan is another CIA thug who would not be there if JFK could have smashed the CIA into a "thousand pieces".
Can you just imagine the paranoia that went through the CIA when JFK made that statement! I think when JFK fired one of Brennan's thug predecessors, Allen Dulles, that was the last straw and the CIA said in so many words; we need to get him before he destroys us!


How about the attack on the Doctors Without Borders Hospital and 22 killed as they are fighting the TPP> Whoa! What next?


Coincidentally, I just heard an interview on KPFA with David Talbot re his book The Kennedy Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years.

Truman actually created that beast as an investigative tool, not to be the monster it became. No doubt in my mind that this was their work.

Brennan speaking at a law school? The ironies never cease.


Yeah one of the best books I have read on the assassination of JFK. And thugs like Brennan proves it still matters today, nothing has changed at the CIA only different thugs and treasonous criminals.


Agreed. But I'd think it unlikely that it was the CIA since they're not in good odor right now to begin with. Plus, since it's illegal for them to operate in the US, they'd only be opening themselves to an additional ration of shite, since everyone hates on them rather than fears them.

It's the two branches of the Gestapo (FBI & HS) that people fear because they have so many psychopaths in their ranks (e.g. those that set up the cold-blooded executions of Mark Clark and Fred Hampton, tried to get Martin to kill himself, probably paid for and/or brokered the killing of Malcolm, and Goddess knows what other atrocities)


Thank you for the reference to the book, "JFK and the Unspeakable........" by Douglass. I just finished reading it. Also get Robert Parry's triology on the Bush Dynasty for more on what America's government has become beginning with the Vietnam War and continuing up until this very moment; Democrats and Republicans all letting themselves be controlled by the out of control CIA, DOD, FBI, NSA and other covert organizations. The coup occurred with JFK's murder and it has been all down hill for our country ever since.


Another good book about the Kennedy assassination is "Family of Secrets" by Russell Baker, incriminating then CIA Director George HW Bush.


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The worst psychopaths of all reside within the ranks of the CIA . Even the redacted summary of the Senate report on (CIA) torture makes that exceedingly clear . There is good reason why one of the renderings of the CIA acronym is Cramming In the Ass .


"Unlikely to be the CIA since they're not in good odor right now" ?! Really ?They weren't in good odour when they brazenly hacked the Senate Investigative Committee's computers during their hearings on CIA torture and selectively deleted files . The then-director of the CIA perjured himself , too . There were zero repercussions . Everyone involved in those shenanigans should have been indicted for the treason that it was . The fact that they weren't speaks volumes about their absolute privilege , power and impunity .


Yep. It's a Nazi Juggernaut. What was the 22 killed in the TPP? I missed that one.


Yes, shortly after JFK's death Truman made the scathing remark to the News that Kennedy's assassination was not what he had intended for the CIA to be involved in[sic]
Allen Dulles immediately traveled to Truman's home in Missouri to persuade him to retract the statement- Dulles refused....


I think juju was connecting the 22 patient/caregiver deaths to the fact that Doctors Without Borders were protesting the TPP in that Medicines and Drugs would sky rocket (patent Law etc) and making the connection of this with the hospital attack as retribution from CIA- At least that is my take...


Just the usual "double standard" in this Country and Government- 2 sets of rules- One for rich and connected and one for the common man- Life wags on....


You know I've started Douglass' book a number of times but never got to the whole thing. Does Douglass actually cite involvement of 4th Reich?
Of course, I believe absolutely that Dulles, personally was involved, but working with LBJ. They could not have done any of it without LBJ in the White House.
LBJ was our first suspect that day and he's our last now as the "Mastermind" and psychopath who could recognize and attract those very much like himself. One of the last pictures that morning, I think -- or afternoon before -- is Dulles visiting LBJ's house in DC, which I think was right across the street or next door to Hoover's home.

Mae Brussel was the first to connect Nazis to the background of the coup --
Jack Ruby spoke about the ... "Nazis" being ultimately behind it.

Needless to say, this had to be dealt with immediately -- but impossible to do so.
The names/details were known, even that night in discussions by those at social events, but the power behind it was immense. The cover up has been decades long and I frankly think is still ongoing in many ways.

That's another reason why I think once the CIA gained control of the White House via GHW Bush that they weren't going to let it go.
I think there's very little now that isn't known -- especially with all of the info given to us by Madelaine Brown and Judyth Vary Baker -- but the left doesn't have the power to bring the information forward.

I'm sure you know that there was interference with the History Channel re the last in the series of "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" -- called "The Guilty Men."
Jimmy Carter alerted a number of folks -- Bill Moyers and Gerald Ford - Lady Bird was alerted -- and they had the airing of the series stopped -- and as I understood it actually confiscated the films. LATER, after some while, they turned up on YouTube.

Sometime when the History Channel was calling itself "The Network for the New Millennium" -- with a little emblem saying that in the corner of their programs at that time... They aired a program which didn't announce it was to be about the 1992 JFK Classified Records Act -- I think it was something like "Cold Files" ... not sure.
But as the program moved on, it was definitely discussing the John Tunheim Panel which I think consisted of three or four besides himself. It was a one hour program. It played a few times before I started recording it. About half way into the film, you were introduced to the other members of the panel and a review of how the panel came to be, etc. Then became clear that they had reached an unanimous decision. In the last quarter of the film, you see John Tunheim relating that they had unanimously concluded that ...
"Oswald was employed by the CIA working on high level assignments and probably also for the FBI."
This is kind of delivered first in the presence of all of them.
But In the last part of the film, Tunheim repeats that -- he doesn't say exactly what
documents they saw, but journalists had immediately asked for Oswald's work
records, IRS filings, W-2 forms and they were denied and presume that they had
access to them. In the last minutes of the film, Tunnheim is sitting down and he
repeats their conclusion ... " --- " Then TWICE while he is relating that conclusion
the TEXT appears below on the screen.
Unfortunately, my doorbell had rung and I missed recording that last part.
However, while that film disappeared, a month or so later a really ridiculous and disjointed film appeared which had obviously been made in a hurry as a cover up. After about three showings that disappeared, presumably as an embarrassment.
So far, the full copy of that film has not yet appeared on YouTube.
Google now owns YouTube and don't know what to think of that.
Sometime later, I came upon Fetzer's book about the Hoax of the Zapruder Film and realized that given the date he should have known about the conclusions of the Tunheim Panel but obviously didn't -- and I wrote to him, encouraging him to try to get the full film. Evidently that's never happened. I recently saw Tunheim on some TV program but he certainly wasn't repeating what he had revealed at that time. I also understand that Tunheim testified in secret to Congress on their conclusions -- presumably a small panel, not the full body. And that happened about the time that the Republicans were involved in trying to impeach Clinton re the Lewinsky affair. Quite a distraction that affair.
Some of the wildest coverage I've seen by media.