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Filling Gap Left By Trump, Nurses and Labor Leaders Join Puerto Rico Recovery Effort


Filling Gap Left By Trump, Nurses and Labor Leaders Join Puerto Rico Recovery Effort

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"We are united in lifting up our fellow Americans."


As Naomi Klein would say, prepare yourselves for “Shock Doctrine”, Puerto Rico. Wall Street is coming for your haciendas. My deepest regrets. If ours were a “government of the people, for the people, and by the people”, it would be dropping relief materiel faster than it rains down terror (by USA or proxy) on so many around the world. My thoughts are with you Puerto Rico.


And just why aren’t there air drops??? I wrote my Rep. on Congress and asked him this very question late Friday afternoon. There is dereliction of duty by the military all over this, where is the Commander and Chief???


I wonder how many Nazis white supremacist, KKK are on the bus? OK how many xenophobes misogynists, racist? Home in bed resting up and planning the next hate parade.


These people are the SOUL of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The LIGHT in the darkness we are currently invaded by. Thank you, people! You are amazing!!!


Here is a link to the Registered Nurse Disaster Response network Donations page for anyone who feels moved to make a donation - I can only afford to do about $5.00 - but if LOTS OF PEOPLE do that … we might just make a difference!


I’ll heartily second that!


In 1930s Germany, many people were nonplussed at how a bigoted monomaniacal clown like Hitler could assume power so quickly and begin his moves toward military power, war, hatred and conquest. Many people thought that “somebody” should remove him from power, so they waited. One of the big problems is that they paid no attention to the last name of that somebody which was “else.”
*We are beginning to see the same thing in this country today. We have a bigoted, narrowminded, greedy, grasping, caricature of a human being, autocratically running a large powerful nation for his own gratification. I think most of the thinking people in this country realize that this was a great mistake. We the People, I fear, are becoming just like those Germans. They want “somebody” to remove him, and it’s the same guy, Somebody Else.”
*This nation has become an oligarchy controlled by the billionaires and trillionaires of Wall Street, through their control of their purchased lackeys in the Senate, Congress, Exec. and the Courts.
*This nation is in crisis, not from threats from the world, but from our own ability to self-destruct through greed, bigotry and control. Apparently this nation has trillions of dollars to pour into the military, into waging wider wars, into giving their billionaire bosses huge tax cuts, but has no money to see that our people are fed and housed and have medical care. It has no money or ability to help people who are victims of natural disasters from hurricanes and typhoons to massive forest fires. People who are completely devastated without food, water, shelter, power or medical assistance, are expected to pull themselves up with their own bootstraps, with perhaps financial help at high interest from the oligarchy. When the Dotard in Chief hears that people have no food or water and are desperate, I’m sure his answer is similar to that of another leader many years ago, “Let them eat cake.”
*I think We the People are finally beginning to discover that Somebody Else” is us, because those in Congress and the Senate are certainly not going to make changes that will affect their income and their emoluments from the ruling oligarchy.
*Either we are to accept living in the increasingly controlling Fourth Reich, or we change it from the ground up, and the time is now, because we are running out of time. The Dotard in Chief is probably having wet dreams at the thought of destroying North Korea and invading Iran. Both of these courses will be an unmitigated disaster and, as a Nuclear Veteran, I have seen that disaster at first hand.
*Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the Puerto Ricans have been devastated by two hurricanes, their homes destroyed, they have no food, water or power, and the Dotard tells them it is their fault and we don’t have the money to help them.
*Time to wake up folks and do something right. “Somebody Else” is Us.


" Where is the Commander and Chief."

Well, Trump did throw some paper towels!


From the libertarian point of view, governments are too often incompetents and failures. People realizing the need, and standing up to serve that need and get things done are to be applauded. Hurrah! for the Cajun Navy.

Socialists partly agree with the notion. Although often their idea of people standing up and uniting is in a protest line, or an insurgency to seize the Dean’s (or President’s) offices and demand a change in government policy… a revolution.

… Taking a moment to comment on something else seen in the news. North American greens are making a big noise about installing ‘storm proof green energy’. Yeah right, hurricane-proof solar panels and wind mills…
They are failing to see the problem. Puerto Rico didn’t suffer a loss of power generating plants. Puerto Rico suffered the loss of power lines to distribute the power.


gawd, wish he’d throw in the towel


I’ll be there. GREAT LINK goat! Thanks. So the challenge is on folks. I did monthly because this recovery is going to go on forever and there are plenty of disasters in the future. I think you can do monthly for as low as $1.00/month. We have to come up with our own resources to organize.



Capitalist ideology has long tried to sell us the snake-oil story that government is unnecessary, that individuals & private charities/organizations can somehow do what needs to be done. The danger of this otherwise commendable story of unions trying to fill the gaping holes in assistance left by Trump’s racism & ideological madness is precisely that it implies that somehow the efforts of private groups can fill in for government. The sad fact is that they cannot, because the resources available to them cannot come close close to matching the resources available to government. To take just one example, the US aircraft carrier that has finally meandered its way to Puerto Rico is carrying helicopters that can drop supplies & personnel to specific localities unreachable any other way.


Yes, thanks for the link, I think anybody with a heart and a little cash should do this.


I doubt this is a dereliction of duty by the military. They are willing and able to handle this type of situation, but they need orders from above to proceed. The blame can be placed on the shoulders of Congress and the White House.


“Clearly fake news being spread here.”
“That’s the ENTIRE thrust of this web site: Individual citizens of the U.S. are too stupid, mean and greedy to take care of themselves much less help other less fortunate”

You need to expand on you’re post so we get some kind of clue how you came to this conclusion. I don’t get it. Why blame Common Dreams for our govt.'s failure? The story is not fake news. If you were ever to go through a major disaster, you might be enlightened. If you have been through one, than you didn’t get it.


Trump Administrators want everything submitted via internet–the majority are without power! Maybe they can substitute carrier pigeons? Unbelievable!


And the “Christian” fascists–they are probably hoping more people die in Puerto Rico and somehow it’s “God’s” punishment on PR for being predominantly non white, poor, and not “real” Americans because they speak Spanish.


Thanks for this. I donated ten bucks (low income senior) but I have emailed the web page to friends and family.


This is not about news of any kind but simple human decency. Period. The state under Trump–out golfing when not throwing paper towels and only visiting the more affluent part of PR is the problem. Why didn’t the state under Trump send help before the storm struck?