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Filmmaker Faces 45 Years in Prison for Reporting on Dakota Access Protests


Filmmaker Faces 45 Years in Prison for Reporting on Dakota Access Protests

Nika Knight, staff writer

Deia Schlosberg accepting an Emmy for the 2010 documentary series Gasland, which exposed the devastating impacts of the fracking industry on communities in the U.S. (Photo: Danny Moloshok/AP)



Any FOX “journalists” arrested?



If not turned aside by the courts as it very plainly should be, this will be a significant escalation of the war against truth, against our right to even see and know anything they do not want us to see and know, by the forces of capital, extraction, and colonizing “ownership” of everything, including not just “resources” but life, Earth, and humanity.

We need to recognize – in all its manifestations throughout society and the economy – the purposes and structures of the dominant political economy that has been developed to serve the interests of these forces. And we must imagine, and put our lives on the line to implement, a more holistic, ecological and humanistic political economy.

If we do not recognize that we are in a struggle to preserve the living Earth and human existence, then we will not recognize the need to put our lives on the line in this struggle. But we need to reject and refuse many of the goods, services, and social and economic relations that are offered to us or required of us.

Of course we need to reject and resist these absurd and outrageous assaults against reporting.

But these assaults are part of a much broader assault that we need to recognize and resist, with our very lives, as if our lives and world depended on it. They do.



The entire world will eventually unite against the US military empire.

Fascism is the european word for corporatism. History has proven that corporatist police states can always find sufficient people to put on uniforms and police those citizens who cannot be brainwashed.

The US has sufficient armed police to violently maintain order until the world unites to defeat it.

WW3 is the only way the corporate elite can redirect attention away from their piracy. Elites are owners of the nations and they are frightened of losing their freedom to poison Earth and humanity in order to save enough money to create an illusion of profits.

Global capitalism does not earn profit. It saves clean-up expenses and calls it profit. Corporations will choose the path followed by all military empires in human history and drive over the cliff of extinction.

Will distributed human intelligence be able to stop the totalitarian war duopoly serving corporatism?



let’s avoid personalizing this. the terrorism being directed at this one journalist is a result of a systemic pathology in an increasingly aggressive police state.
we have to expect more of this.
for those of us that are radicals, we probably need to come to grips with the realization that we’re definitely going to need to develop a “prison-busting” wing to spring people like this out.



Last time checked, the hand-in-glove cooperation between governments and corporations is a hallmark of fascism.



As someone who grew up in a mining state, I’ve seen these types of Fascist thugs before - like every time I return the cops are more invasive and even more in the pockets of the coal industry. North Dakota isn’t a state, it’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the oil industry (see John Oliver’s piece on it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYusNNldesc). Journalists (ACTUAL journalists that is - not the corporate mouthpieces with 7-figure salaries) have been hassled/arrested all over this country for doing their jobs - investigating Duke Energy pollution in NC, recording police actions in Baltimore, etc. When the police are in the pockets of the oligarchs, you know we’re in a third-world nation.



Does anyone know what the property and services she allegedly wanted to steal were?



No. Mussolini’s famous pseudo-quote (there is no evidence he said or wrote it) about Fascism being a “corporate state” is a mis-translation. It does not refer in any way to the business entities called “corporations” in the USA, or his non-quote would have been “Società Anonima (the equivalent of “Corporation” in Romance language-speaking countries) State”.

To understand what he was referring to, go here:



“The First Amendment and the Constitution are at stake in this case. If we lose it, we lose America too.”

Reality check: You never had it and they are willing to arrest you, jail you, and if necessary execute you on some lonely dark road in the middle of the night to prove it.
Remember Karen Silkwood? She tried to expose the lies and she died for it.



The charges and accompanying sentences show just how screwed up our system of law is. It certainly does not represent justice.



Thanks for the effort, i’ve made this point a dozen times or more in these threads.

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The cabal and their minions will do anything and everything necessary to keep the oil profits coming.

Including going down with the ship.



Storming of the Bastille?



Will Clinton or Trump step in to publicly defend these journalists? Of course not.



And our media are harping on human rights in China?! There at least people have some idea of what is allowed and what is not. Here we are constantly told, that we live in a “free” society.
My foot!



The Dakota protest must be making the fascists very, very nervous.
The occupation army known as the local police usually don’t overreact in this way when the spotlight is on them, as it is here, unless they have been instructed to do so by the Wizard.
The courts have clearly been given instructions to act in a draconian way to discourage others from doing what Schlosberg was doing.
What Native American’s began has now mushroomed into a struggle between good and evil. A battle between the “Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness” if you’d like.
The White Buffalo is nearing.






Keeping a journal (journalism) of events, whether by video, audio, pen and paper or memory to share with others is a harrassable and/or illegal offense? Is that not what the police do when they watch, track and document your activities in order to arrest you and then place it in the public record? Hmm.



welcome to the new world order