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Filmmaker Faces 45 Years in Prison for Reporting on Dakota Access Protests


Conspiracy? How many people have been drag-netted into incarceration by the EVIL-EMPIRE by conspiracy charges? Check out Wikipedia on conspiracy ( criminal) after all that is what Deia Schlosberg is charged with.


Oligarchy is rule by the few. Plutocracy is rule by the wealthy. Corporatocracy is rule by corporations. We have all three with a few wealthy people calling the shots on everything.


Oh you silly bean, they don’t sic storm troopers on their brown nosing cocktail pals except at champagne costume parties where roles are reversed.


Our Constitution is precious. Our Rights to free speech and to film blatant crimes (Felonies) like bulldozing an ancient Indian burial site is an inalienable right. I have a great deal of respect for Police Officers who risk their life for protecting the public from criminal acts. When they wear the badge and act as Paid GOONs for the Big Oil Interests they should be charged with the espionage act and have their fat asses locked up. They don’t Deserve respect when they abuse their power. Just Like Corrupt Hillary, LOCK EM UP


A taste, a meer nibble of pre-global trade ISDS governance. Think of how it will be “post”.


There is nothing “creeping” about fascism in this country. It is here, wielding policy sledge hammers as well as unconstitutional enforcement against all of us.


“Journalism is not a crime; it is a responsibility,” Fox said in a press statement about this pattern of arrests.

  • Not in the US Fourth Reich!
  • The Reich is getting very serious about eliminating dissent, and the truth. Both of these things get in the way of “Full Spectrum Dominance” of the world through military and financial means.
  • They are doing everything they can to remind us that we are no longer Citizens of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, we are just subjects of the Fourth Reich and will obey its dictates, or else!

If Fascism is the European word for corporatism; Then, I would submit that U.S. democracy is the American word for corporatism.


[quote=“ZimInSeattle, post:25, topic:31215, full:true”]
Oligarchy is rule by the few. Plutocracy is rule by the wealthy. Corporatocracy is rule by corporations. We have all three with a few wealthy people calling the shots on everything.[/quote]

You got that right! When the Constitution divided the government into three parts, with checks and balances to see that no branch got out of hand, they didn’t realize that someone would buy all three branches.

  • Several presidents later warned about this, but few paid attention to them.
  • Well, here we are!

You meant fascist journalists…didn’t you?


Probably not, but we’ve got to keep trying!


Bingo! Except the reason it is called: INVERTED TOTALITARIANISM is the economic, elite have managed to remain hidden and have been able, through the presstitutes and whorespondents in the MSM, to brainwashed the average American that they live in a democracy, when they really live in a military dictatorship that is their raison D’ etre and exists only to protect the vested interests of the economic, elite!

Deia Schlosberg is a microcosm of the oil garchy that wants to protect its egregious, vested, fossil fuel, interests at all costs by making an example of Deia Schlosberg


and just where the hell are our elected officials, especially the ones who so much care about our constitution, and most especially the 2nd amendment - the gun one. this nation gets more horrific by the hour! and oh yes our department of injustice? very quiet from all sides.


it’s become such an overused cliche at this point that almost everyone just throws it out as a catch all for every authoritarian phenomenon under the sun.

words may have meaning, but that apparently ends where message boards begin.

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basically, only 2 or 3 people need to flag you to send your post into limbo-land. And we have a few serial flaggers around here although one of the most notorious has been mysteriously MIA lately. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

Not much you can do about it. There are just people who don’t deal with disagreement well.


Yep. Something like that. Except for one thing.

We the people can use the bionet most often derided as gossip while corporations eat each other in a feeding frenzy.

Humans are cosmic powered biology traveling at life speed — Far faster than the speed of light.

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If the shoe fits…


Well said. Fossil fuels are obsolete. Bad for the oiliogarchy bottom line.

John ‘Zim’ Zimmermann
Zim’s Mobile Computer Services

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Examine closely what the distributed intelligence of 15 million Greeks did when the people said NO even when the pirates closed down their banks.

Each new idea has connections. Connections that become geometrically huge and far beyond individual perception very quickly.

Democracy is the efficient melding of millions of almost infinite intellects.


Are we awake yet?