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Filmmaker Facing 30 Years for Documenting Climate Action Stands Resolute, Determined


Filmmaker Facing 30 Years for Documenting Climate Action Stands Resolute, Determined

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A documentary filmmaker who could face more than 30 years in prison for merely capturing images of a climate activist taking part in a direct action has asserted her First Amendment rights, releasing on Friday a statement as well as raw footage taken the day of her arrest.


Trumped up charges all.
And the Bundy Boys go free.


Lindsey Grayzel Ken Ward, Deia Schlossberg & Carl Davis should be freed and the Bundy Boys should be given life imprisonment. The Bundy Boys must be from that unfit family on "Married With Children" or Ted Bundy's family.


What enforcement agency brought charges, which is left out of this article? In any case, Gestapo techniques have been revived but with magnified intensity. If there is nothing to hide, then there should be no call for police, FBI or legal action. So much for promises of "transparency" yet corporations thrive on industrial espionage and operate clandestine operations with impunity and total disregard of any local or state laws nationwide.


I guess I am too old to understand modern protests. I spent almost an hour watching a film which seemed basically pointless. Cameraman films man driving to scene, putting on a vest and checking and rechecking something with a wire on it..
* Cameraman follows subject to a fence, which the subject passes through and cameraman stays outside and tripods his camera to film action. Subject cuts chain off small valve, stands around for a while, then walks to another valve, which he opens and chains open. Then he stands and walks around for about twenty minutes trying to stay warm and waiting to be discovered.
* Finally, some cops show up and one drives up to the fence where he is standing. They chat for a minute, then he and the cop stroll back, cop outside the fence and subject inside. Cameraman moves his camera to keep subject in sight. Film ends.
* The subject did nothing but perhaps alert the police that their security sucked. The cameraman filmed all of this from outside the security fence.
* So, for a rather boring morning, the subject, an Eco Protester, I guess, faces what? The cameraman faces thirty years? For what?
* I guess if they'd come in guns blazing, throwing Molotov cocktails and screaming obscenities, they'd have been released.
* Heil to the Fourth Reich, I guess.


You're absolutely right! If We the People would get off our dead donkeys and really protest en masse we could accomplish miracles.
* Suppose a hundred or hundred and fifty million people just decided "I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" They decide to not go to work. They do not drive the trains, buses and airplanes. They don't show up at the shops and restaurants, neither as employees nor customers. Hundreds of thousands just stroll out on freeways and sit down to rest, or go to the docks and sit to picnic. Ships are tied up, no stevedores.
* Even Bush's concentration camps can't hold that many people. The Oilagarchy starts to see the bottom line dropping. Tens of thousands of citizens attend the Congress and Senate. They insist that the government listen to the people. As fast as the bailiffs remove people, more come in. The Capitol building and the White House are surrounded, hundreds or thousands deep.
* The sheer weight of the protesters would fill the cesspools of government and drown the bottom feeders that dwell there.
* Corporate bloodsuckers would be driven out of their boardroom lairs by angry stockholders.
* I think We the People could return this country from the Fourth Reich to the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America with very little violence if we would just band together against a common evil for a little while.


If they could show they invited any other members of the press to observe this action, they might have a case for press freedom. At any rate, there's no presumption that maximum, consecutive sentences would be entered on all charges, even if they were convictable.

And I remain more interested in what's going on at Standing Rock, even though these actions were in support of that. To her credit, Amy Goodman has not joined the chorus of those who prefer to draw the attention to themselves.


When are you leaving?


The filmmaker is NOT "facing 30 years" he has not even gone to trial yet.


A Romanian friend of mine who was there at the time described the atmosphere when the government of Nicolae Ceaușescu fell. I do not remember the details clearly, but very near the end some people had been killed in crowd control. It was far from the first time. Up to this point the people had recognized the control of the government, but after this time the mood was "enough!, no more! We will not comply even if you shoot us" After this the threat of bullets and arrest were not enough. Curfews and orders were ignored and the people flooded the streets. The feeling spread like wildfire and the people went into the streets to face down the guns and the government quickly fell.

Part 2 is setting up a stable replacement government so that the revolt is not soon betrayed with the government replaced by another greedy oligarchy. If anyone has links and references to discussions of how this can be done please post.


The forces of oligarchy need to make a case against a representative of "the people" in order to promote fear, timidity, and apathy. Seems the have the dual purpose of taking one our own out and chilling the constitutional right of a free press in one swell swoop.


I'm no lawyer but doesn't the charges in an arrest implicitly hold the potential punishment of prison time or actions a state can pursue under the statutes on the books. Being charged then would hold the potential punishment if meted out in full force?


That's even the harder part in some ways, no? The US revolution brought about a better system than monarchy, but of course was lacking in many important ways, so I guess that is an example. The counter revolution has the advantage of holding key power centers, so no one should think there is a magic path through the dark, uncharted waters. But having a map seems helpful, even if flawed.


they should sue the prosecutors for abuse of process. even should they lose, it would be a giant step forward with the worldwide publicity.


Exactly. And the likelihood of that happening? Zero, for the filmmaker, at least. Again, I'm more interested in the activists, who knew and accepted what they were risking and brought along the filmmakers to provide evidence to the police.


Exactly. Once again, the John Prine song about "wishing for bad luck and knocking on wood" comes to mind. Saying the guy "faces 30 years" instead of "facing charged that have a potential sentence from x to y", is an admission of defeat before the trial even starts! If the left had the same passively-helpless attitude toward Mumia Abu Jamal, he would have been long ago executed - but thankfully he is still alive and still fighting.


The filmmaker may have captured images of the police colluding with a private crook to break the law. She may also have captured images of the police committing crimes.


Hey, that's why they invented video recording, et al. No need to miss favorite media output while we save ourselves from ourselves. Si, se puedes!
PS: Remember your Keflar, riot gear, & anything else bullet- & chem-proof. A martial arts class should be on the list as well, Tom Crum's tutorial only!
(Really! I'm in.)


We live in a plutocracy where voting counts for little, and only the rich and their minions have rights. And given that those in charge are somehow able to be "deniers" regarding global warming, they have been ensuring that our planet will become increasingly unlivable--and our species will join the numerous other species now going extinct. When a society becomes as inegalitarian as ours has become, it will develop problems--and, now, will not only bring about its own destruction, but the extinction of our species. And there's nothing that we can do to prevent this!


I appreciate your support, but this is exactly not what they're doing. Saying "Facing 30 Years" is using a scenario the writer knows to be false to inflame passions. And again I say, inflaming passions for the wrong party in this action and prosecution. The filmmaker will never see jail. The activist is the one who needs our passionate support.