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Filmmaker Laura Poitras Sues US Over 'Kafkaesque' Harassment


Filmmaker Laura Poitras Sues US Over 'Kafkaesque' Harassment

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Award-winning journalist and filmmaker Laura Poitras on Monday filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and U.S. intelligence agencies for subjecting her to what she called "Kafkaesque" harassment at airports throughout the U.S. and the world on dozens of occasions.


The reality that is ignored!Or, justified by a lot people by the idea, " that she must be doing something wrong".


Bravo! Our democracy does not just lie down without even a whimper and takes the blow. Bold Laura Poitras says we have laws that work both ways in a democracy.

She says a government does not have the right to anything it wants but must account for what it does. How free can people be if the government can put you on a list. Who in the government decides and for what reasons was this done?

But they won't tell you why, nor what for nor offer you any means of defense to remove your name. They (who?) just do it and tough luck for you because you can't do anything about it. Even petty theft is permissible against you as well as other harassments.

Well Laura has stood her ground for all of us and said we are a free people and the government just can't do that to anyone and never have to account for their actions.

The government is made of people and people in a free society do not have the arbitrary right to punitively mark someone on a 'list' that removes their rights even temporarily without having to show legal cause nor even show any justification for having done so. People do this to us and these people need to be held responsible for taking away another person's rights. Moreover a well publicized system of redress and correction to remove names from the list which are there without valid justification and so forth needs to be put in place.

It is about time that someone stood up and said "You can't just do that to me. It matters what a government does to a free citizen!"

Bravo Laura

... from all of us.


This "politics" is not just in America. The "five eyes," which include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.K are very much "on the same page." And surveillance, in general, has been beefed up across much of the world as a direct result of the "War on Terror," a gigantic heist and ruse if ever there was one... since evidence more than suggests that this "war" is responsible for causing the very thing (the spread of terrorism) that it purports to correct.

Seems that you and Were-Flea are making a Libertarian anti-govt. case... but as usual, leave out the troubling FACT that corporations like weevils have so deeply eaten their way into government functions and agencies as to turn government into an auxiliary FOR corporate overlords, i.e. the 1% to fully utilize.

The castigations against govt. never speak about the other monster in the room: corporate oligarchs. As if taking down the body that arguably would check-balance the power of the 1% is a wise thing... or would work as any form of remedy.

Would you prefer govt. by Archer Daniel Midlands, Monsanto, B.P, and Raytheon?

If you argue it's already there, that's more valid. Why this fascistic interchange is in place is due to big $ deregulating everything from the military (where "private contractors" now read OUR mail and listen in on OUR calls), to banking, to media, to education, etc. And when anything is run like a business, the manager-controllers have all the say. The rest are forced to "just follow orders." AND that is what's been imposed although now, the levels of anger and betrayal are sufficient to cause many defections and likely boomerangs to this oppressive system.


Lordy, lordy, make this the crack that starts the flood.


Ridiculous analogy... but then, you don't believe in the Holocaust numbers and appear a bit too empathetic with "poor Hitler's" plight and reputation.

IF homeland security was doing a full Stasi... Ms. Poitras would have been retained into perpetuity.

What is true is that many of the former Nazi tactics were embedded into NSA and CIA operations from the moment all those Nazi upper echelon scientists, engineers, and soldiers were invited into the U.S. covertly under Project Paperclip.

No surprise then that their way of doing things became, over time (when the conditions were ALL in place thanks to a long line of Conservative judges, the dominant position of the MIC, ideologues funding think tanks, control of media, and fully functioning bribe system--a/k/a lobbyists established in Washington, D.C.) the new norm focusing on:

  1. Major use of a scapegoat. This time it's another Semitic people--the Arabs/Muslims/Islamists/Islamic terrorists, et al
  2. Major use of spying & surveillance
  3. Major targeting of "dangerous" to the state--whistle blowers and inconvenient truth tellers
  4. Major border guard system, inclusive of massive walls and/or fences
  5. Major MOOD of fear, trauma-based mind control, added to the constantly repeated THREAT of terrorism
  6. Major narrative inversions designed to turn actual trespassers and lawbreakers into "the good guys/white hats" and those opposing them (including persons defending their own nations against imperialistic conquests) reciprocally defined as bad guys/black hats
  7. Major use of a comprehensive mass media through which endless streams of propaganda (also known as: lies told often) can be repeated
  8. Adding a Crusades cover as mindset to link the mass murder of others (designated as "enemy") as some form of holy mission
  9. Major use of fiscal contractions... useful for raising anger levels which then help to fuel internecine conflicts (or violence, in general)
  10. Major celebration of the soldier, "hero of war," or uniformed macho man (Hollywood sexes this image up continuously)
  11. Morphing Hollywood into the military machine is a NEW plus... but it also has its roots in Nazi Germany's filmmaking roots
  12. Public humiliation of any individuals who DARE to question what's being done on the basis of alleged "National Security" even when so-called security decimates civil liberties of all sorts
  13. Use of a major false flag--Reichstag--as basis for ushering in The Control State

When there are this many "similarities" to the German Nazi model, it's hardly a coincidence.


"Seems that you and Were-Flea are making a Libertarian anti-govt. case... but as usual, leave out the troubling FACT that corporations like weevils have so deeply eaten their way into government functions and agencies as to turn government into an auxiliary FOR corporate overlords, i.e. the 1% to fully utilize. The castigations against govt. never speak about the other monster in the room: corporate oligarchs. As if taking down the body that arguably would check-balance the power of the 1% is a wise thing... or would work as any form of remedy. Would you prefer govt. by Archer Daniel Midlands, Monsanto, B.P, and Raytheon?"

As always, SR argues by PUTTING WORDS IN THE MOUTH of the people she attacks, and then pummeling her caricature.


This is the point in my opinion. Government is not working because the corporations who own it are making it work for them. The only thing standing in the way of a complete corporate take over is what little is left of the governments in the five countries you've named. Don't know about New Zealand but all the rest of the countries are headed by conservative PM's and one president. Oh yeah, Obomber is owned by the Kochs and others in the 1%.


If all they have to protect them is a mythical great father in the sky then we're all screwed. By evoking "god" you are relieving yourself of responsibility and putting it off on the deity. We all have to take responsibility for what our government is doing and stand up to it. I'm not talking about just voting. which is pretty much a waste of time. Refuse to accept their authority, refuse to be classified as an "American", don't salute the colored rag that they run up the flag pole, don't be a patriot. Be a human being that moves beyond nationalism.


SR - You talk so much and yet for all the hyperbolic adjectives and usually rambling diatribes that veer far off subject... you end up saying very little though I imagine you think you are saying less than you could...lol

First off you couldn't simply state your criticism but had to insult people with your unfounded characterizations and snide insinuations just under the surface of your words. As per your previous accusation, let me reiterate that I am not a tag team person... (how utterly bizarre your thinking can be at times) nor do I espouse libertarian (semi-republican) views. You act like if someone ever criticizes anything you wrote that they are then criticizing the 'mother of the revolution' and the 'fountain of liberal thought itself! Let me tell you sister, you are really full of yourself and have been that way for years.

I remember you from way back when CD first started up and you still try to be first to comment simply for vanity's sake whether you have something interesting to say or not. My fav is when you quote something in an article and say that it bears repeating but say nothing else - no other comment - just that you are giving it the Sioux Rose seal of approval. How full of yourself that truly is and it is at root simply because you like to see yourself dominating the comment rolls.

But leave me out of it or have the integrity to address any criticisms that you may have of me to me directly.

Lastly look at this piece you've just written. It is a diatribe about corporate collusion with the government which at best is deserving of some comment but the point of the article it is not about airport checkers who do not decide who is on the list. The point of this article was about the government's right to create such a list, the imposition of the list which removes certain rights for citizens and others and most importantly the article is about the court case to fight the legality of the list. That is the issue... not corporate collusion in general and bag checkers.

Wereflea aka former frequent commenter on CD - BugsBBunny III


Thanks @webwalk... I took exception at her gratuitous nonsense this time too. What gives with her?


The other reality ignored is that THIS is why 'if you have nothing to hide, why should you object' is pure balderdash. Why? It is the vice grip of illegitimate power that is now seen in local police forces, municipal fine and detention structures, civil asset forfeiture, student loans - the system is rife with the disease.

Arguably the institutionalization of an insidiously false rationale that skips public participation in decision making processes to create a feedback loop where these abuses are combined, intensified and continually redoubled.

Woof! Are my hackles showing?


Better that your hackles are showing and not anything else (best left unmentioned) !!!

The young'uns don't really know what it was like to live in a free country like we once did. Somewhere along the line oldsters (like me and maybe you too) looked around and said "What the F happened? When did we start being afraid to be a free country?"

IMO it was Bush-Cheney who were the deepest wound in our freedom. To them the "Constitution is just a piece of paper" as G W Bush once said.

We were proud of not being a surveillance state, that the rule of law not privilege held sway and that rising tides lifted all boats not off shoring tax accounts and out sourcing jobs at the expense of our own countrymen and prosperity.

But mostly we perceived ourselves to actually being free. You knew that you had a right to a trial, to hear the evidence and face your accusers. We knew that you had right to a free press and free speech and all the rest.

We knew we were a free country... but I don't think that people really feel that way anymore about our country. It is very noticeable... we no longer expect that we are free. This 'list' can you imagine such a thing kept secret but used openly at airports when we were young? Not a chance.

Maybe we need some old style hackles up ... the way our country is going because if nothing else, we still remember how it used to be.

and yes dear young'uns America wasn't perfect but we made it better and now it is going backwards ...so get real



Our experiences have probably been somewhat different. The idea that '... But mostly we perceived ourselves to actually be free", was experienced by me fairly early on as being a leash that would be Yanked. And I soon discovered that a lot of people around the world don't like Yanks - pun intended.

The people I have known and respected have loved as much as they have worked and never traded their integrity born of direct experiences for promises or someone else's opinion for gain; stretched and reached out beyond the communities of 'peers' because they knew that the price of self referential affirmations could end up being fatally narrow.

But aside from that, I agree its important to speak to and of one's experiences and what they mean. For me it can be both a tough row to hoe to reach the lessons as well as a recounting of truly memorable experiences.
I find myself thinking about the connection between out-sourcing of jobs and slavery in its various forms. The tax havens only went off-shore when domestic agencies became aware of shelters under the radar here. I tend to think of the 'good old days', if you can call them that, as being a tiny window in order to develop a buffer class (the middle class) between 'labor' and hegemonic powers - the scale of which most people utterly fail to grasp. A lot of people saw the shenanigans and realized it was only a matter of time on any given situation. The hegemons grew with the parasitic patterns and technological tools. Maintaining the thread of wisdom requires all of us supporting all who are excluded and cast aside by this increasingly narrow system. Knowing non-parasitic skills and jujitsu/martial arts is no longer a comic book framing.

I guess remembering to fully shake off the tension from raising the ol' hackles is also a valuable skill - get the juices flowing again....


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Good for her! I hope she sues the fvk out of them and I hope she wins big. Though I'm sure they'll put her through further hell and drag this on forever.


And we thought Nixon's enemies list was tyrannical...


Everyone who supports Laura and what she's doing should immediately make a donation to EFF. We all don't have the option of putting ourselves in the firing line like she's doing, but we can certainly support it!


"She also writes for The Intercept"

LOL ! That's Glenn Greenwald's pay off from the NSA for telling one of the biggest lies in history. Snowden.