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'Final Death Blow' to CETA as Delegates Hold Firm Against Pro-Corporate Deal


'Final Death Blow' to CETA as Delegates Hold Firm Against Pro-Corporate Deal

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Dealing what campaigners say is the final "death blow" to the pro-corporate Canada-European Union trade deal, negotiations collapsed on Friday after representatives from the Belgian region of Wallonia refused to agree to a deal that continues ignore democracy in favor of multi-national corporations.


Thanks for a good article. I suggest a new civil protest group CDM, Corporation Deconstruction Matters.


Canada sucks.
Belgium rules.


One trade deal down, at least 3 more to go.


A publicly traded corporation is not a person.

It is a predatory, externalization institution beholden, by law, to its investors.

Both Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt spoke out strongly, in unambiguous terms, about the moneyed interests.

Today this means capitalism as practiced everywhere on the planet.

How is this travesty to be rectified?

Rights for the environment is one avenue which might help, but the legal status of publicly traded corporations must also be re-written, or the very idea thrown into the trash bin of failed experiments.


Yay! Let’s make sure the final nail is driven in though before a full on celebration.

I remember Freeland as a favorite liberal economist on MSNBC a few years ago. Sorry to see that she is negotiating bad “trade” deals on behalf of Canada.


Wow, what a novel idea. Listen to the people that elected you to represent them. Wouldn’t that be great?
This is such good news, now if we can kill the TPP we’re in business. Maybe they will get the picture that we aren’t going to shut up while corporations take over the world. We won’t go quietly that’s for sure.


This is a great win, my thanks to the people and leaders of Wallonia. But the war is not over, the corporations and bankers will find a slightly different plan of attack and the war between the corporations and the people will flare up again and again.


Wallonia government - - there is little that can be done to cure "RECTO-CRANIAL INVERSION’. Ranks right up there with the male of the species understanding the female. never heard and tractors were set on fire, or livestock released on streets though.

One would also really wonder what the form of business organization (corporate) has to do with the price of rice - - - I guess even love COULD be used in a negative context if we would just get busy worsdsmithing - -

You have so many GOOD causes. Pity you anti-corporates get your silky knickers in a knot over stuff that affects family farms in Canada in a big way, Man. And wow - - many have even sought corporate status - - for good reasons – and then have to endure your weasel word “Factory farms”.


Watching CETA beaten back is emboldening Obama and his Congressional rubber stamps to pass TPP between November 9 and December 31 so President Clinton can anoint it as once gain meeting the gold standard during her first hundred days.


Hopefully on the flipside the rejection of CETA will bolster the moral of TPP resisters.


No, really…Wallonia rules!!!


There are very few opportunities to be a proud Francophone Belgian: this is it.


Congressman Heck in state of WA just came out against TPP, says he will never vote for it. Excellent news in state dominated by Boeing exports, high tech, and commodity export ag. Testament to the hard work done by organizers and activists, and the power of the truth, and the honesty of Heck. Keep up the fight!


Nice! I live in WA so that is definitely going to be someone I want to stay in office.


Why can’t we just all get along and agree every capitalist country sucks?


Yes. I guess it is a site bug.


Just for you Canada bashers out there. There are many Canadians including me who did not support this deal one bit. Since Trudeau was elected he has back tracked on almost very promise he made. Sound familiar? He and his supposedly intelligent and soft politics people are actually idiots. They have no idea that western civilization is gradually collapsing along with the biosphere. So they continue to try and globalize trade, get rid of cash and a myriad of other incompetent and destructive things and then call people who actually care about the Earth, local communities etc barbarians. This is just the beginning. Corporations and the politicians that support them will not give up until they turn us in to serfs and commodify and devour every last piece of this Earth. Belgium rules!!




“This collapse of attempts to reach a deal on CETA shows governments should listen to people instead of trying to push these deals through against the wishes of the people they’re elected to represent.”
President Obama, Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton – this is what a real elected official looks and sounds like while you 3 musky steers just sound like the loudmouthed mo-Rons you are! Please just go away quietly, and let the peons get on with building a true democracy!