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'Final Death Blow' to CETA as Delegates Hold Firm Against Pro-Corporate Deal


Thank Phucking god!

Now we gotta get our couch potatoes blocking the roads to TPP when Clinton revives it next year (which she will, since she was paid as Secretary of State to con 12 countries into signing it.)


You win the award for obsolete frontier gibberish!

These fine people just stopped globalization-racketeering and just saved their country’s constitutions from usurping by cruel monopolies, and all you can do is fall for the Fortune-500 seedy promise of (un)free trade.

You think Monsanto won’t show up on your doorstep and blow your house down like they did to every small farmer in India? Free Trade and Capitalism, according to Adam Smith, in a mercantile environment requires competition, not price-fixing.


Aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself? We still have the lame duck season to worry about.


Yes you are correct.

What’s going on with that? I live on an island with one tree on it and intermittent internet.


I assume that Obama is going to try to to pass it though during this session with bipartisan help. As with protests concerning it you can find more details about it here.



But I reeeeaaallllly like “recto-cranial inversion”, and I suspect your reversed it just long enough to (Maybe) understand the affliction.

As mentioned before, you (not you personally) certainly excel at fine slogans, and for some reason, you have targeted Monsanto as your favorite swear word.


A happy frontiersman.


Pres of Wallonia: “Hey, calling all Wallonians!!! Let’s all form a circle. Lets all look inward. Those Canadians are just opportunists who want to show us up. OOOOOh! very bad Canadians!”

Pres of Belgium: “Sorry about those Walloons, Canada”.

Canada: “ I guess we just have to wait until EU get’s its lower colon waste products in a densely packed pile. We remain unapologetic for being productive”


One pm Dutch time today (Saturday 22.10), there’s another demonstration against TTIP on the Museum Square in Amsterdam, one of many across the Netherlands and all over Europe. Let’s see if the newspapers report it - they didn’t bother for the last two demos this year. No wonder people still look at me and ask, “TTIP? What’s that?”


Who ever thought that ordinary Canadians would owe the Walloons so much?
Hopefully those under the delusion that Trudeau was going to be anything other than a neoliberal are now disabused of this fantasy. It’s good that Harper’s gone, but in some ways, they’ve gone from the frying pan into the fire. Trudeau’s rule has “Bill Clinton” stamped all over it.


QUOTE: “Canada’s trade minister may be ‘very, very sad’, but there are millions of people in Europe who will be very, very happy,” said Mark Dearn, senior trade campaigner with the UK-based War on Want. UNQUOTE

I have news for Mark Dearn: There are millions of people in Canada as well as in the US, who also will rejoice at the collapse of such deals, which are toxic to people and democracies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Meanwhile I want to add my kudos to Wallonia, for standing up to corporatocracy. History will thank that nation for averting disaster.


True, but let us not forget that is was just one single, tiny nation, which stood up to the huge tsunami of international corporations. The rest of the EU as well as Canada were following the dictates of the multinationals like a bunch of sheep.
That tells me, that we are still a long way from winning, until we make fundamental changes in the way we are governed on both sides of the Atlantic.


Speaking of which, Mr Dutere’s comments lately are raising a storm in the USA and it makes for speculation as to his position vis a vis the TPP. What’s your take on his comments in Beijing?


Most Canadians do not want CETA or TPP or any international trade deal which has ISDS in it. That is not what we voted for in the recent federal election. I do not understand how PM Justin Trudeau or International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland can be backing such an agreement now. Freeland may have walked out of talks with the Wallonia delegation but if she is for an ISDS-containing agreement such as this, I suggest that she keep on walking, right out of the Canadian government. Why doesn’t everyone get the idea that the people of the world (including Europe, Canada, the US, and most of the third world) do not like or want the ISDS mechanism, which does permit companies to sue governments over perceived loss of profits due to regulations or other laws. That isn’t something that Wallonia invented. People may be in favour of free trade across open borders, but they want their elected governments to decide some things that are important to them - not private corporate-leaning arbitration panels. God bless the Wallonia delegation, and I thank you - and I suspect so do most Canadians.


It would be nice to flip one or both of Washington’s Boeing-beholden senators.


This is a bit premature since these deals never go away and those who want them keep going through back doors to get their way. Secrecy is best and that is how these deals are sealed. Obama is pushing for the TPP hard before he leaves office but if he fails HRC will push it through (along with the XL pipeline and more fracking not to forget more wars as she fully embraces corporate cannibalism and vampirism here and abroad). There are at least 3 other massive trade deals in the works (all in secret) so this one is not going away.


There was an excellent point made in another article by Dean Baker that the overall effect of these “free trade” treaties is protectionism. They claim that they are lowering tariff barriers but fail to mention that those barriers have already been lowered to the point that they don’t matter. What they also fail to mention is that their primary purpose is to increase the patent and copyright protections for the benefit of major corporations. These protections far beyond what they need to be in order to serve their purpose have the effect of raising the price of drugs, DVDs, and everything else that can be copyrighted or patented. It has the same effect on the consumer that having high tariffs has.