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'Final Line of Accountability Lies With You': 40+ Progressive Groups Urge House Democrats to Impeach Barr

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/21/final-line-accountability-lies-you-40-progressive-groups-urge-house-democrats


It really is pathetic that every decent person that enters the administration gets fired, and the worst gets to stay.
Folks, it really doesn’t get much worse than this.


The immediate impeachment of Barr would require an opposing political party with better overall representation and widespread support of the masses.


For Barr, traditional tar and feathering followed by being put on a rail and taken and dumped into a ditch at the edge of town is what really should happen.

He’d probably fair better from those 2nd degree burns than he deserves.

Today I’m with Frantz Fanon - putting violence back on these perpetrators of violence WOULD be good for the national psyche. Hoping I get back in touch with Gandhi tomorrow…


It could. Don’t forget the deal is for Pelosi to remain speaker first two years of Biden’s presidency. She’s there to maintain establishment control and to insure that progressive voices go unheard. The light at the end of the tunnel is that establishment Democrats are beginning to show the effects of their ages and that they are political anachronisms with no following among young and progressive-minded party members. Don’t take your eyes off the ball: Nancy Pelosi is an elitist phony whose agenda has never included benefiting mainstream citizens.


I certainly agree with your assessment of Pelosi’s merit and commitments.

With whom has “the deal” for two more years as Speaker been cut?

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The whole republican party is in bed with trump and trump policy.
No chance for any administration impeachment with the present senate.
The dems are too timid to take on this administration once again.
We know democratic party rule wouldn’t be any worse, but would it fix things, and/or make them better.
We won’t know unless we give them the opportunity.

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I think that your last two sentences / paragraphs are at the heart of the matter.

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The Democrats have the tools in their toolbox, but none of them has a clue as to how to use them. Democratic Party leadership is pathetic.


Be guided by history. With complete control of the government the first two years of the Obama presidency establishment democrats did nothing. Also never forget Pelosi is dead set against universal health care. Pelosi never goes after trump because he represents the best bet the elitists have for retaining their privileged status. They’re all in it together.


Excellent question. Only answer can be amongst the establishment democrats who control the membership via their leadership positions. They are sufficiently entrenched not only to set the opposition agenda but, for now, to muzzle any dissenting voices. If memory serves me there was an effort within the caucus several years back to replace her as leader that went nowhere. The message was clear: either play ball or spend your tenure in the political wilderness.

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i love these headlines where some marginalized progressive faction with no political power “urges” or “calls for” mainstream democrats to do something that would amount to authentic resistance. anyone still employing the “first get him elected and then pressure him” strategy does not understand the way politics work


Why bother with the smaller stuff? Obviously, Barr is as egregious an example as all the others in this administration. But if the goal is to forstall the Supreme Court vote, and if that is to be justified on the basis of doing impeachment proceedings, why not go for the guy most responsible for everything - Donald Trump himself. I believe that a second impeachment of the President would have even more validity and less deviousness than a first time impeachment of someone else in the administration. By virtue of there being more new and legitimate charges on top of those (that were actually included) in the first impeachment of the President, the President is more genuine target and less just a political ploy. There is no reason to believe that impeachment of Barr has any more chance of conviction than that of Trump; in fact, I believe it would have even less probability. But Senate conviction is besides the point; the accounting of history and the voice of the House and the Democrats is what matters most.


It would be nearly impossible for anything other than another four years of Tweetle-Dumb and McConnell and P’Loser and Barr to be worse than the current four years of Tweetle-Dumb and McConnell and P’Loser and (two of) Barr, but to answer your apparent question I’ll go out on a limb and assert that four years of Biden (and/or Harris) and (presumably) Schumer and (at least two of) P’Loser and (Schiff or Porter (or Canova?)) wouldn’t do any more harm than O’Bummer and P’Loser did when they let all of the Banksters & War Criminals off the hook in 2009.  Amerika will probably not get much-needed Medicare-for-All, but hopefully we will not (yet) lose Social Security and Medicare-as-it-is, while the Fat Cats continue to get Fatter & Fatter & Fatter . . .

The DNC and the Fat Cat big-money donors who own them.  (The intersection of the set of Fat Cats who own the 'Poop-Lickens and the set of Fat Cats who own the DimWit-Rats amounts to around 80 to 90 percent of each.)

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The trump administration is a conspiracy to fraud. Every sleaze that was brought in for personnel gain should be indicted under the RICO provision. This has been a conspiracy to defraud the tax payers of the United States.
I’m no lawyer, but It seems like the logical move.

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An awful lot of doom and gloom ts ready, willing, and able to consume us is what I’m hearing.
No hope at all?

Hope?  Yes, for the short term (a decade at most), IF we get through the eleven weeks or so between November 3rd, 2020 (when Tweetle-Dumb is voted out) and January 20, 2021 (when he is officially no longer “our” presidunce). The YUGE increases in voter turnout already evident gives me hope that a sufficient number of our fellow D’Uhmurikans have finally woken up to how serious our present situation is, with not only an immediate worldwide health crisis, but many worldwide economic and environmental problems “coming home to roost” as it were.  The root cause of all of these surface problems is, IMHO, the GROSS Overpopulation of humans worldwide, made even more difficult by the un­willingness of our “leaders” to even talk about it, so we’ll continue to deal with fringe ‘solutions’ like reducing our con­sumption and its resultant pollution by 10% each, which will be overwhelmed by the projected 40-50% increase in our numbers.  I’m not worried about me too much – IF my dogs and I are still here on 01/21/21 there’s a fair chance we’ll still be here on 01/21/22, maybe even on 01/21/25 – but I’m sorta glad we probably won’t be here on 01/21/32 . . .

While what you say is true,

it is also true of every administration in the white house since at least 1980.

Trump is an unfiltered version of what the republicans and democrats support when in office.

Your focus on Trump is what the democrats need you to have, just as the republicans needed their

willfully blind devotees to feel that way about Obama and Clinton.

The democrats and the republicans take turns expressing indignation and outrage -

“all the way to the bank.”

Also, in regard to another of your comments,

“Hope” is a waste of time. Obama knew it and that is why he promoted that gimmick on his way to the



Oh it certainly could get worse given another four years of Trump!

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Impeachment will not be necessary once Biden wins this race. Barr will be gone instantly, then let us hope he is brought before the Bar Association and “disBarred”