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Final Presidential Debate Showed That the 2016 Election Is a Low Point for American Democracy


Final Presidential Debate Showed That the 2016 Election Is a Low Point for American Democracy

Sonali Kolhatkar

“If we could run our country the way I’ve run my company, we would have a country that you will be so proud of,” said GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday night during the third and final debate before the Nov. 8 election. “You would even be proud of it,” he added to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.


Thanks for a closer look at the scene of the final POTUS debate, seeing how most media avoids covering the parts of events that might reveal the existence of third party candidates, thereby lending credence to accusations of rigging.

"Good luck to the American people" may be somewhat shortsighted when you consider the global damage that we KNOW a Clinton Administration WILL do, and the global damage we FEAR a Trump Administration will do.


For things that have happened within my lifetime, the end of American Democracy started on November 22nd, 1963.


The most democratic period in US history was indeed from 1933 when the New Deal started until the Raygun revolution and Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation during the early 1980s. Democracy undoing took a leap after November 22. 1963. accelerated during the seventies until it was moving at full throttle by the mid eighties.


If there is anything I learned in my 22 years of life is that never assume that it has reached the low point. It can always get worse.


Notice Cobb didn't mention communists in his list of third parties that made significant contributions to just causes.

For all the contradictions (as if the other parties were somehow free of them), communists put their bodies and lives on the line alongside others, and deserve to be recognized for it, don't you think?


"...the 2016 Election Is a Low Point for American Democracy"
Proper democracy is long gone, and regrettably 2016 is not THE low point, - it is merely a waypoint on the inexorable decline of the US into the abyss of corporate quasi fascism.
History has recorded many such fatal declines - none end well.

In effect there is no choice on offer in 2016 - both major party candidates are corporate stooges supported by surreal 'infotainment' media - truth, facts and reality are deemed irrelevant, valueless distractions - blackballed by corporate media from discussion.

That the people obliviously both accede to and accept this situation is testament to the power of propaganda.
Bernays created the seed, Goebbels trialed it, transnational corporations perfected it.


All true, now, for maybe 2 decades democracy in imperialist amerika is a sick joke; its dead!
Now is it is time for the People's Revolucion! A non-violent rising, a banding together, to overthrown the fascist ruling elite! The Power will come from the millions who join! Vote Green, for Peace and saving Mother Earth, Jill Stein!!!


Sadly, for all young people coming of age now and for the foreseeable future, this low point will be the new normal. And, not one mentions public financing of national and state elections. Nor, the crippling of democratic institutions by gerrymandering and overt state racism and other thoroughly disgusting mainstream policies and practices. And, FYI- when Sen. Sanders was campaigning in the Nevada primary one of his standard talking points was cutting DoD budgets by $80 Billion a year. ( I like Tony McPeak's remark better, " if we can't defend this country on $350 Billion a year, it is time to get some new generals ". ) BTW- In Portland,Or. this year we are trying to reinstitute a public financing scheme ( model ), of sorts. In all things progressive, however, strong headswinds by the PTB are always present.