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Final Presidential Debate: With No Mention of Climate, Just More of the Same


Final Presidential Debate: With No Mention of Climate, Just More of the Same

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Climate change is too big of a threat to the oil/garchy to be mentioned!


Climate change and its root cause, the burning of fossil fuels is an important issue.
Term-limits is another issue that requires Hillary's support.
If we actually want billionaire, millionaire and corporate money out of politics term-limits might do the trick.
Further if we want to correct the life-long tenure that gerrymandering gives to politicians in both the House and the Senate then term-limits could also help solve that problem.
If every House seat became an open seat at least every 6 years because of term limits, then we might have a real chance of making genuine change to our political system.
The same holds true for a term limit of 12 years for Senators.


I have not watched a minute of these "debates," nor will I watch any of these two candidates until the election, since they rarely result in any new information.. If I want to get factual information, I go to the internet, since "news" on the corporate media, including print, rarely addresses real issues of the majority of people. If not for the weather report, I wonder how many people would even turn on their television during the local "news" broadcast.
I already have cast an absentee ballot for Stein and some progressive down ballot Democrats and minor party candidates. My hope now, as for many of us on this site, is that the Greens can garner 5%.


Jill Stein will be livestreaming the debate, from which she has been excluded, and commenting and answering questions, here: http://www.jill2016.com/ Jill Stein is the only candidate now running who recognizes, as did Bernie Sanders, that stopping climate change should be our first priority.

There will be intelligent debate coverage and commentary on The Young Turks free online program, too, at https://tytnetwork.com/2016/10/19/tyt-coverage-third-presidential-debate/ .

And, as jalp5dai pointed out, DemocracyNow! will be providing debate livestreaming and coverage, too. http://www.democracynow.org/live/democracy_now_special_final_presidential_debate


Why ask a question about climate change? Trump has claimed it is a hoax started by the Chinese so he has nothing meaningful to say on the subject. And Clinton has a website with her policy to fight climate change spelled out in some detail.


I haven't seen any mention on Common Dreams of Washington State's carbon tax initiative, I-732. The DailyKos has an article about some of the controversy around I-732, but I've been volunteering for it. It would be America's first carbon tax.


In the latest IBD-TIPP poll released today Jill Stein is on an upward trend with 5.5%, that is fantastic, that's what we need. Johnson is in a downward spiral with 7.6%, Trump winning by 1%


"Watching through our fingers, watching through our fingers" -- Bastille, "Good Grief!"

Fox News isn't about to discuss climate change for the rest of this century, so perhaps we should be watching these debates through an entirely different lens that the rock group Bastille has suggested.

"Every minute of every hour, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you more/ Every stumble and each misfire, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you more."

"So! What do you little maniacs want to do first?"

"Call me a fool! Put me in my place, put me in my place!"


The internet makes it very easy to discredit Hillary Clinton's public-policy rhetoric. She cashed in on helping destroy the climate, and today, she wants to cash in promoting her concern about climate change? Baloney.

Here are respected news outlets; their descriptions of her actions and words speak louder than her website rhetoric.

Mother Jones:
How Hillary Clinton's State Department Sold Fracking to the World

USA Today: Exxon-Mobil and Clinton Foundation:
Companies used Clinton fundraisers to lobby State Department

The Intercept:
Hillary Clinton Touted Her Record of Spreading Fracking in Secret, Paid Speeches

And then, of course, you can always read through the ever-growing and enlightening WikiLeaks Podesta Emails.


Clearly there is something wrong with Hillary's health.
Hillary should be well rested and looking very fit tonight after having spent the last five day's in seclusion off the campaign trail in order to recuperate. She spends most nights at home in New York and always takes the weekends off.
Being the president is a physically demanding job and with all the down-time that Hillary seems to require perhaps she's not up to the task?


The more things change, the more they stay the same. It was only meant for the ruling class to have political representation -- not the plebs. Only white male landowners could vote.

And in actuality, as far as political representation is concerned, this is still true today. True, more than white male landowners vote today -- but just because the ability to vote has been expanded to include those who are not white, property-owning males doesn't mean that political representation itself has expanded.

The fact of the matter is we plebs don't count, and never have. Go ahead, vote all you want, but the only interests being represented by any of these elected officials are those of the ruling class. Oh, sure, they may toss a bone on social issues here and there, but only enough to keep the plebs from getting TOO unruly.

Just because voting rights have expanded gradually over time doesn't mean that political representation has expanded likewise. Remember that.

It is in this sense that voting in the US is a fraud.


But they tell us and teach us that we live in a democracy.
Have they been lying to us?
And if so, what else have they been lying about?
This is all terribly upsetting.


Term limits favor The Old Confederacy Bloc. It would never pass at the Federal level. So, progressive coalitions would have to regroup formally every decade while the same old white reactionaries would vote in unison, forever. Most Southern white psuedo-religious hypocrites will never change. Thery're infected with phobias and pathologies it will take centuries to cure. Jeff Sessions, Richard Shelby, Ted Cruz, et al: they're an embarrassment to this country and their constituents love them. This is a bogus Republican idea with " false flag operation " and Koch Bros. written all over it. Public Financing is the proper treatment for Southern racist disease.


Though I agree Climate deserves center stage at this so-called "debate," I'm glad it was a key question NYT readers wanted asked of the candidates. Clinton sounded more like Sanders but her response on the issue was better than usual.


Hello Jaded - do you think tonight's moderator Chris Mathew will ask the two candidates about the climate?

"... this so-called 'debate'"

I hope our fellow readers consider your choice of words. I, for one, agree.


True. Expanding the House of Representatives member #s to represent, say 400,000 per citizen population, would be very helpful in getting 3rd Party candidates into the corridors of power, more minorities in the mix, etc.


You're a crook.
No you're a crook.
You're crooked Hillary.
You are a crooked businessman.
You lied about me.
You lied about me lying about you.
You stole money from the poor.
You locked the poor in prison.
You're disgusting.
You're more disgusting.
Let me respond to that...


Every Monty Python fan knows that the sky fairy (very perceptive of you!) will use his bare foot.


If this debate isn't a giant media farce it'll do until another one comes along. I'm thinking that will be in mid-January when the Clintonistas slither, like reptiles, back into their former digs. The Clintonistas have no plan to fix the ills of this country because it's not in their interest to. " the money is not in the cure, it's in the disease ". Chris Rock