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Final Readers' Survey: 50% for Hillary Clinton, 36% for Jill Stein, 7% to Write-In Bernie


Final Readers' Survey: 50% for Hillary Clinton, 36% for Jill Stein, 7% to Write-In Bernie

Common Dreams staff

Hillary Clinton has grown her lead over Jill Stein in the most recent survey of Common Dreams' US readers who are likely to vote in Tuesday's election.


Progressive votes for Hillary due to the fear of Trump may be understandable, but a progressive vote for Hillary in solid blue states is truly a wasted vote as she will win those states by significant margins. In contrast, every vote for Stein helps Green get to 5% nationwide, which means federal dollars and ballot access, thus the means to build an alternative to the two party stranglehold that has brought us to this horrible situation.
Every progressive voter or former supporter of Bernie planning to vote for Hillary should seriously consider voting Green, at the very least in blue states where Hillary doesn't need the votes. A vote for Green will demonstrate that progressive voters in large numbers are prepared to withhold their support for candidates whose policies they oppose, and are not to be taken for granted by Democratic Party elites.


I agree with your advice. I will be voting for Stein and the Greens as I live in one of those deep blue states. However, I would most likely vote for HRC if I lived in any of the following states characterized as toss-up or leaning states by RealClearPolitics (http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/2016_elections_electoral_college_map.html): Virginia, Wisconsin, Oregon, Connecticut, Maine, Minnesota, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Iowa, and South Carolina. That's 19 states where progressives will seriously need to consider voting for HRC to ensure that Trump does not win. Am I missing any states?

I would vote for HRC in these states with the understanding that she, the DLC, and the media basically stole the primaries from Bernie Sanders and his supporters which is one of the main reasons why I have a very difficult time voting for her, period.


"Readers say: overturn Citizens' United; enact single-payer healthcare and end subsidies to fossil fuel companies."

None of which Killery has any intention of doing. #NeverHillary #JillStein2016


One key finding is that the part of the CD readership that responds to their online surveys are a really old group. If that's representative of the readership as a whole - then they really need more young people on this site. On the positive side - it's nice to see a bunch of people who are already on Medicare still say that Medicare for all is a top priority.


My only question is:
How did Lrx manage to vote so many times?


I would vote for Jill Stein in any and every state. I didn't take the survey.


Yeah, the age of the Commondreams readership is incredible - probably an average of about 75 years - and twice as many poeple over 80 than under 40! The mean US life expectancy is almost lower than the Commondreams readership! What is it that has been communicated about this site that has led almost everyone under 50 to avoid it?

Commondreams really needs to seriously look at this - it is a problem.


Maybe you need you need get outside and talk to some of the minority of ordinary USAns who are not voting for Trump....


No, but don't you think that fighting for those things will be far, far harder under Trump? Under Trump, we on the left will be freaking out in joy if we can just to preserve a few elements of the Obama status quo - like say, keeping the US in the Paris Climate Treaty. Under Clinton, we wont have to worry about that, and can fight for much tougher measures that go beyond the status quo.

Get it?


Furthermore, you are confusing electoral politics with savoir-selection. We will need to organize and fight for all the things on the list. No politician will ever give us these things like a messiah from on high . But don't you think that the fight might be far more difficult under Trump administration where we will be fighting to merely preserve the status quo?


Yikes! So a majority of those under 40 on this site can be explained by the staff at the nursing home just playing along.


Note that a vote for Hillary in the solidly "red" states is wasted too - the serious left in ALL those "hopeless for Hillary" fly-over states should be voting for Stein too - although she is not on the ballot in some of them.

And, why is the US the only country in the world where "red"- the color or anger and revolutionary ardor - associated with the reactionary right? Think about it.


I'm not sure about anyone else but this Stein voter didn't bother to vote in this poll since I'd already voted for Stein in the actual real election. Please adjust results accordingly. :slight_smile:


I noticed that too - folks gave priority to these issues but so many are voting for someone who doesn't give a hot damn about them - what a disconnect - so what else is new and we wonder why we are so screwed up ....


Really old? hey watch it, whippersnapper ...


Didn't even vote once.


Looks like Jill Stein support is solid. She didn't lose support -- just 0.3%. Clinton picked up undecideds, votes that before were for Bernie, and votes that were for Johnson. There's your difference.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


I think a Hillary presidency would be marvelous!

Just think of it! Impeachment proceedings begin the minute she's sworn in. One congressional committee after another demands she, her campaign staff and Clinton Foundation officials testify to all manner of malfeasance. Subpoenas for everyone! At last all the Clintons' dirty laundry paraded in the press, day after day after day.

Sure, the Ship of State will remain at anchor while all this spectacle unfolds. Better that than allowing either Hillary or Trump to govern.

btw .. anyone who honestly believes she has any intention being held to any so-called "commitment" she made during the campaign .. or that there's a snowflake's chance in hell she can be "pushed" to do the right thing .. I present Mr. Obama's presidency as food for thought.