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'Finally': After Months of Delay, House Democrats Sue for Trump Tax Returns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/02/finally-after-months-delay-house-democrats-sue-trump-tax-returns

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Tell me Ms Pelosi, How Many More Need to Die

That is the effect we are talking about here isn’t it.

Personal esoteric mumbo-jumbo interpretations of the Law instead of
Acting According the the Rule of Law.

While You Delay, Who is the Next Victim?


Given the supreme arrogance and utter contempt for the law from the trump regime and its braying lackeys, coupled with their belief they are above the law, I wouldn’t be surprised if the returns (and other docs on various other criminal investigations and crimes) “accidentally” disappeared ala Rose Mary Woods.of the 18 1/2 minute disappearance infamy.


And why hasn’t the Dem in charge of the the Ways and Means Committee (I think that’s the one) accepted New York’s offer to hand over Trump’s NY state taxes? Why are the Dems slow walking everything?

Let me ask this question: Do you think the corporations who send large donations to Pelosi, like Big Pharma and the Healthcare Industry, want to see Trump go down and be replaced with, possibly, a much more progressive Dem Pres? When did Pelosi ever go against her main benefactors? Pelosi is obviously pro big corporations and she is going to stall and generally refuse to act as long as she can.


Is Merrick Garland going to hear the case lol

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Gee, you’d think that one thing a super-duper self-professed “winner” like The Orange Pustule would be glad to do is release his tax returns. After all, that would be proof that he really is a multi-billionaire. Of course, since Donald J. Trump is a bloated, egomaniacal asshole and a pathological liar the reason is all too obvious. This pathetic, corrupt, shameless fraud will do everything to keep the truth about his numerous failures and criminal associations that made up his loathsome career. No matter how many times he calls himself a “stable genius” the facts prove otherwise. He and his operatives will also pervert this coming “election” in any way possible because if this POS loses he will have to return to New York and face a criminal investigation by the SDNY.
Trump has always regarded himself as above the law and has run his government much like a criminal enterprise. This coming militaristic 4th of July parade also shows how much he regards himself as similar to thugs like Putin and Kim Jung Un. Trump disgraces us before the whole world.

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“# Finally’: After Months of Delay,’…This is what pisses me off… Why a Delay? Time the Dem Losers upheld the Law. I want Munchkin in jail.


A Supreme ripoff of Communist Counties’ Show of power. Do we get marching Soldiers too? And people are scared of Bernie being a Socialist, yet many will cheer when they see these machines of War on display to show our Military Might.

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Why indeed Hawk?

There’s only one answer.


And while we’re at it, where is the impeachment inquiry? Long overdue.

The dems give the appearance of enablers. At this rate we will have a new POTUS before the House committee dems get off the dime.

By the way, did Russia fall off the map? I guess it’s all about sensationalist journalism. And on to the next scandal.

This is how it starts G.

First, you get perturbed with the Dems inaction.

Then, more perturbance with more inaction.

Then, …you take action.

In time…

There’s something I don’t get. The NY legislature passed a law allowing Congress to get Trump’s state returns, which includes the Fed returns. That was two months ago. But Cuomo hasn’t signed it yet?
Aren’t governors supposed to either sign or veto legislation that comes to their desks? How can he go two months without doing either?