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'Finally!': Court Orders EPA to Stop Stalling Potential Ban on Pesticide Tied to Brain Damage in Kids

'Finally!': Court Orders EPA to Stop Stalling Potential Ban on Pesticide Tied to Brain Damage in Kids

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a ruling welcomed by public health advocates, a federal court on Friday ordered the Trump administration to stop stalling a potential ban on a pesticide linked to brain damage in children, giving regulators until mid-July to make a final decision.

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Has the EPA been invaded by aliens from another galaxy? What kind of people would allow kids to be poisoned—and not care? IF the 9th circuit tells these awful people that they MUST IMMEDIATELY respect the science and the ban—maybe there is hope for this greedy nation. Of course, America kills children all over the world—so I guess I should not be surprised that American kids can be cannon fodder too- in a chemical kind of way----because, MONEY—to some weird and awful people is more important than humanity and life. : (


> Trump’s EPA finally decides

So where the hell are the Democrats on this? Crickets…
any bets at least some of the leadership get ‘donations’ from this industry?


This story highlights what I’ve been saying about the Trump crowd for a while now. I don’t know anyone personally on this site, but I would bet money no one here would take a bribe knowing that doing so would kill children, and neither would anyone else we would call “normal”. That’s the point, what these people will do for money, the rest of us can’t even fathom. They have no shame, no conscious, and life of any kind means nothing to them, unless it produces a profit for their masters. The American public has never in my lifetime dealt with this level of callousness to the rule of law, the truth, and life itself as this group has shown in 2+ years. If we don’t come up with a meaningful way to deal with them, and I mean fast, this republic will not bounce back.
The irony for me is I used to debate with a govt, teacher I had in high school about this very situation we find our selves in today. She predicted this years ago, I used to tell her she was nuts, now I feel like the nut for not believing her.


How ironic is this, we vote for “Brain Damaged” politicians to protect us from being subjected to brain damaging chemicals.

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Can we guess how many court orders it will take for the EPA to place said “potential” ban?
Note the weasel words like this, applied to Bayer/Monsanto, et al: Glyphosate is a “probable” carcinogen. The ban on chlorpyrifos is “potential.” Examples of how we paint ourselves into (life-threatening) corners by allowing corporations to become “too big to fail” and thus “too big to jail.”

People like former Michigan governor Snyder, that’s one kind of people.


Hi chapdrum--------- yes-----and while it is true that ,"Water is Life, " in Flint, water is death. : (

Am tempted to make connection between no accountability for Snyder, and none (so far) for The Don.

Hi chapdrum: Apparently a lot of elected officials are not familiar with the concept of a “democratic republic.” A lot of government seems infected by these people who are sadly found in both GOPesr and Dems. : (

They’re oligarchs-in-training, inspired by their trainer The Don.

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The policy, the plan, is in place.

  1. First you defoliate by spraying round up.
  2. You plant your GMO seeds.
  3. Then spray on your pesticides.
  4. Then reap using that diesel powered tractor
  5. Then transport using more diesel.
  6. Who knows what is used to process.
  7. More diesel to supply grocers.
  8. And lastly, drive to the grocer with your Hummer or 4dr diesel pick-up truck.
    That bowl of cereal LOOKS just fine.
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