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Finally! DOJ Reverses Course and Requires Warrants for Stingrays!


Finally! DOJ Reverses Course and Requires Warrants for Stingrays!

Nate Cardoza

At long last, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced a slew of much-needed policy changes regarding the use of cell-site simulators. Most importantly, all federal law enforcement agencies—and all state and local agencies working with the federal government—will now be required to obtain a search warrant supported by probable cause before they are allowed to use cell-site simulators. EFF welcomes these policy changes as long overdue.


today’s policy changes don’t directly affect the non-disclosure agreements already in place....
The new policy isn’t law and doesn’t provide any remedy to people whose data is swept up by Stingrays operated without a warrant. Indeed, it won’t even act to keep evidence collected in violation of the policy out of court....
“exceptional circumstances” make it all OK.

as always, words, no substance. sorry, i wish it weren't so.


Cell phone towers?

They're being removed from up here in Canada. The companies have found that they can bounce the signals from one phone to another one now, no need for paying rent to the owners of the land the towers are sitting on.

The barn door is being removed, before the law could close it.