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'Finally': In Potential Nod to Biden Win, Federal Reserve Applies to Join Climate Network for Central Banks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/11/finally-potential-nod-biden-win-federal-reserve-applies-join-climate-network-central

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First: The federal reserve is a PRIVATE organizion owned by banks. They took over responsibility for wall street with the 2008/2009 great depression #2. Then, Janet wanted to take over the insurance companies.
Way too much power in too few hands.

This story most likely a peace offering by fed to Biden to keep their jobs and immense power.
Powell Quarles and Brainard mentioned in the story.

America has to find a new method to have a central bank independent of the current banker crooks and wall street gamblers, such as Goldman Sachs. Set up would insulate decisions from political pressures from courts, congress, staffers, etc. Must be independent, smart, hard working.

Reason: BRICS is on its way to move the almighty dollar to just a regular national denomination.
The pallets of $100 bills flown to Dubai by our air force regularly will lose vast purchasing power.

Of course they would want to join as they smell monetary profits. It is never about making Life the priority, but to fill up space with things that people acquire by keeping themselves on the treadmill of consumerism but do they ever wonder if this will keep death itself away? The unexamined life really is a form of slavery and hell.

“The Federal Reserve is evaluating and investing in ways to deepen its understanding of the full scope of implications of climate change for markets, financial exposures, and interconnections between markets and financial institutions,” the central bank said in its semiannual on financial stability.

So the Federal Reserve is concerned about its own well being, not the constitutional mandate of “promoting the general welfare”, let alone life on earth. They are a private Corporation with about 22 members, which looks out for the best interests of its members. That is consistent with every move that institution has made throughout our lifetimes, especially clear in 2008 and now 2020. This “Corporation” is accountable to Congress in theory, but Congress is too poorly educated and cowardly to assume that responsibility. So the private interests that actually own the Federal Reserve call all the shots, as JP Morgan and Rockefeller envisioned a century ago.