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'Finally': Judge Orders Chelsea Manning's Immediate Release After a Year in Jail and Suicide Attempt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/12/finally-judge-orders-chelsea-mannings-immediate-release-after-year-jail-and-suicide


Hallelujah! There is a Goddess!

And her name is Chelsea.


That darn $256, 000 she owes. Can’t we set up a fund to help her out of that? She served all of us with her courage to speak out.


Since Judge Trenga said that her further imprisonment served “no coercive purpose,” Chelsea could probably file suit to have that fine rescinded. Would that she could be returned all of the time from her life she lost in prison as well!


I’m so happy for you, and infinitely proud of you, dear Chelsea! (Now be careful not to get excessive with celebratory hugs. I hate to say this: We’ve been having this little problem on the outside…)


Yes garry, we need to crown-fund Chelsea’s future to give back just a little of what she has done and sacrificed with such dedication and grace for us all - just a few bucks multiplied by a million people would go a long way to make her nightmare somewhat whole, even if never completely!


Thank you Chelsea Manning. And thank you too, Judge Trenga
Dear Government:
When TRUTH TELLERS are jailed—it is hard to consider America to be a democratic republic. And Chelsea Manning, I admire your courage and I cannot understand why America thinks that torture brings truth-----it doesn’t seem to do that. I have no idea as to how horribly you were treated–but what the US government did to you , but psychological torture is illegal! I don’t know what that would be like, bt if people would read Edgar Alan Poe’s 'The Pit and the Pendulum, " then that is probably a good idea of what torture is------how can we help Chelsea Manning now?
–( wow this is weird, I just wrote this yet the site is telling me Ive published this before…(no I haven’t , but is there a ghost in this machine?)


I’d be thinking about what country I could move to where I couldn’t be arbitrarily yanked out of my life on the whim of some fascist bootlicker for U.S. empire. Nothing prevents this grand jury nonsense from being reconvened again.


Thank you, Chelsea. For being so strong and courageous! You are what we Americans can someday be! Both you and Julian are exemplary People! Right up there with the Ed Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Jim Reisen, Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzales, Dennis Bernstein and Laura Poitras! And slews of others like Bernie & the Honorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!


No, the USA government did not lose! It got exactly what it wanted, which was to make an example out of her that future whistle blowers would never forget. Our country has been conquered by the descendants of Nazis, and if they could get away with it (already), most of the readers of this rag would already be in concentration camps.


one of my all time sheroes who has stood up and refused to be cowed by this damn government. bless you chelsea for your bravery and courage through the torture this so-called democracy put you through.


and how about starting a fund for Chelsea so she can live her life in peace and not poverty!


She could really use all of your generous offerings. I hope it works out. Keep us posted!


It wouldn’t be one where English is spoken.


Get her to a safe and loving place immediately.

What does this mean "“Manning’s appearance before the grand jury is no longer needed…” I want some clarification on this and where is the official Manning Gofundme, indigogo, site so I can make a contribution?

Maybe the grand jury term has expired? That ought to be made clear in the article and if that is why, then the next grand jury may mean this starts all over again?


I know there is a defense fund for her. They have a web site. So glad to know that Chelsea is freed and can rest and recover. What a heroine she has been, in the face of cruelty and coercion. Thank you Ms.Manning. Now on to getting Julian Assange out of prison solitary and that torture.


Go to Caitlin Johnstone’s website. She has links to all the reputable/trusted people that are raising money for Chelsea. And to raise the qtr million she has to pay in fines.


“Thank you” to Judge Anthony Trenga –

Federal Judge Anthony Trenga on Thursday ordered the immediate release of U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning less than 24 hours after Manning’s legal team [disclosed] that she was recovering in the hospital after attempting suicide in jail.

This horrible treatment of Chelsea Manning for a year is an insult to justice –
It is repeated attempts to torture Chelsea Manning and she continues to
show her courage and resistance to a system of justice gone mad –

This is about letting the public see the truth, the reality of what our MIC is doing
around the world – and it’s an ugly and vicious sight where our soldiers are being
turned into robots reaching out to kill other human beings as though in a video game.

Where our soldiers are repeatedly ill with PTSD resulting from the violence of our MIC
which has no respect for life anywhere – Vietnam and the murder and torture of the
people there – including children – including burning down villages and poisoning village
wells is just one example of US/CIA violence in all of its fascist campaigns.


let’s get 256 k americans to put up a dollar for this patriot and truth teller.


What a wonderful headline to wake up to. Tears fell into my breakfast. I offer my home to Chelsea if she is ever in Spain. Mi casa es tu casa Chelsea.