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Finally! 'Victory for People and the Planet' as EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Resigns


Finally! 'Victory for People and the Planet' as EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Resigns

Julia Conley, staff writer

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TRUMP WILL FIND SOMEONE WORSE. He wants to dismantle the EPA.

The Koch brothers own Trump and those libertarians are anti-gov. They’re trying to dismantle everything. That’s why his cabinet all hate the places they’re picked to head I mean dismantle.

I’m glad Pruitt is out. I just know something worse is about to crawl out of that swamp.

At what point do they just hire Satan himself instead of all his minions?


Scott Pruitt resigns!!! BEST NEWS I’VE HEARD ALL DAY!!!:sunglasses::grinning::grin::family_woman_girl::family_woman_boy::family_man_girl::family_man_boy_boy:


I know, trump is gonna nominate that POS for scotus…
Glad to see him out but the one who sets the direction for the EPA is still the ginger pig, who has only a limited vocabulary and even more limited mind and near zero conscience, integrity, honor, or common decency…this resignation will not be a “victory” for America or Mother earth until everything the corrupt scum pruitt destroyed, deregulated, polluted, or sold-out repaired and strengthened!

Now I want to see the evil scum indicted and breaking rocks for the rest of his rotten life!..along with the scum who hired him!


This is great news!!! It gives me hope when journalism, activist members of Congress, whistleblowers, and public opinion get rid of evil people from our government.
I heard that the guy Trump will replace Prunepit with is a coal industry shill.
If there are confirmation hearings for that, let’s hope the Dems all say no!
It could have been that mom with her baby who confronted Scottie that pushed him over the edge.
Bye bye, Scottie. May ye now work to restore the environment ye have so blighted.


Asked for comment, Lucifer said:
“Even I’m not evil enough to want to work for Donald Trump.”


I’ve seen the Dems at Trump confirmation hearings and nearly all vote for the swamp-monster. But don’t worry, Warren will give lip service


One down how many more politricksters need to go including most from both major parties.


My money’s on Robert Murray, Ex-CEO, Ex-Con of Murray Energy.


some traveling music for the resignee

Thank you Les McCann and Eddie Harris - th mantra for the age… Compared to What!


Great news!, however I really want to know where this piece of crap goes next…
and who’s up to be the next shyte-head to continue destroying the EPA.


Murray still runs Murray Energy. Are you thinking of Blankenship and the former Massey Energy?


Pruitt will have a million dollar a year job with another corrupt wall street corporation within a week, just a part of the revolving door between the white house and wall street.


Pruitt is one of those people who believe that there is absolutely nothing in the world worse than government regulations. Even the effects of climate change, which could result in a population collpase is not as bad. Dirty water to drink, not as bad. Polluted air to breathe, not as bad. Government regulations are the worse. Freedom from all government regulations is one thing really worth fighting for. How can Americans be free if there are government regulations? Agencies that regulate must be dismantled to obtain freedom. Pruitt put up the good fight against regulations. I imagine he will go back to Oklahoma a hero and continue his mission in life. This is a small setback for the fanatic libertarians in their fight for economic freedom but I am sure they have a number of excellent candidates to takes his place in the achieve the critical goal of dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency. .


I feel little cause for celebration. Trump will simply replace him with another denialist friend of polluters who will be at least as effective at continuing the work of dismantling the EPA while not having his proclivity for graft and corruption.


Pruitt tried to play with the “big boys” and wasn’t good enough. He was the “poorest” of the Cabinet appointees. We’ll likely get someone just as bad, or worse, as far as ethics go, but a smoother operator. The Senate will endure some naysayers, but approve the replacement.


Ha! Both apparently! I stand corrected.


One rat jumps ship , another takes its place


Ah, you need a sarcasm tag.


Apparently this is the answer to your question. with caveat that you have include all the names on his compensation/lobbying list as well:

Pruitt Gone, But “No Happy Ending” for Planet as Coal Lobbyist Andrew Wheeler Takes Over EPA